Road Accidents and Youth

    ~“Prevention is better than cure” ~
Whenever an incident/series of incidents ,affecting the continuing of routine lives, are observed the first thing that comes in our minds is whether there was an option to avail the opportunity of prevention or not? Whether there were means and measures that could’ve been adopted properly to avoid the scenario? And if so, then what? For the upcoming issues similar to such to be prevented or neglected for positive.

One of such ,now usual , incidents or if aptly described “Accidents” that happen in the society are road accidents. The records show that road accidents in India increase every year with collapsing mechanism in existence to prevent the same. Out of such number of Accidents, a major proportion lie with the youth. A survey show that the youth , following the tremendous change in lifestyle of our society neglected safety measures being on roads. With parents providing their children with ammunitions, i.e Motor Vehicles and materialistic things which are confined to safety measures not only risking oneself but the society and par at the same time, even before completing their legal age to ride/drive a motor vehicle in the belief of the comfort they’re meant to provide comparatively of the society with the assumption of fulfilling their duties towards their children to provide all the facilities to them for smooth shifting of ease. The technologies which are meant to make the lives of Individuals more convenient are evidently proven to be disastrous when not handled with proper care and caution, by neglecting consequences of grab over Motor Vehicles by under age youth only exaggerates the risk to the lives of others and their own.

Rash driving is an irrevocable damage to others and can attract the penal provisions against the offender proving it to be unfortunate to someone else and themselves too. To learn something has always been a progressive step towards the development of an individual but on the verse of risk to anybody is a step lacking intellect. 

The government timely came up with initiative programs to provide awareness amongst responsible guardians and youngsters. There exists an age to claim the right to drive publically, which is 18, for the reason being minor (below 18 y’old citizens) lack the maturity and take aggressively adventures steps to satisfy their curiosity, when not put surveillance over, damaging the fabric.

Various factors can be without hesitation held to be responsible for the fierce support and cheering of such acts within youngsters;
• Cinema and imaginary online inspirations – To follow Favourite action heroes, stunts performed in movies, competition mentality with what is presented on the internet has always been one of the most proportional key factors that impact the youngsters who end up trying to either re-create it or falling for such trends ignoring the road safety measures.
• Alcoholism – Which is Another reason behind a large number of road accidents. Youngsters at times in strife of presenting themselves as updated end up indulging in such anti-social habits such as Drinking and alcoholism. Under the influence of such intoxication they end up driving rashly.  
• Unlimited parental support– While to crave for parental support and receiving the same has been always a healthy concept for the easy flow in the society, as a child can only develop fully when provided with resources for comfort. But when an individual specifically youngsters who lack the experience and maturity of understanding the nature of acts they commit provided lesser social interactions and so ,are provided with unrestricted access to things that hold a liability with a risk factor, there surely lies a questionable quest over allowance by parents and their control over the acts , and their negligence for the possible consequences.

The Motor Vehicles, Act 1988, which contains safety guidelines on the aspects of Road measures and transport means came into force on 1 July 1989 which has replaced the then prevalent, Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, and the first of such enactment Motor Vehicles Act, 1914. From provisions dealing with licensing, registration, to the control of motor vehicles the act engraves some special provisions relating to the undertakings to be followed being on road with a Motor vehicle , traffic regulation, liability of Individuals, category of offences and liability to penalties, insurance mandate etc. Some of which can be understood as;
• License ~
No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective driving licence issued to him authorising him to drive the vehicle” u/s 3.
• Age limit criteria ~
No person under the age of eighteen years shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place” u/s 4.
• Vehicle owner liabilities ~
No owner or person in charge of a motor vehicle shall cause or permit any person who does not satisfy the provisions of to drive the vehicle” u/s 5.
• Speed safety measures ~
No person shall drive a motor vehicle or cause or allow a motor vehicle to be driven in any public place at a speed exceeding the maximum speed or below the minimum speed fixed for the vehicle under this Act or by or under any other law for the time being in force” u/s 112.
• Headgear mandate ~
Every person driving or riding (otherwise than in a side car, on a motor cycle of any class or description) shall, while in a public place, wear a protective headgear of such description as may be specified by the State Government by rules made by it in this behalf, and different descriptions of headgears may be specified in such rules in relation to different circumstances or different class or description of motor cycles” u/s 129. 
• Liability and responsibilities of rider/driver ~
When any person is injured or any property of a third party is damaged, as a result of an accident in which a motor vehicle is involved, the driver of the vehicle or other person in charge of the vehicle shall–unless it is not practicable to do so on account of mob fury or any other reason beyond his control, take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention for the injured person, and, if necessary, convey him to the nearest hospital, unless the injured person or his guardian, in case he is a minor, desires otherwise; give on demand by a police officer any information required by him, or, if no police officer is present, report the circumstances of the occurrence, including the circumstances, if any, for not taking reasonable steps to secure medical attention as required under clause (a), at the nearest police station as soon as possible, and in any case within twenty-four hours of the occurrence” u/s 134.

• Drink and drive ~ 
Whoever, while driving, or attempting to drive, a motor vehicle;has, in his blood, alcohol in any quantity, howsoever small the quantity may be, or is under the influence of a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle. shall be punishable for the first offence with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both; and for a second or subsequent offence, if committed within three years of the commission of the previous similar offence, with imprisonment for term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees, or with both” u/s 185.
With alot of provisions in the aforesaid act specifying the means and measures to be adopted while being on road, yet looking upto such records of increase in road Accidents, neglect of rules, risking lives create transparency in careless intentions of the guardians, youngsters involved, people in influence and social standards for the establishment of unsafe competition within young minds.

Role of Traffic police and authorities;
With the responsibility of managing the traffic and the smooth flow of the same with also having the responsibility to look over the pedestrians ,falls priorly on the traffic police and officials who are meant to have control over traffic and chaos of the roads. Talking about a populous country like India imagining a single minute without an official holding surveillance is impossible with a positive response by the Individuals. Managing of roads by such officials have only saved the ethics of roads making it a considerable issue lastly regarding why penal laws and officials are always important for the fear of charge and punishment and not the awareness for life and casualties amongst Individuals themselves?

But not to shift the entire blame on one side, practices as corruption also lead to the situation of mess, creating environment of loophole for the Individuals to consider escape from such situations and they continue to repeat the acts. The strict actions and Standards within the system can only mend the loop of the society but when the system itself starts to witness loops the entire concept of same collapses.

Role of Family/ Parents and guardians;
Teaching begins at home, the way they’re molded with their temperament controlled by parents and teachers. With clarity of their personality within the elders, reduction in traits as ultimate discharging curiosity and adaptability of mature intellect young minds can be diverted to thinking about consequences first and act later on via perspective once they’ve reached the conclusion. Constant awareness and trace of patience, reacting theory of young Individual can help every guardian understand what they’re developing and providing to the society. Awareness amongst such elders may help in controlling the number of road accidents by not allowing their children to drive motor vehicles in their early age, tracing their personality traits and engaging them accordingly to provide with a positive output provided every individual in a way is liable towards society for their acts and omissions as much as to themselves or even at times of risk ,more than that.


Developments of tech ,influx in the population, necessities of advancement being indirect factors leading to road accidents, one factor to be magnified is all such things are for our convenience, with every individual materialistic thing the highest possible damages must be imagined to deal with proper care and caution lastly. Reason being the fear of consequences, proper education, awareness, grasp of intellect by Parents, Guardians, Government, influencers as Cinema and internet inspirations can only trend the maturity within the youth. Trend of risks has always been up to the mark, it’s high time when the trend of safety awareness is looked over carefully with conscientious contribution (by not driving under the influence) to denote towards a better outcome.

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