Society is inclusive of individuals who own different thinking patterns, mindsets, experiences, virtues, values and set of observatory skills to analyse the decision making criteria in accord with their perspectives. Every individual distinctly conveys unique sense of responsive modus operandi, which for the purpose of diversity indeed is pertinent.

Regardless of the importance of diversity in the society with distinct point of views there exists a Gap ingrained of convolutions , whereas the mentioned gap between the individuals ought to have been healthy, at times it rather culminates into an issue of lack of understanding and transparencies.

Talking about what exactly creates the gap cannot be cramped into specific measures which in accordance can be resolved for the reasons are as diverse as the complexity of untraceable grounds, causes for the same ,which are evidently erratic, from age factor, background, race, country, beliefs, observation of society as an individual, development of mindset encountering the incidents, situations, technology development, changes in society ,phases and so on.

Hailing from “Different generations”, being one of such causes continuously has proved to partake as one of the leading hindrances.
Sporadically, both elders and youngsters vary with their thought process ending up at times with rigidness of self logic unerring accompanied with disturbed transparency and will of understanding the alternative available point of view. 
From homework to sibling fights to taking decisions as a teenager and insertion of advices, with no explanations of WHY? provided by either side disable the credence with the concerning issue getting magnified by time adding on negative responses to future circumstances. While the elders try to implant their experiences of life in the youngsters, and the youth on the other hand craving for Independence and building their own set of experiences the conflict gets perennial. 

The technology has rapidly developed in the last three decades with the present generation to be smoothly optical of the same as also called “The Tech Generation“, the scenario comparatively was different with the Parents and elders at their phases of schooling and workplaces initially but it is consumably a regular topic with the youth. The connectivity surely gets disrupted when the other half is unaware of what an individual tends to explain and recieve recommendations for. Just like contemplating what life would’ve been like in 70s, 80s and 90s for the 21st century born innates, from dependency over radio ,magazines , gramophones and Doordarshan with no mall, internet, virtual games and tech culture that’s present now on a single tap is highly complex matter to even hallucinate about.

Experiencing their most impressionable years during a completely different culture than each other build their personality to overview each situation contrarily. Often growing individuals (adolescents) tend to adapt what they see around them which is regularly developed, hence difference of opinion is obvious.

While there are various reasons of such Gaps between opinion and adaptability, some of them can be listed as:

1) Insufficient assimilation : Inflexible approach towards each other’s point of views and lack of will to understand the reasons of specific outlook.

2) Intolerance of errors: The life is all about making mistakes and learning from them but at times parents and elders tend to be too strict with their approach and when elders accidently commit an error in understanding or taking wise decisions they’re intolerated given their age and expectancies from them to always be right. Age and perceptions from others creating taboo of being always right in the end spike the intolerance with understanding, within different generations.

3) Forced expectancy : Parents often pressurise their children to adopt specific careers and take decisions in accordance with their opinion providing lack of freedom and choices for them to direct their way of life. While on the other hand occasionally children demand a bit irregular with their expectations of achieving their wants to be satisfied pressurising elders lastly.

4) Comparative approach: A regular practice in alot of households , comparing two different diverse intellects, not only does this approach is often practised by the elders but a survey reported how young individuals compare their parents with each other’s regarding job status, income, resources, maternal job status where alot of youngsters find it embarassing to describe their motherly figures as “Homemakers/housewives” and not working women. The ethos end up leaving a negative impact on the minds affecting the confidence as they start judging their potential and unintentionally depart from their innovative unleashed diversity.

5) Inadequate interactions: Way too often due to workload on different generations of school work to official the minds get occupied, leaving least to no opportunity to get indulged and trace the personality traits and way of thinking given the inability to devote time.

1) Convenient will for discussion: The misconception that once the elders too have been of such age and they understand what the youth experiences is an utter myth. Every individual encounters different hurdles, incidents which another can completely be unaware of for the rest of life. Opting for a convenient way of perspective to listen to the other’s frame of reference can fetch transparency and better understanding.
2) Regular interactions: Highs and lows of life can put individuals in great confusions and uncertainty. Both the distinct generation elements must back each other with interactive sessions. With adults trying to grasp way of thinking and youth trying to destress the pressure of workload. As is widely said – Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.” ~ Emma Thompson
3) Active presence: Encouraging involvement with every new thing learnt, with praises and healthy criticism active presence can play a major role in bridging the gap. Where adults must engage with the newly developed mindset and not what their experience of the situation tells them and for youngsters to understand that everything they’re familiar with might not be as quickly adaptable for the elders as is for them provided the different culture they’re involved and grown up with. 
4) Placing unconditional love over self-esteem: Love has a way of crossing boundaries and bringing people together if acted upon. Difference of opinion surely pinch the idea of observing something distinctly, which not always mean to be rebellious but simply different, ignoring the fact of peculiarities unconditional expression of love towards each other can only encourage further to understand and develop the will for the same.
5) Compromise for the cooperation: The discussion denies to regard with who is right and who is not but solely if it’s important. Unwanted arguments must be ignored which can act as a barrier further.


The struggle of understanding is never ending. Be it between two generations or generation one all, the issue is whether we’re ready to listen, to understand ,to compromise for the other half upto an extent it’s not life changing. Small tugs, unwanted arguments can only lead to a wall of negative diverse inclination which anyhow cannot be held to be productive. The share of acknowledging each other’s point of view is highly restorative with the ball is still in someone’s court, waiting for a healthy pass to continue the insertion of thoughts and positive outcomes with different potentials and Individuality maintained.

Aishwarya Says:

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