Class, Caste and Society in India

India is a country of almost 1.6 billion people. Our cultural heritage is older than most civilizations ever documented on earth. India is more than a country, its importance is seen when globally countries are referred to as ‘part’ of the Indian subcontinent. Recently, USA has started to refer western pacific ocean as ‘indo-pacific’ ocean. Internationally, India’s stance is revered as the largest democracy with a vibrant community.

The sense of community and importance of family is deeply rooted in our psyche. The idea of ‘ moving out’ of parents’ house after turning 18 years old is not something accepted or needed, as it is in other countries like USA. Incomplete modernisation has made us believe that mere outer changes like wearing jeans, speaking in British/American accent or eating burgers will make us ‘modern’. This ‘mcdonaldisation’ of generation is a farce. This is just westernisation.

Modernisation must ideally affect not just peripheral values but core values of a person too. Such ideas accompanied with ‘consumerism’ has multiplied has heightened class differences in the society. Class is the difference in economic stratification in people that belong to similar or different level of standard of living, income, status in society among others. Recently, Supreme Court had commented, ‘’class is the new caste’’. And absolutely it resonates with the hierarchy of class. This disparity is an after effect of highly capitalistic economy and attitude.

A person from an elite background would relate more with a person of similar background as compared to with a person of middling economic situation in his/her family. This relatability few decades ago was with respect to the profession one pursued according to the surname and caste. The ‘carry-forward’ attitude is centric to caste. Caste believes in limiting and governing the boundaries of their community. The reluctance of a caste to marry their daughter/son into another caste is just an example of this restrictive idea. Today the idea of caste is shifting towards class, although subtly.

There is no end to criticism of lacunae in any society but here we notice the evolving nature of Indian society. A society which gives utmost value to the pride of a name and community. There is no ideal society and has space for improvement, always. We as a society have moved away from practices like sati. But we have long way to go as female infanticide, violence against women, stereotypical attitude of people still exists.

A society that has no place for improvement can never grow. And India denies being stagnant. We have always grown and bloomed in the face of uncertainty. From pioneers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar to Kailash Satyarthi, Mother Teresa we have been blessed with abundance of genuine people who are compassionate and empathetic. Empathy is another virtue important to mankind.

Without empathy and emotions, a human life is as dry and useless as dry earth. We need more leaders among the current generations. It is painful to still witness crimes under PCPNDT act, 1994. Female foetuses being thrown in garbage, abandonment of female infants is heart wrenching. Their flesh trade is another blot on humankind. It is akin to crimes in history that can never be mended.
We preach the idea of being against untouchability. Even our constitution mentions article 17 as ‘prohibition to untouchability’. But when I utter the words ‘manual scavengers’. Does untouchability come to your mind? Yes. We still behave like unaware people with people belonging to other communities. This ignorance of facts leads us nowhere. And only spreads hatred in the community.

What differentiates humans from animals is our cranial size. The cranium is our skull that stores our diencephalon i.e. our brain. Our huge brain is the reason along with the ability to reason that makes us human. We have to reason and question each action we commit. No consequence, be it dire or miniscule be ignored. Because we have to be the change we want to witness. No government or ideology but our own ‘’realisation’’ can cause waves of change in the society. And societal changes begin at home, with your own self first.

Aishwarya Says:

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