Protection of journalist from online harassment

As we know protection in every field is so important then whether the protection is for a Advocate, police officer or its for Politician. Now why do journalist need a protection journalist work for the country they show us the backlog of the government sometimes they speak against any of the party in front of camera. So, they get threatening calls, messages on social media. According to a global study which was conducted by the international federation of journalists in which 400 women journalists in 50 countries were surveyed and the results were shocking around 44% of them had gone under online abuse/harassment.

One of the most popular case is Gauri Lankesh case who was a Indian journalist-turned activist from Bangalore, Karnataka. She was slaughtered out side her own house while she was locking her main door after receiving online death threat.


In 2017, the council of Europe published a survey about harassment against the journalist. This survey was conducted its 47 member countries. In this 940-journalist polled, out of which 40% stated that they have been targeted in different types of online harassment. Mexico is the deadliest for journalist. In 2017 eleven journalists were killed in Mexico. According to the report of international women’s media foundation in 2013, it was mentioned that two-third of the women who polled in an international survey stated that they had faced the harassment.

As every coin has two sides in same way social media is also having two sides its positive and a negative effect. On one side it gives the opportunity to grow and on other side it also creates wrong image on people with another people.

There are number of cases where journalist have become the victim of online harassment:

  1. Sagarika Gosh, who is an Indian journalist, news anchor, columnist, and author. In 2012, she received rape threats by twitter user who discovered and published her daughter’s name and school name. Gosh mentioned that tweets came from right-wing nationalist targeting liberal and secular women. Soon after this, she stopped sharing her personal views.
  2. V.P Rajeena, working with media one group, in 2015 she published a personal account of published a personal account of child sexual abuse at a Sunni religious school in the southern city on Facebook. It leads to attracted abuse from members of the Muslim Community and many of them also reported her account for violating community guidelines. This leads to her being temporarily blocked from her account.
  3. Barkha Dutt who is an Indian television journalist, author and owner of a YouTube channel called Mojo she was a part of the NDTV team for 21 years in 2015. She became a victim of online harassment after she described being sexually abuse as a child in her book named “This Unquiet Land” 

This are some cases who faced the online harassment


India is a democratic country gives the Indian citizen certain fundamental rights. Freedom of speech and expression is the one of the important fundamental right. Guaranteed under the constitution of India. In same way freedom of media is also important.

The media is considered as fourth estate of democracy, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Media plays a most important role in Indian democracy. Media acts as a mirror so sometimes it goes harsh.

Now the question aries that need for protection or laws for the same. As we all now that media is the important part of our life but sometimes the opinion of people may differ as media tends to keep transparency. Sometimes this transparency is not good for the reputation of the people. As the freedom of speech is the constitutional right in same way freedom of press is a fundamental right to which no one can violate but in today’s date most violated right. So here there is the most needed protection for the media persons.

MAHARASHTRA is the only state with the protection to media laws

MAHARASHTRA was the first state who passed the bill to protect media person and media institute. This bill was passed by Devendra Fadnavis which recommended punishments upto 3 years and fine upto 50000 or both in case of attack on media person on duty. This cases will be cognizable and non-bailable and this cases will only looked by DySP/ACP.   


The crime against media person and cases against journalist are increasing day by day the efforts of Maharashtra government should be appreciated and other countries should also make the laws for the protection of journalist. as media plays a important role in the life of the general people the media people should also be protected by the serious laws and punishment. They should also get the freedom of speech and freedom to express their thoughts.


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