The Directive Principles of State Policy of India are the guidelines or principles given to the institutes governing the State of India. It is under the part IV of the Indian constitution i.e, Article 36-51 and are not enforceable in any courts. It contains wide range of State activities, embracing economic, social, legal, educational and international fields.

Some of the important directives are as per following:  

(1) To ensure and protect a social order which stands for the welfare of the people. (Art.38)  

(2) In particular, the State shall direct its policy towards securing: Adequate means of livelihood to all citizens, a proper distribution of the material resources of the community for the common good, equal pay for equal work for both men and women etc. (Art.39) 

Equal justice and free legal aid. (Art. 39A) 

(3) To organize village panchayats as units of self-government. (Art.40) 

(4) To secure the right to work, education and public assistance in cases of undeserved want, such as unemployment, old-age sickness, etc. (Art.41) 

(5) To secure just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief. (Art.42) 

(6) To secure work, a living wage, a decent standard of life, leisure and social and cultural opportunities for people and in particular to promote cottage industries. (Art.43) 

(7) To secure Participation of workers in management of industries. (Art.43A) 

(8) To secure a uniform civil code applicable to the entire country. (Art. 44)  

(9) To provide within ten years from the commencement of the Constitution free and compulsory education to all children up to the age of fourteen years. (Art.45) 

(10) Promotion of education and economic interests of SC, ST, and other weaker sections. (Art.46) 

(11) To secure the improvement of public health and the prohibition of intoxicating drinks and drugs. (Art.47) 

(12) Organization of agriculture and animal husbandry (Art. 48) 

(13) The State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to Safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. (Art. 48A) 

 (14) To protect all monuments of historic interest and national importance (Art. 49) 

(15) To bring about the separation of the Judiciary from the Executive. (Art 50) 

(16) To endeavour to secure: (a) the promotion of international peace and security; (b) the maintenance of justice and honourable relations between nations and (c) the settlement of international disputes by arbitration. (Art. 51) 

The real importance and value of embodying these principles as an integral part of the Constitution lies in the fact that they contain a positive obligation on the part of State and for the achievement of goal of a welfare State, these are the guiding principles which are pious and sacred in nature. 


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