SUPACE- The Robotic Judge

Introduction: –

Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Courts Efficiency, shortly known as SUPACE was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India S.A Bobde in a virtual event, attended by Judges of the High Courts across the country. SUPACE is an artificial intelligence system The objective to launch artificial intelligence technology in the Supreme Court of India is to assist the Judge in analysing the facts, easy and fast finding of similar cases and fast disposal of the long pending cases. Previously, one has to research for similar case laws in libraries which time consuming, but today the cases are at a bit of a click. 

The current pandemic has realised the value of technology in every sphere of life. Courts are now a days are operating virtually. But with the advancement of technology, human replacement with machines is a common fear, despite the fact that machines increase efficiency, but the cause of fear is that the machines replace a large number of human resource.

What is SUPACE

It is a technology called artificial intelligence, which has the capability to learn new things with every new move it experiences. SUPACE as said by Chief Justice of India, during its launch, the first of its kind in the world as it would collect all the information, much faster than a human being, which a judge would require to decide a case, but will not come out with a decision.

“We will not allow it to spill over to decision making, if artificial intelligence decides a case, it would be disastrous to the judiciary”.

Analysis: – SUPACE will assist the judge in collecting, analysing facts, information and whatever a judge would require to come to a conclusion, faster then a human, in less time and with efficiency and optimal accuracy. In other words, it will provide the judge with everything to assist in every case better than a human assistant, hence will eventually replace a human assistant.

But the Chief Justice has assured in the event that the robot will not create any redundancy of Lawyers or judges in future.

Counterparts: –

COMPAS and PSA are the most widely used risk assessment tools in the criminal justice system of the USA which uses algorithms to estimate the risks of recidivism which help judges with information on pre-trial bail, sentencing and parole.

Public Safety Assessment (PSA) is a tool which creates a score for the offender, by analysing nine risk factors such as current arrest, current violent offence, pending charge at the time of the offence, a prior misdemeanour conviction etc. the higher score shows more likelihood of the offender to repeat that offence.

Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanction (COMPAS) uses many datasets to predict an offender’s rate to re-offend, risk of violent recidivism, and failure to appear in court.

According to author Terence Mauri Founder of Hack Future Lab, in 50 years, machines will recognise physical and psychological signs of deceitfulness with 99.9% precision. He said that the machines in the future will catch a lie with 99.9% precision, which human with there bare eyes and analytical skills is unable to catch.

Analytical Conclusion

The last game of the 1997 Kasparov v. Deep Blue match lasted only an hour. The first time in his career that Kasparov had conceded defeat. Grandmaster John Fedorowicz later gave voice to the chess community’s shock at Kasparov’s loss: “Everybody was surprised that he resigned because it didn’t seem lost. We’ve all played this position before. It’s a known position.”

Kasparov said of his decision, “I lost my fighting spirit.”

These words that he lost his fighting spirit play are important words. The Deep Blue (Artificial Intelligence robot which plays chess), analysed the moves of Kasparov (who is known for his sudden change in strategies in between another strategy) and turned tables after some matches. So, the basic thing here is, artificial intelligence who has capability to learn with every new step, first is like a new born baby, but as soon as it came to know all your moves, it can turn the tables and work against you.

SUPACE as for now is like a new born baby and will be used only to analyse the facts and information of the case to assist the case. It is exaggeration to fear that one day the robot will replace the judge, but it doesn’t mean that it is possible. It may be a contemptuous to say that nobody knows when will the spirit of the judge will find a shelter behind artificial intelligence.

In medical science, the operation, even of conducted through robotics technology, even then the machine is operated under the supervision of the qualified doctor.

The area of law for robotics is yet to be explored. Advancements and dis-advancements are the two sides of the coin called technology.

Reference: –

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