Sexual Harassment against Men

What is #Me Too Movement?

It is a movement against assault and sexual harassment that began in October 2017 as a hash tag# which is used to articulate hatred and discontent against sexual assaults which are happening in workplace and all these things were shown on various social media platform. It turned into a revolution up to a huge scale after allegations on Harvey Weinstein regarding sexual misconduct.

Tarana Burke used this term for the very first time, which became further popularized via Alyssa Milano.

The #MeToo movement has provided a platform for those who don’t have enough courage, or those who are affected or are victims, to speak freely about their ordeals in public. It has been a powerful force in helping to raise awareness of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.

So to a certain extent, the person who has come ahead had been women however there have been some splendid exceptions, which include the actors Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek and after seeing there name the only questions strikes in my mind is that:

Does that mean that very few men are victims of sexual harassment?

Female employees face sexual assault more than men inside the workplace. However, rising evidence suggests that sexual violence against men inside the workplace additionally exists and is on the upward push. When all decided proceedings of sexual harassment to the USA Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Employment Practices agencies were analyzed among 1997 and 2011, maximum of the instances were mentioned via women, but the percentage of instances filed by men between these dates raised by 15%. Likewise from a study of 522 workers, as much as 58% of ladies and 37% of men accepted to experiencing a few degree of sexual assault. 

This sample appears to signify that the field of sexual violence against men is not as narrow as people believe it to be.

Overall, sexual violence against men is not as broadly studied or give importance as sexual violence against women; this has been referred to as a major question as to whether or not the suggested numbers of men who have been sexually stressed may additionally truly be an awful lot more than presently said. On pinnacle of this, men may be more reluctant to record sexual harassment than women. There are a number of recommended reasons for this – stigma being certainly one of them. Many men can be too embarrassed or ashamed to file sexual harassment, or lots of people consider it to be “unmanly” to report such type of behavior. Another reason can be relentless variations.

It starts early

Sexual violence towards men seems to arise in academic environments a lot prior to working lifestyles. In school and college in the US, there may be proof to indicate that boys can experience pretty excessive stages of sexual harassment. Boys are mainly probably found to be victims of verbal sexual harassment. Other findings were also found wherein each women and men have experienced similar ranges (61% and 62% respectively) of one or more kinds of sexual harassment while being in college. These studies show that many individuals experience sexual harassment even before they start working and it is very sad that there is no law to protect men from such derogatory act of assaults or violations. Under Indian laws there is no as such legislation for men except Section 377 of IPC, which says about ‘sodomy’.

Impact on mental health

One of the very primary effects of male sexual violence is that it could have a detrimental effect on mental fitness, as male suicides at workplace are 4 times more than the female suicides. Men who’ve been sexually pressured are much more likely to experience excessive tiers of hysteria, melancholy and alcohol abuse. This can in turn result in schooling and employment problems, such as losing out of college, quitting work and low morale among men.

It seems that sexual harassment is a problem that influences both sexes. The #MeToo motion has been supporting women to find their voice on this problem, perhaps it’s time more men determined their voice as gender neutral legislations has found approximately in 77 countries but unfortunately the Indian parliament snub to make rules and regulations against sexual violence with men and sexual assaults were taking place in prisons more and in my opinion men should be inculcate in the sexual harassment at workplace Act 2013.

Male Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When you generally think of sexual harassment, you could straight away think of male people harassing or propositioning women coworkers. However, as many male can let you know, men also can face workplace harassment in the form of sexual harassment.

In fact, data indicate that almost one in 5 lawsuits about workplace sexual harassment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) come from male. The range of men coming ahead is steadily increasing with movements including #TimesUp and #MeToo, because the quantity of men raising instances of harassment at work has multiplied from seven percent to 18 percentages at some point in the past year.

Prominent examples include the numerous allegations in opposition to actor Kevin Spacey, and those rose with the aid of actor and previous NFL megastar Terry Crews towards an agent.

These numbers illustrate that the sexual harassment of men at work is an authentic problem for not only U.S. Employers but also all around the world.

Not all employers take the sexual harassment of men critically, but harassment can also preserve for a long time after a sufferer reviews the misconduct. In fact, a few male employees may experience retribution for even complaining about harassment. Employees, both men and women, have the right to freedom from harassment and sexual discrimination at work irrespective of their genders.

Sexual harassment can take place in many different methods. Male employers can suffer from harassment through coworkers, supervisors, high-stage executives, enterprise owners, companies, or every person else encountered on the task—and perpetrators are both ladies and men. Many exceptional acts can represent sexual harassment; however they usually fall into wide classes. So it is the duty of the employee that they should check that where there are working that place should be gender-neutral when it comes to sexual harassment and I believe in equality and soon some laws and rules will be inculcated for men also.

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