Impact of technology on children

Technology is now a basic part of our life. We spend most of our time on technology. Its need is increasing day by day. In the modern world, everything is being digitalized. So the use of technology is growing very rapidly. As a result, even the kids are getting very close to technology.
Nowadays children are called ‘Digital Natives. You give your smartphone, he knows how to open it and use it perfectly. The time spent by children on electronic devices is increasing day by day and at a very fast rate. And the sad reality of today’s world is, wherever we go, like restaurants, parks or anywhere else, everywhere we can see kids with digital devices.
There are many positive facts too with the closeness of kids and technology but we can’t deny the fact that the negative side is much serious and needed to be concerned.

Effect on Relationships
In the modern world, children are so indulging in their devices that they start ignoring their surroundings, their parents, friends, and relatives. They just love to spend time on their devices. At an early age, just to console their kids, parents give their kids a mobile phone or make them sit in front of the TV and they let them watch cartoons and meanwhile the parents used to do their pending works. Parents didn’t realize when TV and the mobile phone became a daily habit and a need for children. In spite of sharing everything with parents, they just love to meet and greet their online friends or they love to be busy in their own digital world.
From an early age, parents must indulge with their kids in several activities and let the child believe that spending time with their parents is more important, valuable, and memorable in spite of spending time on their online devices.

Social Interaction Issues
Nowadays, children love to play online games like PUBG, Call of Duty, GTA, Assassin creed, and many more. Children don’t like to go out to play with real friends. They love text over calls. Online friends became more important than real ones. Even when they meet their friends in reality, they don’t talk much, and even after meeting face to face, they text each other. Children avoid going in public. They suffer from social anxiety. It’s not like spending time online is a bad thing but giving too much time online weakens the bond between family as well as friends.

Health issues
Being isolated in electronic devices leads to many health risks. Children become weak and suffer from many issues like-
Obesity– children spend most of their time in front of the screen. They don’t even go out to play games. They avoid going out because of which their body calories can’t be burned which causes weight gain.
Problem with radiation from devices– every electronic device emits radiation. The mobile phone emits radiation which is very dangerous. The skin of children is very soft because of which it absorbs more radiation. In comparison to adults, children brain is very soft because of which it is damaged easily by radiations.
Eye related issues– watching screens for a long period of time leads to problems in the eyes. It can cause myopia, hypermetropia, or both. In some kids, cataract was found too.
Body posture defect– kids spend most of their time sitting in front of the screen. They don’t even sit in correct position, some lean, and some bend. This causes problems in the spine and it might become reshaped.
Sleeping issue– children need at least 10 hours of sleep in a day. but being addicted to mobiles or social media sites, they ignore their sleep and spend that time on the devices. Lack of sleep itself brings severe diseases.

Makes a kid impatient
With the advancement of technology, everything is at your fingertips. Whatever you want to know, just Google it and you’ll get plenty of solutions in less than a sec. this leads to impatience in kids. They can’t wait for anything because their mindset has adopted everything superfast. Children can’t even wait for small things and they start being mad and rude.

Technology is a boon for the future. But parents should think about their toddlers too. Excess use of anything is not good. Parents should limit the use of devices. These children are the future of ours. If their presence is not stable, how can we imagine a better future if they are unaware of everything around them?

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