Sabarimala Temple Case: The Untold Truth Never Revealed

Sabarimala Temple Case judgement came in 2018 where with 4:1 it was decided that women of reproductive ages be allowed to enter into the temple and surpassing the religious beliefs and norms it was done.

The equal representation of women was considered under article 14 , 19 , 21. Here we have to see that there are a total of 70,000 lord Ayyappa temple in Karnataka where every bhakt can worship him anyhow but the main focus of media house is this temple where lord Ayyappa is in his celibate form(Naisthik Brahmachari) meaning eternal celibate. It is said that near this Ayyappa temple there’s a temple of Devi ji to whom lord Ayyappa has promised to marry if in this temple no bhakta or disciple comes.

First of all I will want you to know that it is an Occult Temple or Tantric Temple here the energy and vibrations are very high and it is also mandatory for men to follow 41 days strict brahmacharya in order to enter the temple. What the Occult temple does is it has effects on our seven chakras – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra according to its energy, frequency and vibration.

Here the women’s are not allowed to enter as the sants follow prescription given in “Bhotnavyapakyanam” a sacred text for all rituals related to this temple. And it has been followed since 500 years ago. The Temples energy have treacherous effects on women’s of reproductive age as it harms women endocrine system(Hormonal system) which is attached with nadis associated with our chakras like throat or Visuddhi chakra associated with thyroid gland by acting upon their Muladhara chakra and enables DHT(Dihydrotestosterone : Hormone responsible for male pattern baldness )secretion in women’s which reduces their fertility and as well as causes rapid Hairfall too.
If you are a science student you will ultimately know that DHT is formed through progesterone hormone found in women. So you can see how this reduces fertility in women and disturbs their thyroid gland and harms their overall health.

There are 5 Sastas Ayyappa Temple representing each one chakra in body as other two are out of body, In this region of Karnataka.

This Ayyappa temple represents Muladhara chakra.
You are allowed to go in any 4 of them to increase your spiritual growth but not in that.Which must not be an issue as it is for their own good only.
And to the surpise you will be astonished to know that majority of women out there are against this decision of Supreme Court. Only liberals to show their astonishing Politics to gain vote and favour are doing such things.
When these same liberals are asked to question the Burkha system in Muslims they shut their mouths and shows their narrow mindedness.
We should uplift ourselves spiritually by gaining energy from these temples whereas we should abide by its laws.

As one could not offer Ganesha ji Non vegetarian in same context one should not violate the temple norms exactly like if you are a person who wants to be a judge, you cannot directly enter the court and say I am judge as you have to obey the procedure there and laws and whole process.
We should not make our Perception towards anything before investigating it out.
We should save our temples and afterall it is not the state property where you are trying to show equality before law. The state funds the temple every year 51 lakh which is not donation but actually it is the lease of land price to be paid by government to the temple for acquiring all the land around it from the king of Travancore when there were princely states.

So it is a private property in brief and it’s a privelege for bhakta to get entry into it and not a right.
Whereas you would be in anger or rage after knowing that most of the attempts to enter the temple by women was done by the women of either Christain or Muslim( Rehana Fatima went into temple and shot obscene pictures and uploaded on Facebook) religion.

We must protect our religion and should not allow any offenders or bigots harm any of our temples with their values or principles as well as structural heritage. And a lot of Christain missionaries and Islamist cults also projected it as battle between women and Hinduism and Hinduism to be a misogynistic religion. We should open up our eyes and should stop these people from doing havoc to our religion.Hinduism is a great religion which has always respected women and even the women in Hinduism are termed as Devi. We have many devi ji as our deities too like Saraswati Ji Goddess of knowledge, Laxmi Ji Goddess of wealth and many more.

We should even respect the nature of deity.
As there are many temple in which only “women are allowed to enter ” in Karnataka. And many other temple where married couple are only allowed to enter. So, it should be followed up as Hinduism is a pure vedic science without meeting any boundaries. And it’s the oldest religion with every possibility. We should enrich ourselves with knowledge of our religion and embrace it’s mystical side associated with pure science.

Image Source: Deccan Herald

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