As for food, India has plenty of fertile land, there is enough water and no dearth of manpower… The public should be educated to become self-reliant. Once they know that they have got to stand on their own legs, it would electrify the atmosphere.  – Mahatma Gandhi”

2020 was unprecedented … The World changed forever…!! Cities and countries shut down… Business small and big came to a close. Once thriving markets were now deserted , Small and local business were the most affected ones. The toughest of toughest time across the world is going on due to this pandemic. The pandemic brought down several new words to 1.2 billion of the Indian population like LOCKDOWN , QUARANTINE and the months passed by using these words. Atamnirbhar means ‘self-reliant’,Atamnirbhar bharat aims to the massive development in the rising economy of the country during the ongoing pandemic . And the pandemic brought forth huge opportunity for bring up the nations own talent.  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi gave the clarion call to the nation to follow  – ‘आपदा को अवसरमें बदलना है।’– which means that we must turn the disaster into an opportunity. But the concept of self- reliance isn’t new to us, the country is already working on it since years back . And also our Prime Minister QUOTED during the initiative of SELF RELIANT announcement “

अपि शाकं पचानस्य सुखं वै मघवन गृहे।

अर्जितं स्वेन वीर्येण नव्यपाश्रित्य कञ्चन॥

The translation of the above lines goes as “the acceptance of something of an inferior level which you earned on your own rather than accepting something better for which you had to depend on someone else”.

During the post pandemic period the initiative for the Atamnirbhar bharat has already began, the seeds were sown years back in different campaign but the very first official announcement was made on 12th MAY 2020 . Several initiatives taken for the same were “MAKE IN INDIA , INCREASED CHAIN OF LOCAL BUISNESS IN INDIA,REDUCED CHARGES OF TAXES & FACILITIES`,SIMPLE & CLEAR LAWS, CAPABLE HUMANRESOURCE & STRONG FINANCIAL SYSTEM & A LOT MORE THINGS. India will soon develop the economy which is going to be larger than ever. The idea of doing business changed forever. Small business came into the limelight ,where all small business came as talk in the town. People came up with the new ideas and the prime minister gave the shoutout as #LOCAL_FOR_VOCAL .

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Well Atamnirbhar Bharat have been the dream of India . Since quit a long time. And it has actually came out beneficial in ways as in:

• Modification of critical sectors in a globally competitive and attractive way.

• A huge boost to the supply chain logistics industry.

• Steady and incremental change in the e-Commerce industry.

• Increased production and reach of medical supplies and food grains.

• An expected increase in employment opportunities.

• Direct cash transfers with increased liquidity to the accounts of daily wage earners and laborers to support their survival in this lockdown period.

As several countries are fighting to bring back there economy. India is constantly moving forward for a massive development .Indian as definetly turned this disaster into a greatest opportunity.

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