Atal Bihari Vajpayee – A Strong Leader

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

My lord,

Never let me climb so high

That I can’t bend down to embrace another human

Deliver me ever from such arrogance.

This is an excerpt from his noon chai, this particular poem got Padma Bhushan on April 24, 1992

It was on December 25, 1924, the day of Christmas, that Atal Bihari Vajpayee a true son of motherlnad was born in Gwalior.

We have two types of politician one those who elect themself to win the election and the other just for the nation and the politician who elect themself for nation are not politician they are leaders and the one of them is our Atal Bihari Vajpayee . perhaps today’s generations won’t understand who he was but we can see the Impact of work he did even today. He was prime minister of  India 3 times.

main contributions are :-

Fast track of growth  

Whenever a new party comes in power the first thing it does it make rules to invalidate the work of the previous government and puts speed brokers in the country path to progress , but our Atal Bihari Vajpayee believe in making highway the GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL PROJECT ( A highway network project to connect 4 metros of indian ) this is the world’s largest highway project he think that when we have good road network then connectivity between places increases and there is also development of towns near the roads this is the fact that Atal ji know apart from big cities he also wants to connect villages also the PRADHAN MANTRI GRAMEEN SADAK YOJNA  which is one of the most important polices in the country  when this ambitious project launched their critics laughed at him told that from where u arrange fund  for it, what is the benefit To common man from this project. But this project helps the farmers to export their vegetable and cereals to other places outside their village this report of indian  tell us the proof

This report is filled with the real stories of farmers who get benefitted from this policy of the govemnt.


The first step to solve nation problem is EDUCATION

You must have heard the saying “ if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him to catch fish you feed him for life

That’s what is education does for the national youth it not  only focuses on the present but calf the future

It was Atal ji’s dream that every child gets educate for free  and that was the base of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Education is a fundamental right and kids from the age of 6

to 14 needs to get it for free after the program was launched in the year 2001 Pan India the number of a school dropout reduced out by 60% only in 4 year .

Free education for all was worked on the by Atal ji it was made a fundamental right in the year 2010

He once said in a program that policy is not only to create on papers it is for  implement in the society, today we all need to learn these  from this statement. By focusing on the problem of common person their ground level progress can be achieved that is what a good leader does

Focus on the nation

You can’t say that there was no problem in the Atal ji  time an earthquakes ,two cyclone the Kargil war and Parliament attack in spite of all these challenges India exceeds with 8% GDP growth that time.

Right focus, right  sentiment lead to a good performance that’s why he focused on science on India 56 Independence Day speech he said “the country is ready to fly in the field of science”

India will reach the moon in year 2008 he announced an ISRO  project by the name CHANDRAYAAN hi focus on building people of not bringing them down

  • At the time of crisis of telecom company the government started a revenue sharing agreement with Tally course when telecast improve their business it have the government to companies didn’t have to pay licence fee at once which help business to grow. In the last decade the Telecom industry has grown 20 times the credit for this goes to Vajpayee ji as the p.m. and Pramod Mahajan as a telecom company ministry . At one time call rate of is high as rupees 17 per minute and today India has one of the cheapest call rates

In 2004 Lok Sabha election NDA of which leader was Atal Bihari Vajpayee got a stunning defeat in the hands of Congress and its allies and does the opportunity of Vajpayee becoming Prime Minister of India 4th time was lost NDA BJP Alliance which had more than 300 CC seats in 13 Loksabha managed only to secure 185 seat far behind the magic number of maturity on the country day of votes as a reports of NDA defeat power Din vajpyee  ji and his entire cabinet decided to set down

In spite of Vajpayee government over performance from 1999 to 2004 he did not win the election in 2004

Maybe people don’t deserve leaders who do good work how would .it be there if we decided a good leader based on what is so they forwarded on the and work on which we can decide whether the leader is good or bad for the lesson rather than seeing which party or religion he is following

One of his saying is

Politics will keep happening government will come and go coalition of  parties will get formed and will break off but the country should be survived this country democracy must be continued to live on

Are politicians don’t late an opposition leader value go up even the others point has merit they poke out flaws . an opposition simply to create obstacle party inserts are placed above National interest if all these had to be done to be called a good politician but atalji always prays to a position also that’s why Atal Bihari Vajpayee have competitors not the enemy

According to him if India is not secular then India is not India at all he just believe in inclusive growth beside being a politician he is an excellent poet and writer his poems and patriotic caring messages of love peace harmony and goodwill

Undoubtedly during the premiere SIP Atal ji did Some excellent works for most of them was improved of relationship with India archrival Pakistan on international four he did every possible things which might project India in a good light before the world he is not now this world but his deeds are in indebly inprinted on the minds of masses and his name will be written in the golden letter in the history of India.

     And he left this world on 16 August 2018 but always alive in the heart of the  people by hisnmwork.

Aishwarya Says:

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