Sati Pratha Truth: Indian or European practice

Sati practice a predominately highly exaggerated and known practice. Which has been considered condemnous Hindu practice for a long time. Time to open up your eyes.

In Rigveda there is a hymn certainly telling that women have all the right for remarriage if her husband dies. Which is – 

Udisharv naryabhi jevalokam gatasumetmapu shesh aehi Hastgrabhasyay didhisosatvedam Patyurjnitvamabhi sambhutah

Firstly, if you google that who said about the existence of sati practice in India you will get to know he was none other than ‘William Bentick‘ a British governor working in India in 1829.

Now you would be probably thinking that then what? Right! So keeping it simple, India was under colonial rule for more than 200 years you know how and why? Yes you got the how it’s Divide and Rule policy of Britishers and do you know why? Because Indians were wrong in trusting these Britishers for any information from them.

They ruled India entirely by dividing Indian unity and giving few some power and some few greed. 

Now you might have got the reference of what I am talking about Its simply that how can we trust a Britisher who just said India has this practice and all. Now you too will be astonishingly amazed to know that this person only along with another European person were doing Witch Hunting in Europe at the very same time when Bentick’ said India has this Sati practice. And around that time approx 2700 witches were hunted by these Europeans and burnt to ashes? Now to think broadly and in reality it could not be real like every witch on this world were only going to Europe only at that time and not to Asia , Africa or America and do European were really so advanced that they were hunting these witches who have supernatural powers in only One year.

I know you got the clue these witches were not actually witches but women living in Europe these were women who were understood to be misfortune as some had stillborne baby, some husband died and some cow got ill and harvest failed  and were burnt alive in the name of witch specially the main targeted ones were old, poor and outcasted women. Yes, you heard it right in the name of witch so that illiterate(yes really there were only 15 % literate Europeans at that time) European won’t question their execution and keep up their government and more than 6000 women were executed. In crux, for to remove the world’s attention from this mass mishappening they distracted the world with creating their own philosophical lie about Sati practice of India and made this practice seem like absurd and henious crime which was absolutely great practice and not what they projected.

Sati was and is a practice in which women whoes husband died was being asked to either marry another person or to join the temples upon her own free will and become a chaste woman by becoming ascetic. And this practice is still continued in Gonds and Bhinds and many other tribes as they have preserved their values for these many years also.

And you would be thinking that you have been studying sati practice from history books to be a practice in which people burns a widow which is absolutely a wrong representation as these history books were only written by bigots such as Romilla Thapar and we trusted whatever was written in our books rather searching it out and investigating upon it. It was a great conspiracy to misrepresent Hindus as misogynistic as well as unfair practices religion as these culprits of history manipulation were really scared of talking about other religion secrets as these were only the cults of those religion and feared that what if the people would come to know their eternal Sanatan dharma and it’s great attributes and right practices.

In India people were so much virtuous and moral that they refused to leave their sanskriti eventhough Britishers tortured them with kodas(a leather strap with nail). You can get to know many examples of people like Haridas who never surrendered to these convertists and never left their Vedic dharma behind and standed still for our Sanatan dharma. From this attributes of Indians who were ready to die rather to change or unfollow their value and Sanskriti Britishers got trembled and afraid and they then started to Demolish the Vedic texts example of Nalanda University burnt into ashes and destroyed.

These britishers were failed in their attempt and people were still following their religion

We were true believers that we got in the traps of this false propaganda and awkwardly looked up at Hinduism.

Sati is in real a Sanskrit term of which meaning is “Virtuous women” or “truthful and chaste woman” now you think that how can such an auspicious word be associated with such a crime.

Here I want you to also remember the word “Sati sadhvi” which probably you might have heard many times since your childhood of which meaning is ‘a chaste brahmachari woman practicing sadhana to seek moksha being ascetic’, still our brain not ranged and told us the real truth of Sati.

We believed what we were told rather than seeing by our own eyes. Now is the time to spread this truth and awaken up from curtains of clouds with false information and shift our paradigms in positive aspect and respect the Sanatan dharma and understand it’s purity and vedic science which was written thousand of years ago by great sages through their spiritual energy.There was some sacrificial happenings in west bengal side which were considered to be part of sati and later women being burned cases came in real which were done by cruel relatives of women for property etc and in the name of sati they also satisfied and cleaned their hands upon women and took advantage of this msirepresented rumour around of what sati was. And some did it superstitiously who actually had no knowledge of our Vedas.

In Manusmriti also their is proviso for women to remarry anyone and live their life as they think fit. There is no evidence of sati in any of our scriptures fortunately enough not even in the converted or adulterated copies of our scriptures by Max Muller and such Britishers.

Women in Hinduism are considered to have God like attributes and a famous Sanskrit slokha to represent them- 

Nari tu Narayani

Yatra naryasthu poojyanthe ramantha thatra devthaha”

No other scriptures of world has given primacy to women as Hindu Vedas, which hailed women as goddesses. And it is also mentioned in them that god’s bless those homes where women are honored.

Land nation nature and universe are worshipped as mother.

Apart from that, we indians in our Hinduism have feminine energy to represent power (Durga ji), learning (Saraswati Ji), wealth( Laxmi Ji)

Whereas, Britishers culture having Plato as king said women don’t have soul and objectified them and they were considered to have no value in court and doesn’t have any value of their statements and confessions until around 1950 after women liberation movement by Simon the boar, the court agreed to accept 3 women confession to be 1 authentic one compare to one man one confession. Due to this women were sexually assaulted and harassed.And in their culture women were not even allowed to go outside their homes without any men as they have no souls.And in their culture women were not allowed to go outside their homes as they have no souls without any men.

And there’s a great saying that “who have glass House should not throw stones on others house” which seems fit in this scenario.

Concluding sati is an auspicious tradition or custom not what we were told since childhood.

Aishwarya Says:

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