You know you grew up in middle class household when….

In India, we are not only differentiated on the basis of our caste, religion, region, gender or sex but also differentiated on the basis of our economic backgrounds like Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class. There is no harm in being a middle class, the intention of this blog is only to talk about certain habits that truely describe all the middle class Indians, just like myself. 

  1. For a middle class family in India no activity is complete until and unless your relatives and neighbors are not involved;
  2. Potluck parties happen quiet often and they are much more interesting than parties in a pub;
  3. Our favorite aunt always cooks our favorite food when she knows about our arrival;
  4. Irrespective of who comes home, that person never goes empty handed, if someone sends biryani to your house in a tiffin, you clean the tiffin and send it back with a packet of biscuit or at least little bit of sugar because empty tiffin is bad manners;
  5. You bond over a cup of tea;

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  1. Some of our favorite tea time biscuits are Parle g and Marie. Good Day is only gor the guest and cream biscuits are a treat for behaving well;
  2. A huge dairy milk chocolate is shared by the entire family for days;
  3. Anything expensive is saved for the guest;
  4. Cutlery, bed sheets and toiletries are different for daily use for family members and for guest;
  5. Every festival is enjoyed by everyone irrespective of caste, region and religion;
  6. We literally grow up in each others house;
  7. The fun of watching TV with family and friends in one room is different, with one person, who completely spoils the fun by his non-stop chatter;
  8. Egg and Pav can be an item for breakfast or dinner;
  9. Boneless chicken or mutton is luxury;
  10. Utensils are handed down from generations to generations;
  11. Food menu is based on the cost of vegetables in the market and nutritional ingredients;
  12. We always have that one sabziwala bhaiyya, from whom we regularly buy because he gives it at a cheaper rate compared to the other guys;
  13. We always buy local fruits and vegetables, imported ones are what we just hear about names;
  14. Pressure cooker is the solution to all your cooking hassles, from cake to popcorn to chicken biryani, this one cooker has helped you make it all;
  15. Increase in the Cellphone bill means an emergency Meeting with your dad; 
  16. We don’t buy dresses based on brands but mostly on the basis of quality and durability. In short, we are not brand conscious; 
  17. We prefer to wear clothes 2 sizes bigger; 
  18. Almost all your clothes are either handed down to your younger ones or they are recycled as a dusting cloth, but they are not thrown away or disposed;
  19. Sale is our biggest festival;  
  20. Education is our prime concern and Education is the solution to all our problems; 
  21. Loan and Credit Cards are not used, until and unless it is extremely necessary, money is meant to saved;
  22. We still prefer to keep our money with the bank than putting it in stock market; 
  23. You use public transport for daily route and cars are only meant for occasional use, when the entire family goes together;
  24. You like any recipie from a hotel that your friend bought, the next day your mom will cook it for you, no matter what cuisine it is, she does it only on the basis of your description about the food;
  25. We still prefer to carry tiffin than to eat outside because of economic and health reasons;
  26. Utilizing Toothpaste, shampoos and other toiletries till the last drop; 
  27. Many a times decisions are taken on the basis of a price tag than utility;
  28. There is always a plastic bag filled with plastic bags in your kitchen; 
  29.  Wholesale markets and street shopping are your all time favorite shopping places;
  30. Food is not wasted, it is always recycled into a much more delicious dish the next day.

These are a few habits of a person, who has grown up in the 90’s typical middle class household and yes I am proud of being a middle class Indian.

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