Government provisions for children orphaned due to Covid.

Concerning the immense terrible plight of the children who are suffering undue traumatic stage due to mental, emotional and physical harm to them , leaving them with colossal nightmares. Bidding painful good-bye to their parents or a surviving parent, legal guardian or adoptive parents by not even having glimpse of them is so paranoiding scenario and unbearable. We are not able to assist them emotionally or mentally right now but serving them with monetary and financial help at this crucial time is not less then providing water to the thirsty.

Henceforth, PM Narendra Modi decided to erect those impotent children , who lost their parents due to Covid-19 , by providing them with reliefs through supportive scheme. Under PM Cares to create a corpus of Rs. 10 Lakh as fixed deposit as an assistance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced monetary aid to feeble children on Saturday dated 28th May,2021 through ‘PM -CARES for Children’ scheme.

As per the corpus, a monthly stipend will be provided to the children when the turn 18 years of age and it last for five years as financial support.This scant stipend is for all their basic and personal needs or requirements while pursuing their higher educations and enhancing their respective skills and talents by the way of this assistance.

Even after acquiring 23 years of age , every single children will we acquainted with corpse amount of one lump-sum for professional as well as personal use. 

Simply, main objective of this scheme is to provide the feeble or impotent children with certain amount of financial support for the sake of their Right to education and acquiring their basic needs for sustainance .

 Although it is like a long term assistance for the children becoming adult and have acknowledged about their future references and on the basis of which they are entitled to chose their future courses and further studies.

Provisions were made for the children also who are under 18. Those children will be bestowed with the opportunity of divergent schemes in which they are dove-tailed. Some of them will be suffice with the contingencies like they will be admitted to the child care institutions .


For children under 10 years of age, will be given education assistance by the way of admitting them to Kendriya Vidyalayas . As per the scheme furthermore those impotent children will be erected with their basics requirements as such uniforms , books and accessories. Even if they were admitted to the private school their fees requirements will be curtailed by RTE norms through PM care fund.


For children between age of 11 to 18 years, will be bestowed with the opportunity to be get admitted in government residential schools , like Sanik School or Narvodya Vidyalaya. If those children agrees to be under any guardian , alike the provisions for children under 10 years they will be treated so.


Furtherance, education loans will be provided to all the students who wanted to obtain their higher professional degrees and respective courses regarding it. Even interest on those loans will be borne through the PM cares fund. Under the central-state schemes scholarships equivalence with tuition fees, fees for vocational courses and course fees for undergraduate will be curtailed.Even students who will not be eligible for that scholarship similar scholarship will be provided.


Pertaining with other aspects Health Insurance will also be provided to the enrolled children which covers Rs 5 lakhs as benefactions. This was under the provision of Ayushman Bharat Scheme (PM-JAY).

With respect to all these measures . PM MODI addressed.

“Children represent the future of the country and the country will do everything possible to support and protect the children so that they develop as strong citizens and have a bright future”

Aishwarya Says:

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