How can we improve the quality of education in India

While we all understand how crucial education is to shape our lives, it has also been a major problem in our country. There are several issues that the Indian education system is grappled with. We cannot deny the fact that the Indian government and institutions have been working to reform the existing education model. However, there are still several issues which are required to be taken care of.

Immediate improvements include,

InfrastructureAs in every other sector, the Indian education sector is one that suffers from the acute death of infrastructure. Most of the government schools do not even have proper chairs, tables, restrooms, let alone a playground, libraries and laboratories. Thus, the first step in revamping the education scene in the country should begin with improving the infrastructure so that the students are given an environment where they can learn to the best of their abilities.

Board of learning- We have progressed with time; however, we still have not been able to move away from rote learning. While we know that IB schools are changing the education system at their level, but we also need to understand that the population that goes to IB schools is very limited in nature.

Not everyone can afford the education system that they offer. Hence, the government needs to take the baton in their hands and eradicate rote learning from the schools at all the levels.

The schools must be encouraged to introduce conceptual learning which avoids students to mug up what they are being taught. While this will help students to understand the concepts better, they will also be able to retain and apply them better. The government and the people must limit themselves to the international boards, and promote ICSE, HSC and other government boards as well.

Better training of educators-   Teachers play the most important role in schools and hence, they should be given the best of class training. After all, they are shaping the future of the nation, the children. Teachers are often considered as second parents. Thus, they should be imparted their training in a way that is understandable and appreciated by all students.

Colleges and universities need to reconfigure graduate programs to better prepare aspiring professors for teaching. Aspiring college instructors also need to know much in their major subjects in order to teach effectively.

Evaluation system- Marks still continue to play the most important card in deciding the future of children and this often comes down upon students as a burdening factor. The pressure of marks often makes students underperform.

Instead of focusing the evaluation on a three-hour exam, the focus of evaluation should be classroom participation by a student, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities. Only then will the students give their best and be evaluated at their best potential.

Equal importance to all streams and subjects – We continue to survive in the education system where science stream topples the stream hierarchy. Students are pushed to become a machine which only goes for high-profile subjects and subjects like languages, communications, arts are looked down and are not considered high-profile.

Students should rather be pushed to pursue the subject that they like instead of creating a differentiation between subjects.

Use of Technology –

We all know we have incepted in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. We are living the renaissance of technology and in such a state, technology and education system cannot be kept apart.

Students must be taught about technology right from the early years of their education so that it does not come like an alien thing in their later times.

Indian schools must embrace technology and education with an open heart and propagate the same to the students as it is there, where their future lies.

Remove Reservation System The reservation system in India has been so obsessed with providing the best of opportunities to the reserved that it misses out on many opportunities for the ones who actually deserve the same. This results in not just personal loss for certain people but also brain drain for the entire country and fosters a massive loss to the nation’s economy. Removal of the reservation system will ensure equal opportunities for all and in turn ensure greater innovation in the country.

Encouraging sports and extracurricular activities – By making sports and such hobbies compulsory it can be ensured that all the students indulge in some sort of some physical activity. This will lead to their mind performing better and enable them to grasp their theory lessons well. This also helps in releasing stress and the students will be motivated to attend more classes in their school / college.

 In conclusion, the Indian education system must change for the better. It must give the students equal opportunities to shine better in the future. We need to let go of the old and traditional ways and enhance the teaching standards so our youth can get create a better world. Those in power must understand that the Indian education system needs serious reforms.

The system must be changed to develop students spiritually, morally, physically and mentally.

India’s improved education systemwill act as one of the main contributors to the economic rise of India. It will enable India to reap most of its demographic bulge and deliver an enhanced quality of living to its citizens. it will help the youth to develop to their maximum potential.

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