Law provides us a secure mechanism and healthy flow of safe cycle of society, free from being corrupted and having our rights infringed but what when lack of knowledge and interrupted communication starts working as a loophole for society and boon for the evil?


At the first glance, the words “Cyber law” make us question ourselves. “Why do we need cyber laws?” “What offences do they deal with?” That’s when “Cyber crimes” pop-up, explaining themselves by the traceable acts of the past, which lay it’s foundational mean as by *Offences which target society virtually* In the era of 21st century, there exists offences not only being confined to body and property involving physical presence but via virtual reality, the reality which is developing every single day, creating challanges and tasks for the society and Governments on an international level.


With each development, loopholes produce a way for the risks to sneak in, that’s when laws are created: _To penalize_ _Spectate_ and _Confine_ the acts within the measures of defined evil to detail the duties to be reciprocated. With each right created comes the responsibility of spreading awareness and take people out of the darkness of unconsciousness about one’s power to compel duties towards themselves, be it individuals, organisations, Governments, institutions etc. With the help of existing laws such as Indian penal code 1860, Information technology act 2000 and several state level legislatures. People ,as a survey shows, aren’t even completely familiar with the offences such as;

Identity theft,
Cyber bulling,
Deep Web crime,
Mobile hacking,
Child soliciting,
Cyber terrorism etc.

For the society to live freely they need to be educated at the first hand regarding the consequences, which only can help, in the scenario of rapidly increasing craze for the internet, possessing the power to change the lives positively as well as adversely via social media platforms, applications, dependency for the banking, company sector. While in the situation such as, worldwide spread of COVID-19, no physical contact, only cashless transfers and communications are being advised and prioritised similarly, the safety measures has to be intensified, not only to safeguard people from such virtual attacks but also for an established well-performing developed society. The future is unpredictable and so does the potential of fore-coming innovations. Hence, the knowledge can only be proved to be a boon to provide the sense of freedom, security and power within.      
  *Measures to improvise awareness*

Based on the importance of the awareness, the procedures to be followed by the individuals, Governments and other institutions must be such as;

*EDUCATING every internet user of the misuses and uses of internet, internet security, cyber law and regulations,  impact of technology in crime, right to privacy of data etc via advertisement on every social media platform, news channels, newspaper editorials, Government notification directly on phones etc;

* School level campaigning and making young kids and teenagers involved into tech informational activities and competitions;

* Contemplating cyber crime, Laws, threats and protection as a separate chapter in every school and Colleges impacting youngsters;

*Workshops and orientation programs for illiterates;

* Government’s involvement via cyber crime expert’s constant spectation on trafficking, blockages and attacks;

*Creation of helpline call centres;

*Enough trained women officials for women targetted to open up and lodge complaints without hesitation;

*Availability of cyber cells, ethical hackers, IT heads, officials, Tribunals on every social media platforms as well as via offline means for better approach and traceability;

*Active engagements of banks, companies etc with the accountability of their virtual presence including data of clients, employees etc.

To compile an exhaustive list of solutions can be as impossible as tracing the future criminal activities yet to be uncovered. Hence, it’s upto us to uphold our responsibility as a citizen and a society to pair up with government and face the evil.


Transperancy between rights, precautions, cure and availability of justice together can only make the society develop better. The ones who question when Even the Government posed as threat to privacy of data via aadhar card case ,when whatsapp was made to re-think about the policies, when the teenage networking sensation Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is fined and questioned over the vulnerability of targets and attacks is when we see the power of knowledge can only protect us from the incidents of suicides after receiving hate speech ,Boys locker room etc. The question now is whether we’re ready to all gear up for the upcoming challenges and be able to curb with it.b

Aishwarya Says:

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