Life and Laws of Children born in brothels.

An area of this society that is, prostitutes has always been out of identification and conversation. They are highlighted as a red-light area, as it is unknown to all of us that from what time prostitution are being a business. The major problem is that development, safety and medical assistance is lacking for them completely.  It is not like that there is no legislation to govern them but the problem is that there is no proper usage of these legislation and there is no awareness of these legislation to them and because of lack of awareness they can’t be benefited from these laws.  The hierarchy and discrimination ignores gender equality under Article 14 of the constitution and the nobility of women who choose this as their profession for bread and butter. Society frame there profession as a deprecatory standard of living and these thing lead them to the denial of essential basic rights that is, the right to education for their children, proper healthcare, sanitization, shelter, social security, most importantly from physical harassment and because of their profession the society didn’t accept them and mistreat them and their children too.

Now the question is that did they really deserve this kind of behavior. Whether their children who are just born deserve these things as after their children birth the kids get discriminated against and kept aside isolated. They are abused and the most painful thing is most of them born without identity. Recognition of these children is important to safeguard their future from being added to the list of prostitutes that are already exists.  We all think that this kind of profession is shame but the profession is not wrong as just like other profession this is also practice for sustaining life and until no profession is bad which is not harming the society or people. The only thing is that the mother should not involve there little kids in the same, as they should educate them and give them proper guidance but this will only happen when the mother herself has knowledge of the rules and regulations around her because of the profession mothers are hardly able to look after their children and this makes easier for children to grow up in the wrong way and get associated with more illegalities in society. Most of them get addicted to drugs, they engage them in fraudulent activities, which later makes them prone to committing crimes in the society.

 The children faced many challenges like they are not provided by the education and apart of this ‘roti’ ‘kapda’ and ‘makkan’ are the basic needs of the society are not provided for them. Children are working from very young age despite in those ages they should be given a proper education, as education is the key to break the chain typical mindset of society towards sex workers. By educating their children may be there is helping there family or mother to get rid of such deprecatory occupation.

There are many laws which has been passed for children like The Child Labour act, 1986 in order to remove child labour completely from the nation, there is a fundamental rights to each and every citizen in the nation which includes children too like Right to Education Act, 2009 under the broad meaning of the right to life under Articles 21-A of the constitution, The directive principles of State Policy described under Article 39(e) that the government should protect children against entering professions that are unsuited to their age or strength for any financial needs and also in Article 39(f) Children have the right to equal opportunities and facilities to develop in a safe and healthy manner and guaranteed protection of childhood and youth against wrong things, Article 23 of the constitution states the prohibition of trafficking in human beings, forced labour and all forms of exploitation and more laws are there in IPC too that is, Section 372 states selling minor for purposes of prostitution, Section 373 Buying minor for purposes of prostitution, Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act,1956 which was amended, Rescue and Rehabilitation of Children and Minors under the ITPA, 1986, Criminal procedure code, 1973 also protects girls from the sexual exploitation and many more but sadly children born out of the brothels are restricted from such rights that are provided to them like all other children and they are also not aware of such rights because of lack of education and discrimination among the society and them by the government itself. 

As we all the impact of Covid-19 has affected a lot of area of the society whether it is rich or poor but the nobody has concern about the sex workers as we all know the Covid 19 is all about maintaining distance but it is quite difficult to maintain a distance in this profession and if they do so they are directly affecting there livelihood and unfortunately the government is not looking towards them, they are not provided by the basic requirements like education, food, shelter, sanitations.

The children should be treated equally like other children, as it is our duty and responsibility to protect them, to educate them and provide all the basic things with what they are subject to or what they have born with that is rights like all of us.

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