Women Chief Justice of India: A Long Overdue

With the recent achievements in every field by Women, the 21st century is speculated to be an era to be remembered not only by the developments singularly but by the praise worthy invested dedication of Women in the respective sectors. The fields which used to be familiar entirely with male dominance have started to witness the contribution of Women in the modern development of the society with least tint of gender playing any sort of role within. But the issue of concern is why alot of fields are still not either employing Women with equal opportunities or when provided with, then not contemplating to raise them to level they’re entitled to?

Monetarily/levelling-up with job status and work front opportunities, promotions are some of the areas where women still face discrimination and lack of consideration for their potential. Coming back to the field of Law, which widely recognised the rights of women and from time to time and established free discriminative environment for women to work into, for their work potential to be considered before their gender. But the analysis report a different tale. With judiciary as a saviour yet the opportunities at the judiciary itself are not entirely fulfilled with the criteria of adequate representation.

While we move with the 74th independence year to come within a few months, India still awaits a Woman CJI (Chief justice of India) and atleast more than one Justice (woman) in the Hon’ble Supreme court, which is the current scenario. With the retirement of Hon’ble Justice Indu Malhotra from the Apex court ,The nation is now left with lone woman justice in the Apex court being “Hon’ble Justice Indira Banerjee“.

The significance of Woman in Judiciary can be understood by the fact that a Woman Justice is considered to look after cases involving Children, women who’ve been victims of offences as Rape, abuse etc over Men providing the state of emotions, sensitivity and better understandable inherent nature. Eight is the number, the Hon’ble Supreme court of India has witnessed as the number of Women Justices after Independence. With only 10% and 27.6% of the further participation of Women in Hon’ble HC’s and lower judiciary, respectively. Hon’bleJustice Hima Kohli is the only female Chief Justice in the country [state Telangana], who’ll also be retired till 1st September 2021.

The numbers speaking up for the situations itself, reveal how important the consideration at time has become for the nation and society collectively over the women work contribution area. A survey reports how Women were not even considered on an initial note till last decade with regards to the field of litigation and advocacy in Criminal. However, Standards set by achievers as Sr. Advocate Rebecca John ,in the field of Criminal advocacy at the same time show the loopholes still can be molded.  

Recently ,the 47th CJI Hon’ble SA Bobde  highlighted the issue of necessary collegium recommendation for Women representation in not only Higher and lower courts but in the top court as well. To which a female Senior practicing advocate in delhi agreed with further mentioning “Women genuinely do not have the same social circle that enables them to be noticed and considered so the onus is on collegium to cast a wider net and find more women” stating the ground reality. With the ball now in the collegium’s court let’s observe the future of women in Judiciary while the nation still awaits for it’s FIRST WOMEN CJI.

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