Social Media – a Boon or Bane

We get to live in times

 where social media is a an poignant tool”

SOCIAL MEDIA as the name suggest it is the medium of making people more socially indulged in interactive Internet-Based applications. Although lifeblood of social media comprises:

User generated content like digital photos, videos posts etc. Basically, virtual exchange of information in communities summed everything what social media actually is. Indeed, in this modern world where daily meetings and communications seems next to impossible as everyone is so much into there works and everything they fails to connect personally, so social media acts as a catalyst to enhance the connections by bring people virtually coddle.

“The power of social media

 is it force necessary change”

                       -By Erik Qualman

As the quote depicts that charisma of social media is indeed magical that user friendly features of this medium made plethora of people paved their way to their respective careers by making them available with divergent hues of social media marketing, affiliate marketing and what not.

We all are so gratuitous to it for making world accessible on our fingertips. As no one is left acknowledged with the fact that everything has its two clique ,likewise coin ,so as it.It some times serve as boon and at very next curse.

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks ;it gives us immediacy,direction ,a and value as an individual”

                        – By David Amerland

Having some glimpse on some positive fringes of social media.The first and foremost thing that clicks our mind when we negotiate on the positive aspect of it is GREAT EDUCATION DEVICE. It suffice as the medium of providing people with variety of reference materials regarding their studies , it make us obtainable with the exclusionary notes, pdfs and mountains of relevant   

acknowledgments . All the plenty of information is just a click away. Diverse web pages , websites are mend to access.The power of social media is so colossal that we can attend even international lectures, webinars, workshops and what not . Even many of the live as well as dubbed lectures are in our reach because of social media.

 Beside this ,social media bestows the

 house wives with an opportunity to EARN LIVELIHOOD by manifesting their cooking, singing, dancing as well as education skills on different social media platforms like youtube , instagram etc.Fore more it is NEWS TOOL for growing digital world. Concerning with the busy schedule of the people nowdays they are totally dependant

On social media for acquired news related to the national as well as international world.

It chalk out many JOB OPPORTUNITIES for fresh blood and budding intellects. They by the way of social media showcase their talent on various educational sites from where many of the firms and company tend to heir them as employ with reasonable perks.Although, it is the CONNECTING ROD between we people and our friends or relatives . From em-bridging communication gap to strengthen our bond social media is working commendably.

“ Content is fire ,social media is gasoline”

                       –By Jay Baer

As per this phrase, whatever information whether it is informative or disgraceful , social media spreads it so enormously that everyone get acquaintance.

The innocent youth and uneducated youth fall prey to the bait of hackers and predators. Sometimes , it become as an addiction to us that fear of deactivating ourselves from it make us feel paranoid and leaving us with nightmares . Although, addiction of social media is like addiction to drugs or liquor. Besides, it sometimes make things so pathetic because many of the times we spend more time doing chatting with our friends ,watching web series, movies and chilling ,we in every sense paved our way from gaining information rather we tend to fit ourselves  as per our comfort zone, lethargic and jeopardizing it to another day and it happens more with our studies that we due to our habit of imperiling struggle our studies and tend to do it at peak hours.

Most importantly, social media cause cyberbulling and social crime.

Talking on the negative aspect of social media, it sometime serve as the biggest curse to the human lives by making them led astray from their respective objectives . In brief , if it is not monitored , it led to grave consequences. Henceforth, it ruins life of many people by exposing their personal data going viral by invading our privacy.

Although, many of the crime related post come in our existence. Most of the times how the crime is enumerated is fully biased and discrepant , for the sake of media attention and spreading it as propagator. For making it go viral people tend to infringe with person’s privacy and violates his Right to Expression. This sometimes make people falling prey to depression and consequently many of the suicides cases are witnessed.

So, we can culminate that social media can be boon or curse at the same time it is at the end of users how they use it and make it beneficial by withholding facts or falling quarry to cobweb of its derelictions.  

Aishwarya Says:

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