The Baba Ramdev Controversy.

Swami Ramdev, also known as Baba Ramdev, is an Indian ayurvedic practitioner and businessman primarily known for his popularising Yoga and Ayurveda in India. He is the main face and the owner of Patanjali enterprises. Baba Ramdev is a religiously influencial idol who has more or less associated himself with ayurvedic field of curing diseases. However, over the year, he has been involved in a lot of controversies and the newest one is relating to the COVID-19 situation in the country.

At first, he came up with an apparent treatment for corona named ‘CORONIL’. Coronil was claimed to be the ayurvedic medicine that prevented and treated corona at all stages. Coronil was also at first claimed to be certified as a treatment by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Indian Medical Association soon released a press statement expressing their shock as to how a blatant lie was being publicized in the country. The most surprising fact for all the citizens of the country as well as the IMA was the fact that the Union Minister for Health, Harsh Vardhan alongside the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways and Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Nitin Gadkari were present at the launch event of coronil.

This however was only one such instance during the ongoing pandemic. The second blow came when Baba Ramdev slandered against allopathy and its daily use in the common people’s lives. During a Yoga session with his followers, he mocked the whole Doctor-patient system. He mocked corona patients claiming they has weak bodies as they contracted the same alongside blaming them for their modern day previous use of medicines.

The IMA wrote to PM Narendra Modi, seeking a charge of sedition against Ramdev for his misinformation campaign on vaccination and challenging government protocols for treatment of Covid-19. Accusing Ramdev of viciously propagating the message of fear on vaccination and also challenging the GOI protocols for treatment of Covid-19. The IMA also voiced their opinion as to booking Ramdev under various provisions of the law for committing such offences against the people and the state.

In my opinion, with the ongoing second wave of the pandemic and so many deaths happening in the country, the comment on the weakness of patients as well as doctors was highly insensitive and disrespectful to the community of doctors, nurses and staff that work day and night to ensure that they can save as many lives as possible. It is obvious that Ramdev pulls of any political affiliations he has to market a product which have neither been certified for efficacy nor for safety.

The IMA slapped a defamation suit of 1000 crore rupees against Ramdev for making such preposterous claims. Ramdev went on to write an apology letter addressed to allopathy and the IMA.

IMA director further said that they have nothing against yoga guru Baba Ramdev. His statements are against vaccination for COVID-19. They think his statements could confuse people, may divert them. This is their big concern as he has many followers. He also went on to say that the defamation suit would be taken back if Ramdev came forward and cleared the air about vaccination and treatment protocols being used by hospitals.

What is fascinating is how people believe pseudo-science and consider actual scientific research to be a sham. While it is up to the people to have their own opinion, it is important to note that this one opinion based on the lack of facts and knowledge leads to a wider spread of corona. This will lead to a larger third wave which will in turn result in a larger amount of deaths and more economic deprivation for the lower class.

Hence, it is my opinion that fake information regarding such important topics be taken seriously and after looking at the merits of the case, the courts take reasonable action against such businessmen who claim to sell to you the cure for a disease when in reality they are just increasing the sizes of their coffers.

Image Source: BBC

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