Abortion under Christianity

Abortion is defined in different ways by different people; the medical dictionary defines abortion as a premature exit of the product of conception from the uterus. It is the loss of pregnancy. Religion is a key factor in the control of morality in the society today. Within the various religious circles, it is argued and continuously debated whether a foetus is a living being. The main argument is on when or at what stage does the state and religion consider a foetus to be a living being. Some religions argue against the state with the point that a foetus is not a living person. The arguments on the morality of abortion are often based on the religious beliefs.

On the grounds of religion, each religious belief has its views on the concept of abortion.

In Christianity abortion is considered a bad omen, an evil practice and non-acceptable by God, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that abortion is wrong and any member of the church found involved in the practice can be excommunicated from the church. The Jehovah witness also do share the common belief with the catholic that abortion is wrong, it is concluded that in most Christian denominations, abortion is highly prohibited and at no time accepted in the churches. Like other fellow Christian communities, the protestant churches does not allow abortion, in the Northern Ireland the Catholic’s as well as protestants have come together to oppose the concept of abortion, this does not imply that all the Christians denominations against the act and concept abortion. Some of the Christian denominations are pro-abortion and believe that abortion can help save lives if carefully carried out with the help of doctors and professionals in the field of medicine such as in the Baptists and Methodists churches. In these cases, a woman was not disgraced after having an abortion unless she went against the advice of a professional.

The Bible has a lot to say regarding the concept of abortion, the Biblical arguments indicated that the unborn child is a human being and constitutes God’s creation, as per the Bible the infant, child, son or daughter refer to the same thing since they are all creation of God. Other phrases of the Bible indicates that when men fight and one of them hit a woman who is expecting with the result of a miscarriage, the responsible person will be charged based on the woman’s husband judgment, but if other issues occur, the penalty will be life for life (Bible Exodus 21:22). ‘Life for life ‘indicate the miscarriage is the loss of life, the life loss as a result of miscarriage is equivalent to the life of the responsible person. It is therefore concluded that the stands of the Bible on the miscarriage or abortion is defined clearly, in loss of life through abortion is equivalent to the life lost for an existing human being.

From the first moment of his (her) existence, a human being must be recognised as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life. —Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) 2270

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is always wrong as they believe that all life is sacred and a gift from God. The Church teaches that all life begins at the moment of conception. Therefore, from that point all life has equal value. As a result of this belief, abortion is classed by the Catholic Church as murder and goes against the commandment not to kill. As God is responsible for creating all life, God alone has the power and authority to take life. The Church shows that there are alternatives to abortion, such as giving a child up for adoption.

Catholic view on abortion

  • The Catholic Church states that abortion is always wrong, because life begins at conception and is God given. 
  • This means that in the eyes of the Catholic Church abortion is classed as murder and goes against the commandment, Thou shalt not kill (Exodus 20:13). This commandment is reiterated by Jesus in Matthew 19:18. 
  • The Church also disagrees with abortion as it goes against natural law, which is an act that goes against what nature intended. The Church takes an absolutist stance on this and believes that abortion is wrong in all situations.
  • The Catholic Church is pro-life. They argue that all life starts out in the same way, so all life should have the chance to develop and survive. 
  • The Catholic Church argues that all life has value, and that to take life away is a sin. The Catholic Church would argue on behalf of the unborn child that it should be cared for and looked after. 

Aishwarya Says:

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