Adultery: A Crime Decriminalised

Adultery is having extramarital affairs.It is having affairs with another person who is married or unmarried by a married person.Adultery is a happening which is having drudgery effects on people’s characters.

Adultery was a crime until Apex court(Supreme Court) stuck down 497 section of IPC in 2018.But now the liberty or freedom is more exploited and article  14, 15, 21 are used to configure it and remove it out. It has not only major effects on the divorce cases increasing but also long lasting of a marriage and trustworthy relation of a wife and husband.Now the marriages are more vulnerable.Adultery is making marriages perfunctory.

 The characters are becoming characterless. And sensual pleasures desires are increasing way beyond and more conspiracy cases are coming. Seduction is increasing and we are heading towards a wrong value based society. Someone has truly said freedom or liberty in all aspect without restriction sometimes takes people to cages which no sages can conquer and retrograde freedom in disguise. Relationship are becoming not based on love but lust. We should reform and rethink about this and make law abiding moral norms also as a society without morality will only be increasing mortality as example is in case of Shabnam(Women to be hanged after independence) of Uttar Pradesh who killed her seven family member only for her boyfriend or adultery partner.We as Indians must not forget our culture and traditional value and should restore this section again or else we are heading for destroyal of our society and country. Because someone has truly said


Our society is at brink and edge  to suffocate through this and die without austerity and novel virtues.

We should make our children and young generations character strong by instigating and installing knowledge and wisdom of brahmacharya and chastity. And not only that but to make them come out of animal qualities and be a human being with humanity and strong foundations. Continence must be stressed upon.People are feeling more freedom actually they are getting more entangled and bracedup. Removal of adultery is not only removing loyalty and honesty but also moving people apart. Polygyny and polyandry are maybe increasing and downgrading our society.

Earlier their was a punishment of upto 5 years for adultery which maintained a state of tranquillity among all responsible couples as they were backed by a law to save their partners from indulging into adultery. But now it may seem a open market to seducers and


Perhaps the Supreme Court has also given a proviso of divorce if any partner betrays another but , what is it really for after spoiling auspicious relation of marriage between couples. A statement is fair enough to show us something we need to see which is , ” Prevention is better than cure” .

We as Indians should not forget our Sanskara and values following blindly western civilization. We should take hold on this evil by enforcing right laws.

In the hope of liberty and freedom we have left behind right restrictions.

Adultery is also a threat to Hindu personal laws which is significantly harming the sacred vow of marraige.

We should have concern upon this thing and make efforts to restablish adultery to be a crime.And ponder over the fact that decriminalizing of a crime only leads to demolish of morality of the society.

Maintaing criminal status of adultery will also save our mothers and sisters from becoming prey to predators of adultery by acting as “Lakshman Rekha”.

We have to decide that we want a society of lewdness or virtuousness.

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