The idea of Marital Rape is as vintage as marriage legal guidelines of India.  In India marital rape isn’t always described with inside the Indian penal code and as a result now no longer criminalized and it’s in large part now no longer regarded as rape in India because of the sacred nature of marriage in Indian culture. Marital rape or we are able to say non consensual intercourse via way of means of one partner with every other partner ends in a gravest shape of human proper violation with a home violence or sexual abuse at the victim.

The idea of marital rape isn’t a brand new development. It got here into limelight whilst the cosmopolitan organization of ladies raged their voice in opposition to the inequality closer to the married ladies’s proper on their frame and show up their criticism closer to it. This problem got here to extensive global interest from the second one 1/2 of of the 20 th century however nonetheless in many nations such as India marital rape both stays outdoor the crook law, or is unlawful however broadly tolerated.

The cause in the back of the it isn’t always simplest the orthodox or conservative mentality however there also are different social elements responsible . The idea ought to have developed from the idea of “Might is always right” have been the advanced adult males constantly have taken into consideration girls feeble and hopeless creature in a society the criminal subordination of better halves is constantly taken into consideration to be a misbalance. The beginning of the idea of a marital exemption from rape legal guidelines can be a rule that a husband can’t be accused and charged for rape of his spouse. This concept that through marriage a female offers irrevocable consent to her husband to have intercourse together along with her any time every time he needs it or it’s miles taken into consideration to be much less dangerous than rape through strangers is a view

which become defined through Sir Matthew Hale (1609-1676) in History of the Pleas of the Crown, posted posthumously in 1736, wherein he wrote that “The husband can’t be responsible of a rape dedicated through himself upon his lawful spouse, for through their mutual consent and agreement the spouse hath given up herself on this type unto her husband, which she can’t retract.”

  • Exception 2 to sec- 375 of IPC exemption of “rape with the aid of using husband” deprives girls from exercise their essential rights and subsequently contravenes the provisions of Constitutional law.
  • Section 375 IPC defines rape but The Exception 2 to sec- 375 of Indian Penal Code states that “Sexual intercourse or sexual acts by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under 15 years of age, is not rape.” [1]

The extra conventional the society, the nearer the adherence to the sexual script for this reason, many guys do now no longer trust that female means “no” while she says “no”, and they’re entitled to maintain to strain female, and in the end coerces or forces her into sex.

Taking age as considered necessary attention for imparting consent in case of Independent Thought v. Union of India, a department bench of the Supreme Court of India examine down Exception 2 to Section 375, Indian Penal Code (hereinafter, IPC), which now stands hence altered,

“Sexual sex via way of means of a person together along with his spouse, the spouse now no longer being much less than 18 years of age, isn’t rape.”


The above judgment became simplest a small step closer to putting down the legalisation of marital rape. It is excessive time that the legislature ought to take cognisance of this felony disease and produce marital rape in the purview of rape legal guidelines via way of means of doing away with Section 375 (Exception) of IPC. By casting off this law, girls can be more secure from abusive spouses, can obtain the assist had to get over marital rape and may shop themselves from home violence and sexual abuse. Indian girls need to be dealt with equally, and an individual’s human rights do now no longer need to be unnoticed via way of means of anyone, along with via way of means of their spouse.


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