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Give your computer a rest when you’re not at your desk, as every crime leads to jail and by securing our data leads to avail“.

Cybercrime, additionally referred to as computer crime, the employment of a computer as an instrument to any prohibited ends, like committing fraud, trafficking in child pornography and intellectual property, stealing identities, or violating privacy.

INTRODUCTION:–Cyber crime is loosely outlined as any criminal activity that involves a
computer, another digital device or an electronic network. Cyber crime includes common cybersecurity threats like social engineering, a software system vulnerability exploits and network attacks. But it additionally includes criminal acts like hacktivist protests, harassment and an extortion, a hiding, and more. Cyber crime targets each people and firms. Typically, attackers target businesses for a direct gain or to sabotage or disrupt operations. They aim people as a part of large-scale scams, or to compromise their devices and use them as a platform for a wicked activity.

TYPE OF CYBER CRIME:- THE 10 varieties of CYBER CRIME there are actually a dozen ways
that within which a crime are often perpetrated, and you would like to understand what they are In
order to safeguard yourself you would like to understand regarding the various ways in which during
which your PC will be compromised and your privacy infringed. During this section, we tend to discuss a number of common tools and techniques utilized by the cyber criminals. This isn’t associate degree thoroughgoing list by any suggests that, however can provide you with a comprehensive plan of the loopholes in networks and security systems, which might be exploited by attackers, and additionally their potential motives for doing so.

  1. HACKING:- In easy words, hacking is an act committed by an interloper by accessing your system
    without your permission. Hackers (the individuals doing the ‘hacking’) are essentially computer
    programmers, who have a complicated understanding of computers and usually misuse this
    information for devious reasons. They’re typically technology buffs who have expert-level skills
    in one specific code program or language. As for motives, there might be many, however the
    foremost common square measure pretty easy and may be explained by a personality’s
    tendency like greed, fame, power, etc. Some individuals make out strictly to exhibitionist their
    experience starting from comparatively harmless activities like modifying software system (and
    even hardware) to hold out tasks that square measure outside the creator’s intent, others
    simply wish to cause destruction.
  2. VIRUS DISSEMINATION :- Viruses area unit laptop programs that attach themselves to or infect a
    system or files, and have an inclination to flow into to alternative computers on a network. They
    disrupt the PC operation and have an effect on the info hold on either by modifying it or by
    deleting it altogether. “Worms” not like viruses don’t would like a number to cling on to. They
    just replicate till they eat up all obtainable memory within the system. The term “worm” is
    typically wont to mean self replicating “malware” (Malicious software). These terms’ area unit
    typically used interchangeably within the context of the hybrid viruses/worms that dominate
    this virus situation. “Trojan horses” area unit completely different from viruses in their manner
    of propagation. They masquerade as a legitimate file, like AN email attachment from a supposed
    friend with an awfully thinkable name, and don’t spread themselves. Computer viruses
    sometimes unfold via removable media or the web. A flash disk, CD-ROM, mag tape or
    alternative device that has been in AN infected laptop infects all future computers within which it’s used. Your laptop can even contract viruses from sinister email attachments, scallywag websites or infected software system. And these spread to each alternative laptop on your network. All laptop viruses cause direct or indirect economic damages. Supported this, there area unit 2 classes of viruses: 1) people who solely spread and don’t cause intentional harm 2) Those that area unit programmed to cause harm. However, even by scattering, they take up lots of memory house, and time and resources that area unit spent on the clean-up job. Direct economic damages area unit caused once viruses alter the knowledge throughout digital transmission. Extended expenses area unit incurred by people, companies and authorities for developing and implementing the anti-virus tools to safeguard laptop systems
  1. LOGIC BOMBS :-A logic bomb, additionally called “slag code”, could be a malicious piece of
    code that is by choice inserted into package to execute a malicious task once triggered by a
    selected event. It’s not a scourge, though it always behaves during a similar manner. It’s
    stealthily inserted into the program wherever it lies dormant till mere conditions area unit met.
    Malicious package like viruses and worms typically contain logic bombs that area unit triggered
    at a selected payload or at a predefined time. The payload of a slag code is unknown to the user
    of the package, and also the task that it executes unwanted. Program codes that area unit
    regular to execute at a specific time area unit called “time-bombs”. For instance, the notorious
    “Friday the 13th” virus that attacked the host systems solely on specific dates; it “exploded”
    (duplicated itself) each Fri that happened to be the thirteenth of a month, so inflicting system
    slowdowns. Logic bombs area unit sometimes used by dissatisfied workers operating within the
    IT sector. You will have detected of “disgruntled worker syndrome” whereby angry workers
    who’ve been unemployed use logic bombs to delete the databases of their employers, stultify
    the network for a moment or perhaps do trading. Triggers related to the execution of logic
    bombs may be a selected date and time, a missing entry from an information or not setting up a
    command at the standard time, which means the person doesn’t work there any longer. Most
    logic bombs keep solely within the network they were used in. therefore in most cases, they’re
    AN business executive job. This makes them easier to style and execute than a scourge. It
    doesn’t have to be compelled to replicate; that could be a lot of advanced job. To stay your
    network protected against the logic bombs, you would like constant observation of the info and
    economical anti-virus package on every of the computers within the network. There’s another
    use for the sort of action applied during a slag code “explosion” to form restricted package
    trials. The embedded piece of code destroys the package once an outlined amount of your time
    or renders it unusable till the user pays for its additional use. Though this piece of code uses a
    similar technique as a slag code, it’s a non-destructive, non-malicious and user-transparent use,
    and isn’t generally spoken in concert.
  2. PHISHING: This is a way of extracting guidance like MasterCard numbers and username
    countersign combos by masquerading as a legitimate enterprise. Phishing is usually disbursed by
    email spoofing. You’ve in all probability received email containing links to legitimate showing
    websites. You most likely found it suspicious and didn’t click the link. Smart move. The malware
    would have put in itself on your PC and purloined personal data. Cyber-criminals use social
    engineering to trick you into downloading malware off the net or cause you to fill in your
    personal data below false pretences. A phishing scam in Associate in Nursing email message are
    often evaded by keeping sure things in mind.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Look for orthography mistakes within the text. Cyber-criminals
aren’t legendary for his or her sync chronic linguistics and orthography. Hover your indicator over the hyperlinked address however don’t click. Check if the address matches with the one written within the message. Watch out for pretend threats. Did you receive a message speech communication “Your email account are closed if you don’t reply to the present email”? They may trick you by threatening that your security has been compromised. Attackers use the names and logos of well-known websites to deceive you. The graphics and also the internet addresses employed in the e-mail  strikingly the same as the legitimate ones, however they lead you to phony sites. Not all phishing is finished via email or websites. Vising (voice phishing) involves calls to victims
exploitation pretend identity light you into considering the decision to be from a sure
organization. They will claim to be from a bank asking you to dial variety (provided by VoIP
service and closely-held by attacker) and enter your account details. Once you are doing that,
your account security is compromised. Treat all uninvited phone calls with scepticism and ne’er
offer any personal info. Several banks have issued preventative warnings informing their users
of phishing scams and also the dos and don’ts relating to your account info. Those of you
reading Digit for long enough can keep in mind that we tend to with success phished many our
readers by news the simplest way to hack different people’s Gmail accounts by causing AN email
to a created up account together with your own username and parole and that we did that
years alone in an exceeding story regarding, yes, you guessed it, phishing!

  1. WEB JACKING:- Web jacking derives its name from “hijacking”. Here, the hacker takes
    management of an online website fraudulently. He might amendment the content of the initial
    website or maybe direct the user to a different faux similar wanting page controlled by him. The
    owner of the net {site|website|web website} has no additional management and also the
    assaulter might use the net site for his own self-serving interests. Cases are reportable wherever
    the assaulter has asked for ransom, and even announce obscene material on the location. The
    web jacking methodology attack could also be wont to produce a dead ringer for the net
    website, and gift the victim with the new link language that the location has enraptured. In
    contrast to usual phishing strategies, once you hover your pointer over the link provided, the
    URL bestowed are going to be the initial one, and not the attacker’s website. however, once you
    click on the new link, it opens and is quickly replaced with the malicious net server. The name on
    the address bar are going to be slightly completely different from the initial {website|web
    website} which will trick the user into thinking it’s a legitimate site. As an example, “Gmail”
    might direct you to “gmai1”. Notice the one in situ of ‘L’. It is often simply noted. Web jacking can even be done by causation a counterfeit message to the registrar dominant the name registration, underneath a false identity asking him to attach a site name to the webjacker’s science address, therefore causation unsuspecting customers United Nations agency enter that exact name to a website controlled by the webjacker. The aim of this attack is to undertake to reap the credentials, usernames, passwords and account numbers of users by employing a faux website with a sound link that opens once the user is redirected to that when gap the legitimate website.
  2. CYBER STALKING:– Cyberstalking may be a new sort of web crime in our society once
    someone is pursued or followed on-line. A cyberstalker doesn’t physically follow his victim; he
    does it concerning by following his on-line activity to reap data about the stalked and harass him
    or her and build threats mistreatment verbal intimidation. It’s an invasion of one’s on-line
    privacy. Cyberstalking uses the web or the other electronic suggests that and is completely
    different from offline stalking, however is typically amid it. Most victims of this crime area unit
    ladies who are stalked by men and youngsters who are stalked by adult predators and
    paedophiles. Cyberstalkers thrive on inexperienced net users who don’t seem to be cognizant of
    netiquette and also the rules of web safety. A cyberstalker is also a trespasser, however might
    even as simply be somebody you recognize. Cyberstalkers harass their victims via email, chat
    rooms, websites, discussion forums and open commercial enterprise internet sites (e.g. blogs).
    The provision of free email / electronic computer area and also the obscurity provided by chat
    rooms and forums has contributed to the rise of cyberstalking incidents. Everybody has a web
    presence today, and it’s very easy to try to  a Google search and find one’s name, alias, contact
    range and address, conducive to the menace that’s cyberstalking.

LET US KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS INTERNET STALKING:- Here the stalker harasses the
victim via the web. Uninvited email is that the commonest method of threatening somebody,
and also the stalker might even send obscene content and viruses by email. However, viruses
and uninvited marketing email alone don’t represent cyberstalking. however, if email is shipped
repeatedly in an endeavour to intimidate the recipient, they’ll be thought of as stalking. Net stalking isn’t restricted to email; stalkers will additional comprehensively use the web to harass the victims. The other cyber-crime that we’ve already examined, if through with associate intention to threaten, harass, or slander the victim might quantity to cyberstalking.

LET US KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS COMPUTER STALKING:- The additional technologically advanced stalkers apply their computer skills to help them with the crime. They gain unauthorized management of the victim’s laptop by exploiting the operating of the web and also the Windows software system. Although this can be typically done by skillful and laptop savvy stalkers, directions on the way to accomplish this square measure simply accessible on the web. Social networking a technology provides a social and cooperative platform for web users to act, categorical their thoughts and a share a nearly everything concerning their lives. Tho’ it promotes a socialisation amongst individuals, on the means it contributes to the increase of web

  1. EMAIL BOMBING AND SPAMMING:- Email bombing is defined by an offender sending
    vast volumes of email to a target address leading to victim’s email account or mail servers
    flaming. The message is senseless and overly long to consume network resources. If multiple
    accounts of a mail server are targeted, it should have a denial-of-service impact. Such mail
    inward oft in your inbox may be simply detected by spam filters. Email bombing is often applied
    mistreatment botnets (private net connected computers whose security has been compromised
    by malware and beneath the attacker’s control) as a DDoS attack. This type of attack is tougher
    to manage because of multiple supply addresses and also the bots that are programmed to send
    completely different messages to defeat spam filters. “Spamming” could be a variant of email bombing. Here uninvited bulk messages are sent to an outsized range of users, indiscriminately. Gap links given in spam mails might lead you to phishing websites hosting malware. Spam mail can also have infected files as attachments. Email spamming worsens once the recipient replies to the e-mail inflicting all the initial addressees to receive the reply. Spammers collect email addresses from client lists, newsgroups, chat-rooms, websites and viruses that harvest users’ address books, and sell them to different spammers furthermore. An outsized quantity of spam is distributed to invalid email addresses. Unfortunately, at now, there are no thanks to fully forestall email bombing and spam mails as it’s not possible to predict the origin of successive attack. However, what you’ll be able to do is determine the supply of the spam mails and have your router designed to dam any incoming packets from that address.
  1. DATA DIDDING:- Data Diddling is unauthorized neutering of information before or
    throughout entry into a computer system, and so ever-changing it back when process is
    completed. Victimisation this system, the aggressor might modify the expected output and is
    tough to trace. In alternative words, the first data to be entered is modified, either by an
    individual typewriting within the information, a plague that’s programmed to vary the info, the
    technologist of the information or application, or anyone else concerned within the method of
    making, recording, encoding, examining, checking, changing or sending information. Despite this being a simple task, it will have prejudices effects. For instance, an individual answerable for accounting might modification information regarding themselves or a fan or relative showing that they’re paid fully. By neutering or failing to enter the knowledge, they’re able to steal from the enterprise. Alternative examples embrace formation or counterfeiting documents and exchanging valid PC tapes or cards with ready replacements. Electricity boards in Asian nation are victims of information diddling by computer criminals once non-public parties were computerizing their systems.
  2. IDENTITY THEF AND CREDIT CARD FRAUD:- Identity theft happens once somebody steals your identity and pretends to be you to access resources like credit cards, bank accounts and different edges in your name. The role player can also use your identity to commit different crimes. “Credit card fraud” may be a wide go term for crimes involving fraud wherever the criminal uses your MasterCard to fund his transactions. Mastercard fraud is fraud in its simplest type. The foremost common case of MasterCard fraud is your pre-approved card falling into somebody else’s hands. He will use it to shop for something till you report back to the authorities and obtain your card blocked. The sole security live on MasterCard purchases is that the signature on the receipt however that may terribly simply be cast. However, in some countries the bourgeois might even raise you for an ID or a PIN. Some MasterCard firms have code to estimate the chance of fraud. If an extraordinarily giant group action is created, the establishment might even decision you to verify. These receipts have your MasterCard range and your signature for anyone to visualize and use. With solely this info, somebody will build purchases on-line or by phone. You won’t notice it till you get your monthly statement, that is why you must rigorously study your statements. With rising cases of MasterCard fraud, several monetary establishments have stepped in with code solutions to watch your credit and guard your identity. ID thievery insurance is taken to recover lost wages and restore your credit. however, before you pay a fortune on these services, apply the no-cost, logic measures to avert such a criminal offense.
  3. SOFTWARE PRIVACY:- Thanks to the web and torrents, you’ll be able to notice virtually
    any motion-picture show, software package or song from any origin for gratis. Net piracy is
    associate degree integral a part of our lives that wittingly, or unwittingly we have a tendency to
    all contribute to. This way, the profits of the resource developers area unit being curtail. It’s not
    on the subject of victimization somebody else’s belongings lawlessly however conjointly passing
    it on to your friends any reducing the revenue they be. Software piracy is that the unauthorized use and distribution of laptop software package. Software package developers putting your all into to develop these programs, and piracy curbs their ability to come up with enough revenue to sustain application development. This affects the total world economy as funds area unit relayed from alternative sectors which ends up in less investment in selling and analysis. The following represent software package piracy: Loading unaccredited software package on your computer Using single-licensed software package on multiple computers Using a key generator to bypass copy protection Distributing a licensed or unaccredited (“cracked”) version of software package over the web and offline.

IMPACT OF CYBER CRIME:- The effects of one, winning a cyber attack will has a
way to reach implications together with money losses, thievery of a holding, and the loss of
shopper confidence and the trust. The general financial impact of cyber crime on the society and
the government is calculable to be billions of greenbacks a year. Not solely will the law-breaking
have a damaging impact on profits, however it will produce semi permanent harm to a
company’s name and the talent to grow. However, several little business house owners notice
themselves unable to guard their organization, as they do not have the resources necessary to
watch their networks .Cyberattacks within the country caused money damages to the tune of
regarding USD 500,000 to Asian country firms within the last 12-18 months, says a study. The categories of cyber crime that has the largest economic impact included: The loss
of the science and a business-confidential data.

ADVANTAGE OF CYBER CRIME:- The companies are growing attributable to the employment of cybercrime. They’re the winners out of crime. They’re taking a system was being hacked and that they produce a stronger anti-virus protection. As long as viruses and hackers are continued to grow and evolve, the protection for a fight against it’ll grow still. It helps automatize varied tasks shall that can’t be done manually. It helps organize information and knowledge in an exceedingly higher approach, and it’s a far more computing and scheming a power than human. it should be the storage of necessary information and files.

DISADVANTAGES OF CYBER CRIME:- It may injury your studies and social life. The means it distracts will deviate our thoughts and activities towards unproductive activities. It may cause violation of privacy. Computer crime is that the criminal activities that are committed on the net which incorporates plotting a virus, hacking somebody else’s laptop and stealing information. These days the net is growing terribly quickly, and it’s each blessing and downsides. Computer crime or law-breaking is one among the foremost disadvantages. Laptop Crime are often categorized into differing types. Computer crimes target computer devices or network directly and additionally targets freelance laptop devices or computer networks. This sort of cyber crimes are fraud, scams, stalking, fraud, and hacking. This paper generates the insight regarding the general rise in losses occurring from the computer fraud. The most focus of this paper is to explain the kinds of
computer crimes and its result on people and businesses. This study focuses the extent of cyberstalking, victimizing, and also the regulation of business on the net.


  • Use strong password in your electronic device special in your social media accounts,bank account, email account, and keep your personal data under surveillance
  • Secure your electronic device by prevent viruses from infecting your computer by installing and regularly updating anti-virus software.
  • Block spyware attacks Prevent spyware from infiltrating your laptop by installing and change the anti-spyware software system.
  • Be Social-Media Savvy check that your social networking profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MSN, etc.) are set to personal Check your security settings. Be careful what information you post online. Once it’s on the web, it’s there forever.
  • Secure your Mobile Devices remember that your mobile device is at the risk of viruses and hackers. Download applications from the trusty sources. Install the most recent software updates Keep your applications and software (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux)current with the most recent system updates. Turn on automatic updates to forestall potential attacks on the older code.
  • Protect your information Use encoding for your most sensitive files like tax returns or monetary record creates the regular back-ups of all of your necessary information, and store it in another location.
  • Secure your wireless network Wi-Fi (wireless) networks area unit susceptible to intrusion if they’re not properly secured. Review and modify default settings Public Wi-Fi, a.k.a. “Hot Spots”, also are vulnerable. Avoid conducting monetary or company transactions on these networks.
  • Protect your e-identity use caution once giving out personal data like your name,address, number or monetary data on the web. Make sure that website’s area unit secure (e.g. once creating online purchases) or that you’ve enabled privacy settings (e.g. once accessing/using social networking sites).
  • Avoid being scammed forever assume before you click on a link or file of unknown origin.Don’t feel pressured by any emails. Check the supply of the message. Once doubtful, verify the supply.Never reply to emails that raise you to verify your data or make sure your user ID or positive identification.
  • Call the correct person for facilitate Don’t panic! If you’re a victim, if you encounter unlawful web content (e.g. kid exploitation) or if you believe a PC crime, fraud or an advert scam, report this to your native police. If you wish facilitate with maintenance or package installation on your computer, see your service supplier or a licensed computer technician.

SECTION USED IN CYBERCRIME:- Section 66D of the IT Act prescribes penalty for ‘cheating by personation by victimisation computer resource’ and provides that someone UN agency by
means that of any communication device or laptop resource cheats by personation, shall be disciplined with imprisonment of either description for a term which can reach three (three) years and shall also beat risk of fine which can reach Rs. 1,00,000 (Rupees one lac).


Suhas Katti v. State of Tamil Nadu
Name of the Case Suhas Katti v. State of Tamil Nadu
Citation C No. 4680 of 2004
Year of the Case 2004
Appellant State of Tamil Nadu
Respondent Suhas Katti
Bench/Judges Court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Egmore
Acts Involved Information Technology Act, 2000 and Indian Penal Code,
Important Sections Section 67 of the IT Act, 2000 and section 469 and 509 of the
IPC, 1860
The Suhas katti case is the first case in India to create a benchmark in the cyber harassing issue. The case was filed by a woman for posting obscene messages about her. The case involved questions of cyber stalking and harassing a woman. It was filed on February, 2004 after which the Chennai cyber crime cell achieved the process of conviction.

INTRODUCTION:-The case was filed by the woman on basis of sending obscene messages. The case has set a standard for convicting the offenders who send offending messages which defames, annoys a person because of its obscene and vulgar nature. The case is of prime importance also in the field of providing online evidence under section 65B of the Indian evidence act in the court for the first time.

BACKGROUND OF THE CASE:-The case was filed by the woman on the basis of being harassed and getting obscene messages on various groups with the intention of offending her and it was sent by the man who was very keen in marrying her but then she rejected him for which that person started sending these kind of messages.

FACTS:-The accused man was the friend of the victim. He was desired to get married to the victim, Ms. Roselind, but she got married to someone else rejecting him. Later then she got divorced after which he tried to allure her again. After this rejection being infuriated, he started to harass the women by sharing her number and also by posting obscene messages on various groups with the motive of offending her and making people to believe that she was a woman of wrongful nature. After which she started to receive messages from unknown people and she was very much insulted. The accused created a fake account in the name of the victim, Ms. Roselind with the intention of harming the reputation of the victim. Based on the above situations, the victim filed a complaint under section 67 of the IT Act, 2000 and under sections 469 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

ISSUES:- Whether the accused was liable for charges under section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and under sections 469 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860?
RELATED PROVISIONS:-The related provisions involved in this case are 67 of the IT Act, 2000 and under sections 469 and 509 of IPC, 1860.

RELATED CASE;-The Kerala High Court in the case of Sreekumar V. v. State of Kerala held that even if the word is abusive,
unparliamentarily it cannot be considered as obscene unless it arouses the sexual feeling of the person against whom the message was made.Their Lordships after examining all the previous case laws on the subject laid down the following proposition of law in the following words speaking through Justice N. Santosh Hegde: “23. Be that as it may, if the law laid down by this Court in T.T. Antony case1 is to be accepted as holding that a second complaint in regard to the same incident filed as a counter-complaint is prohibited under the Code then, in our opinion, such conclusion would lead to serious consequences. This will be clear from the hypothetical example given hereinbelow i.e. if in regard to a crime committed by the real accused he takes the first opportunity to lodge a false complaint and the same is registered by the jurisdictional police then the aggrieved victim of such crime will be precluded from lodging a complaint giving his version of the incident in question, consequently he will be deprived of his legitimated right to bring the real accused to book. This cannot be the purport of the Code.“24. From the aforesaid decisions, it is quite luminous that the lodgment of two FIRs is not permissible in respect of one and the same incident. The concept of sameness has been given a restricted meaning. It does not encompass filing of a counter-FIR relating to the same or connected cognizable offence. What is prohibited is any further complaint by the same complainant and others against the same accused subsequent to the registration of the case under the Code, for an investigation in that regard would have already commenced and allowing registration of further complaint would amount to an improvement of the facts mentioned in the original complaint. As is further made clear by the three- Judge Bench in Upkar Singh, the prohibition does not cover the allegations made by the accused in the first FIR alleging a different version of the same incident.Thus, rival versions in respect of the same incident do take different shapes and, in that event,, lodgement of two FIRs is permissible.” The petitioner filed the petition to make certain guidelines for the conviction of the offender for sending obscene messages and sending contents related to sex under section 67 of the IT Act, 2000.
JUDGEMENT:- Based on the examination of the facts and circumstances of the case, the honourable judges has passed the judgement by sentencing the accused under section 67 of Information Technology Act, 2000, section 509 and 469 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 for his acts which was not only against the legality of the country but also against the morality, posting obscene material and talking ill about women which is shameful and it should be noted that these kind of acts should be completely stopped in order to protect the woman from various unhealthy remarks.
CONCEPT HIGHLIGHTED;– The concepts highlighted in this case are fulfilment of cyber-harassment under section 67 of the IT Act, 2000, defaming and outraging the modesty of the woman under section 509 of IPC.
CONCLUSION OF THE CASE:-This case has secured a trademark place in the history of Indian legal system to convict a person on the grounds of sending obscene messages by harming the reputation and character of the woman and also by outraging her modesty.

CONCLUSION :- Though not all individuals are victims to cyber crimes, they’re still in danger.
Crimes by computer vary, and they do not continuously occur behind the computer, however they dead by computer. With the technology is increasing, criminals haven’t got to rob banks, nor do they need to be outside to commit any crime. Law-breaking is so obtaining the popularity it deserves. However, it’s not reaching to restricted that simply. In fact , it’s extremely doubtless that cyber crime and its hackers can continue developing and upgrading to remain prior to the law. So, to form us a safer we have a tendency to learn more about cyber security and other information in which we forget that we are leaking out data through different forms. Thus cybercrime is an example for us to keep in mind in future if we are leaking any of our personal data we have to protect and secure the information with proper source.

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