Effect of White Collar Crimes on Professional Practice.

Criminal practices such as white collar crimes, which basically are offences committed by authorities with active influence by departing from the trust that Individuals/group of individuals interpolate, evidently affect each field on a distinct note with the foundational stone being still same. The factors of the negative impact and scenario of the top three fields cumulatively can be studied as follows;


The profession where members are entrusted with paramount duty of establishing the justice and maintain the dignity of law in the society, whenever is clawed by such evil practices disturb the entire scenario of a healthy democracy. To earn quick large profits sometimes the people in influence violate the ethical standards of the legal profession by practicing fraud and using the knowledge of law deceitfully to have their clients escape the punishment. For which they plot a false outline, have a fabricated testimony recorded, provided with false evidences knowingly and tamper with evidences to dodge the penal liability from getting attracted. Such misuse of power and intellect further reliefs the wrongdoers by expanding the loophole upto an extent that they end up diverting the entire proceeding in their favour with making the victims even more vulnerable and quick to shortcoming consequences against their free will continuosly by being trapped in a loop of incidents of victimisation. 

Several instances from the past create an issue of concern in the society with regard to the profession which is not only generally entrusted with genuine entities but the life itself. Comparing the medical professionals with almighty enhance the amount of trust society inputs in the individuals concerned. But alot of incidents showcase the elements of the profession slowly becoming more of business. From issuing false medical certificates to pressurising the patient’s family with bills and treatments, sometimes coercively. There are alot of illegal activities that are carried on in the name of profession which are non-violent on the face but leave the victims with lifelong mental dilemmas at times, inclusive of prolonged treatments intentionally faked to increase the bills and make easy money out of situation of helpless patients. The situation is such in the field that the drug samples are sold to patients, commission is fixed with the chemists, excessive drugs is listed as precaution which further is again sold to the chemists as a loop for quick monitary profits. Not confined to non-violent activities, some practitioners lead further to an extent of helping in illegal abortions and sex determination of child in the womb by using force, fraud, deceit and mal intent.

To back the nation with support its infrastructure must be strong enough to hold the democracy altogether and move forward to compete and stand globally but engagements creating loop dissolve the idea of development with postponement of the success of plans. Such practices also impact economy negatively. The instances can be traced as underhand dealings with contractors and suppliers for solitary benefits of the professional with active powers to manipulate the workforce in such a way that the project inclusive of construction of buildings, roads, canals, dams, and bridges with cheap quality (sub-standard) material gets completed and the budget so allocated for the same gets tampered along with passing the sub-standard work so done as perfect in the managing files. Lastly, providing the society with a diluting infrastructure, underdeveloped situation of the state mechanism and no steps of actions on the initial note to put atleast the responsibility over.


Despite several legislations ,Judicial pronouncements and active steps taken by the executive authorities timely, these loopholes continue to grow. The trust of society is always at stake with consideration of entire system as one, however it’s just a handful of people committing such activities but establishing such of an environment where society at par no longer stay in a position to voluntarily trust the system collectively because of the scope of expanded negative elements that exist.

Aishwarya Says:

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