Rape – some thing you need to talk about not shy about

Rape is just a four-letter word but the female who is being raped is locked in the four walls permanently by our society. According to NCRB data of 2018, 1 rape is reported every 15 minutes. But is it her fault, then why she has to lose her actual identity? she can’t live like others, have to face many problems, treated like a victim. But why she has to suffer even after the rape, why she is treated like that she is a culprit? And what about those who raped her? According to a study carried out by United Nations published in 2013, one of the four men who is interviewed had raped someone at some point in their life, but Does they have any guilt, have any idea what they had done? What is the mindset of the rapist before and after the rape?

What do they think about the wrong they had done? Let’s answer every question.Why he raped?If you ask this question to a rapist, most of them answer that the girl provoked them to rape her, do you think that can any female provoke any male to rape her? How can a 6-month baby, a 5-year-old lady, an old lady of 85, can provoke anyone to rape them. There are many incidences of rape with a newborn baby, a small girl child, even with an old lady. A doctoral Ph.D. student of the UK, Madhumita Pandey researched 100 rapists in Tihar jail by interviewing them. She asks a rapist who raped a 5-year-old girl, who is a beggar outside the temple, why you raped her? he replies that she provoked her.

When she further asks how did a small girl provoke her, he said that she touched him inappropriately, that’s why I raped her to teach her a lesson. Now think, what is his mentality? He lives in the same society where we live in. She concluded these results after her research-Most of them are illiterate or even just school passed.They all sound normal like us.Their thoughts towards women were very conservative or backward.And most of them even did not regret what they did.However, illiteracy is not the only reason because then what about sexual harassment in an office place? There are other reasons also which is because there are different kinds of rapists, so different kinds of thoughts and emotions would be in their mind.

Studies have shown that people who spend more time watching pornography and related stuff are more prone to get involved in rape, while some studies have shown that rape is motivated by violence, power, not sexual motivation. According to social learning theories, violence is learned through environmental interaction which induces the young to learn tendencies of violence, which may eventually be acted out.There are many types of the rapist who have different thoughts and emotion-The very common reason is that most of the rapes are impulsive, committed by those who may commit other impulsive acts, like impulsive crimes. These types of rapists show their anger in response to the victim’s resistance and use their force to show their men egos.Then there are vindictive types of a rapist, whose intention is to assault her with physical harm, degrade the women. These types of rapists have a long history of crime.

Humiliated and badly treated persons from their childhood, who did not get any sex education and doesn’t know about what is wrong and what is right, rapes someone to teach them a lesson and to show their courage. For these rapists, sex is a weapon to thrill and to degrade the victim.It is estimated that more than 2.5 lakhs of rape were recorded by police annually. These are the data of those cases that complaint or registered, many cases even did not register. But how do we prevent the rapes? how do kids get to know about these sensitive topics, does they get proper sex education in their schools. Even today’s date we can’t talk about this topic to our young ones. Steps we can do to prevent rapes-Educate our young ones about sex education, and teach them from a very young age to respect women behave respectfully to everyone as they do to their sister and mother.Spread awareness about it especially in rural areas.Empower the people mentally and emotionally.By teaching self-defense to women.Strict laws like the death penalty.

And in the last I would like to say something for those who think the length of a dress is the reason for rapes, I would like to say, you should shut your brain off; your mentality of stupidity is leaking out of it.

We should respect every woman!

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  1. Very true and It will really helps to heal the thinking situation of who don’t know how to respect a woman, because that type of heinous crimes completely shattered the dignity of women and I think no one can understand this pain other than women because after that a women faces so many things (how to confront society, past, fear, and so more)

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