Equivalent Ranks Of Officers In Army, Navy and Air Force

“Service Before Self”- ARMY MOTTO

“Sam no Varunah”– NAVY MOTTO

Touch the sky with Glory” AIR FORCE

It consists of 3 skilled uniformed services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. As such they are headed by civilian officers from the Indian Police Service and are below the management of the Ministry of Home Affairs, not the Ministry of Defence. These are central police organizations. Now days as several young generation as a dream to serve our nation proudly its only happens when you are dedicated you self toward exertions and explore defence force as a result of it helps us to inculcate good manners and the way to be in discipline once u have a responsibility.



The military in Republic of India has since long maintained a distance from
public functions and affairs within the public sphere. In fact, the military has several distinct traditions and practices, that the square measure restricted to those within the military. Among these distinctions may be a mostly distinctive set of rules, laws, and legal traditions. In essence, there’s a separate system of jurisprudence to control the activities of military officers. A large majority of those laws and provisions a square measure enumerated within the Army Act, Navy Act, and also the Air Force Act.


Like several alternative rules and statutes, jurisprudence too may be a bequest of
people dominion.With several of its early foundations being ordered within the backcloth of the revolt of 1857.the freedom from the British rule saw a slew of an amendment to the Indian Army Act, 1911.These changes have came within the style of the military Act, that came into force on 22nd Gregorian calendar month, 1950. This was followed by the military Rules 1950 (later replaced by Army Rules 1954). Later on, in 1993, amendments were once more created to the military Act and also the Army Rules. Similar rules and provisions were instituted for the opposite wings of the military. This includes the Air Force Act, that was brought into force on twenty second Gregorian calendar month 1950. Also, the Air Force Rules of 1969 were instituted in accordance with section 189 of the Air Force Act, 1950.


Each of the 3 service acts is exclusive in their own regard. Within the case of the Air Force Act,1950, 3 forms of court-martial apply. These square measure general court-martial, district court- martial, and outline general court-martial. The Army Act, additionally to the current, has the availability of the outline court-martial which might strive personnel below the rank of Junior military officer and might award punishments of dismissal and imprisonment up to 1 year. The navy in the meantime has only 1 quite court-martial throughout time period and additionally a disciplinary assembly throughout times of war. In distinction to the military and therefore the Air Force, wherever the senior-most officer of the court-martial mechanically takes up the position of leader, within the Navy, the assemblage authority perpetually nominates the president of the courts-martial.

In the Navy, the findings and sentence of courts-martial don’t need the specific confirmation of the convention authority or the other superior authority and that they become operative the instant a say-so is created. This follow is but exempted within the case of a death sentence which needs previous confirmation from the Central Government. Associate call decision is final within the case of the Navy and not subject to confirmation or revision because it would be within the case of the military or the Air Force. With relation to the military of the Air Force, the presence of a choose advocate within the district and outline general court-martial isn’t obligatory. This, however, isn’t the case with the Navy. Within the navy, it’s needed that every and each court-martial is attended by a choose advocate. Also, within the Army and also the Air Force, the choose advocate remains gift once the court deliberates on the findings, however, within the Navy the presence of a judge-advocate isn’t needed once the court is considering the findings. Furthermore, within the case of the Navy, the military officer of a ship could attempt anyone happiness to the ship like a shot with none previous approval for offenses that aren’t within the genus of a capital offense conjointly the military officer is inside his rights to award imprisonment or detention up to an amount of 3 months. This provision, however, isn’t applicable to those of a political candidate rank. Meanwhile, the facility of outline trial is proscribed within the Army and also the Air Force whereby penalization of up to twenty-eight days of imprisonment are often awarded to persons below the rank of NCO.

The proceedings of a court-martial or disciplinary court area unit reviewed by the choose Advocate General (JAG) of the Navy either on his own motion or on an associate in the nursing application created by an associate in the nursing the aggrieved person. The JAG is to transmit the report of the review at the side of his recommendations to the Chief of the military service employees (CNS) for his thought. This method is slightly completely different within the case of the opposite 2 military branches. Within the Army and also the Air Force, the officers of the Department of the JAG, before confirmation, review the proceedings of courts-martial and will create recommendations. These review’s area unit informatory and not binding on the Chiefs of the individual Service. One notable space of commonality is that the overarching influence that the need of the assorted chiefs of employees holds over the result of cases, in distinction to civilian cases that area unit entered round the rule of law.

CRITICISM ON THESE ACTS: All 3 acts have garnered the quite little bit of a
criticism from varied quarters. Listed below are a number of the foremost notable of those

Let’s know about the absence of legal provisions bail:-Nowadays no provision of bail for an associate in a nursing inactive military person at intervals the supply of the same 3 service acts. The officer charged is basically at the mercy of his officer and also the authority is overseeing his case. While the Supreme Court has clearly arranged out the premise on that bail ought to be granted, these rules and principles have but however to be created applicable with reference to those military personnel that are being command in custody. Freedom of this nature in granting bail is for all functions firmly stock-still in personal whim, and there’s a high probability of it was being exploited and therefore this primarily makes the constitutional guarantee has provided beneath Article 21 redundant.

Absence of legal aid provided to the accused:– What is in all probability the foremost blaring deficiency of the Indian system of military justice is that the absence of skilled legal officers and consuls for the suspect. Whereas the Military rules allow the suspect to require up the services of a civilian professional at his own expense or to avail the services of a defensive officer, these provisions area unit terribly seldom practiced actually. That is, it’s terribly rare for the suspect to avail of the services of a civilian professional at their own expense. What is more, service officers area unit only too usually inexperienced and even unwilling to decide to providing counsel for the suspect. There’s abundant to be desired in terms of the dogging infrastructure in situ. What is more, there’s very little incentive provided to defensive officers to basically facilitate and aid suspect persons. The difficulty is any accentuated by the very fact that this task is seen as risky and giving very little reward. The result’s that cases that precede the court-martial aren’t adequately defended, that is in direct opposition to the frameworks enshrined in Article 22 of the Constitution.

Lack of impartiality of members of court martial:- A court-martial established underneath the range of jurisprudence plays the twin role of coming back through with each the findings and sentence. It’s the opinion of specialists within the study of jurisprudence that member’s area unit typically lacking in experiences, qualification and coaching to satisfy this important role. What is more, critics purpose to the prevalence of the extremely distressing development that’s “command influence”. This primarily means deciding isn’t essentially freelance or unbiased within the administration of justice. Bound sources claim that members area unit given elaborate directions from people who pull the strings within the military. Provided that the vast risk that’s posed from disobeying orders within the military, most officers area unit swayed to act in a very manner that’s directed to them.

Lack of autonomy afforded to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) department The judge Advocate (JA) has no role to play, that is, they neither being performed as associate advocate nor as a judge. So for all functions, any comparison of the JA to the judges in a very trial is inaccurate, unless after all within the proven fact that members of the JAG ought to maintain a firmly impartial stance. The JAG department is at intervals government and practical management of identical executive WHO necessitated a shot by court-martial and additionally later reviews the aforesaid proceedings. The standard of recommendation provided by the JA is central influencing the choice creating of the members of the court- martial. In spite of all this, officers of the JAG aren’t very autonomous and there area unit definite constraints to their freedom to relinquish a good and unbiased call as argued by UC Jha.

Double Jeopardy:-The constitutional protection provided against the development of double jeopardy is clearly enumerated in Article 20(2). Whereas it will be employed in a court- martial, identical isn’t offered to prevent a second trial on identical offense before a civil court. That is, for instance an individual UN agency is subject to the provisions of the Air Force Act, UN agency has once been tried and guilty or not guilty before a court-martial are often tried a second time on identical charges by court of civil jurisdiction.

Denial of the Right to Appeal At present there’s no real procedure for appeal in response to the findings or the decision delivered by the court-martial. But what provides basis for the present regime is listed in Chapter XII of the AA, specifically sections 153 to 165. These sections enumerate the present subsisting procedure for what’s termed because the ‘confirmation’ and ‘revision’ of court-martial directives. In Section 153, it’s same that no finding or sentence of parties sort of a general, district or outline general, a court-martial will be established as valid unless of course it’s confirmed as is enumerated within the AA. Next in Section 160, the revision of a finding or sentence of a court-martial via associate degree order confirming a choice is passed. Similarly, Section 164 thinks about with the confirmation and therefore the remedy that’s offered to those parties against whom a finding or sentence has been declared. With relation to a final finding or sentence awarded vis-à-vis a GCM, DCM and SGCM, the remedy that the suspect will pick is per Section 164 (2), what the supply primarily says is that this may be utilized just one occasion the finding of the sentence is assured or confirmed. The choice of seeking remedy is, therefore, for all functions unavailable to the person unproven before the confirmation of the sentence. Also, additionally to the current, the remedy is additional of a formality and isn’t allotted to the best normal. Primarily the said provision is diluted, and for the foremost half it takes place behind closed doors wherever the suspect is denied the correct of private illustration. As a result, really there’s no real choice to charm against a court-martial order.

Inadequate powers afforded to the Armed Forces Tribunal The defence force assembly may be a military judicature in Asian country. It absolutely was established underneath the militia judicature Act, 2007. Whereas it absolutely was ab initio seen as one thing that would facilitate greatly revolutionise the military justice system in Asian country, nowadays it’s mostly did not live up to the fanfare and plug. A significant drawback that the AFT faces may be a shortage of the specified range of tribunals. As a results of this, there’s heaps of delay within the judicial method. Moreover, there’s a significant case of non-implementation of the ultimate orders that may have provided relief to litigants. A majority of the cases coming back to the judicature were against the Union government, with the ministry of defence because the respondent. It absolutely was ascertained that the relief and remedy ordered by the judicature to the aggrieved servicemen and veteran were just on paper because of lack of implementation and compliance by the authorities. A significant lack of adequate contempt power with the tribunals rendered them incapable of obtaining their choices enforced.

REFERENCE CASE:- Joginder Singh vs State on 26 July, 1968

CONCLUSIONS:-While the 3 military acts have succeeded in maintaining a semblance of order in our military within the years following independence, there’s still a lot of left to be desired. This stance over bail is in pressing want for rectification. Also, it’s crucial that during a democracy like ours the officer being tried should be offered adequate legal aid and support. Besides, the dearth of support and backing given to the soldiers court could be a cause for worry. The backlog of cases, lack of an adequate variety of tribunals and resistance to cooperating area unit all proving to be a sore purpose for several veterans World Health Organization have had their cases delayed for years. What is more, there are demand the unification of the 3 acts into one in recent years, several countries just like the North American country have already enforced this. If our military fails to stay up with the days, it’s going to risk internal clashes and collapse all of that is extremely undesirable. This is often why it’s most vital that our military and soldiers keep informed the days and don’t fall prey to satisfaction.

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