Distance virtual learning- Future success or Another barrier?


Distance learning, a facility of gaining first hand knowledge from anywhere anybody being anywhere anytime. Basically, to recieve knowledge one is considered to be present at a particular place on specified time. However, the concept of distance learning , further can be categorised into two ways : One side video/audio/written interaction, another way being Both sides direct on spot interaction between the Providers and receivers by means of audios and videos. The concept of distance virtual learning in India can be traced to be introduced in early 90s (20th century) when ALL INDIA RADIO and DOORDARSHAN started a revolution by providing a one way Video and Audio educational programs for High school and College students having Quality lectures delivered by Renowned Professors and Educators which further developed into one way Video and two way audio interaction between academicians and learners just to be followed by teleconferencing and satellite DTH facilities till late 2000s with the collaboration of Public and private sector Organizations such as MHRD IGNOU UGC NCERT transforming the platforms into official Educational channels.


However, with the recent developments of the last decade one can easily compare how easy things have become lately with the development in Telecommunication sector and with the introduction of Internet and several Applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, facebook, YouTube Google etc in the market. Since after the COVID-19 outbreak the world having no other option of physical contact and appearance rapidly shifted to virtual mode of Distance learning Education system. Talking about how the technology dependant education system has effected lives of parents children teachers and the societal outlook ,one can easily trace the outcome as a Blessing. While there are numerous instances where the situation proved out to be a Bane and in the worst case scenario a Curse for many. Where people still are dealing with How to use technology for better quality of education to be communicated Applications such as Google meet, Google classroom, Zoom have already taken the world at feet with the sense of Future dependency over technology for not only Education but for work as well.

2)             INTRODUCTION

While the COVID-19 outbreak made us realise the value of technology in smooth shifting of real life to virtual, The society has been constantly trying to adapt a flexible work and study environment. With our present discussion we’ll look after what exactly the situations have made us ready for, and how we lack the preparations for worst case scenarios yet. The closure of Educational institutions for safety however has made the interactive sessions shift to parallel virtual world we were aware and habitual of ,but not completely dependent upon. And with every sudden change comes unseen hurdles.

3)      THE BOON

The brighter side of having the option of online platforms as a way to seek knowledge includes several beneficial qualities as:

Anybody can easily access to the online means of studying, provided having Internet and Light connection facilities.
Students from anywhere in the world can directly interact with their choice of educators without having the need of physical appearance necessary. Students having DISABILITIES have no longer to panic with their adjustments in the Classroom having the facility to operate from their home itself.


How the online platforms have reduced the rush to the respective institutions juggling from Traffic jams and lastly having alot of time wasted in the journey. SMOOTH ACCESSIBILITY of virtual classrooms from anywhere has made people collect the time to invest it into some other good.


With just a touch one can rewind record pause and understand better every bit of quality lectures provided by the intellectuals making it smooth for the students to reduce the stress of copying from the blackboard, collecting notes, and asking again and again. While on the other hand for teachers the mode has proved out to be a boon as they can receive the queries collectively and trace the similarity between them to further categorise the queries into few and provide solutions in a mean time without having to invest time listening to each Individual.


Being behind the screen people find it comfortable to come out of hesitation zone by referring to queries freely. As here largely discrimination based on Gender, age, race, Background, clothes, physical appearance, abilities are found absent simultaneously creating synergy environment having high quality dialog and dynamic student centric interaction emerging focus on subject matter and intelligent material for all to access as an outcome.


Online medium has highly been appreciated for the availability of resources for anywhere in the world to one tap. PDFs and format easily available inclusive of notes being shared across the groups gathered a form of help to everybody related to matter specific.

4)        THE BANE

While the online platforms stands inclusive of great quality strengths , parallel the mean also includes loopholes and weaknesses having the potential to fail the complete procedural concept. Some can be categorised as:


For various reasons be it economical, geographical or any other logistic reason if an individual is unable to access the course online having the remotely village area or poor economic background they’re often excluded from the Educational journey leaving it rough for the situation to be handled with a last minute solution as an outcome.


In a survey, a Jaipur based Student disclosed how she had to pay for the institutions as well as for the compulsory internet connection charges and maintenance of connectivity softwares leaving the situation harsh to be dealt with.


Surely the internet has eased as a mean to provide everything on a single tap but at the same time the loads of resources available sometimes make the research hectic, confusing and Unattached with the proper arrangements. Searching for gold in mine and instant confusion of reference also covers the necessary aspects one has definitely to work over in the meantime.


Accessibility of internet at comfort has however Created a zone where students seem to be lacking potential of Time management skills, learning multitasking, personality growth via public speaking etc.


Tutors owning experience of ground experimental education providing system are lately finding it hard to mold with the new system of online learning where major role is to explain having no physical presence, and observations of understanding the concept gradually.


The means of technology where play a positive approach taking society as a whole , however has made it easy for the anti social elements to perform tricks of infringement of privacy, leaking confidential data and notes online, Piracy, Gatecrashing classes, abusing teachers anonymously to break their moral down etc. In the recent instances a survey conducted on mental health of teachers discovered how some of the elements treated the tutors in a manner leaving them heartbroken and demotivated, A renowned Teacher after finishing a class broke down in the arms of his daughter saying “I QUIT” is what we see when the ease gets into the hands of evil intent carrying parts of society. Whereas Male Teachers are made fun of , female Teachers are facing obscene comments, the mental health seems to be at stake of the tutors investing their hundred percent to learn and teach.


Opportunities as schedule learning whereas has made the journey interestingly interactive in the era of technical developments ,on the other hand cyber bullying of tutors, privacy infringement, lack of facilities aailable make it still a far fetch journey to be concluded as a complete success. Whereas practices as courtroom trials, Surgeries, Sports etc cannot be considered for one to be well averted with via online medium in the long run having no ground experiences. Few of the practices are still left with online learning being a temporary and not permanent solution. On the ending note, In the present scenario when compared to historical instances one can surely depict the accessibility has been chased perfectly but the quality is yet to overcome the hurdles. One shall only now try to trace the footsteps of technology having a major role in future to play ,we have to be ready for. ALL THE ODDS AND FUTURE.

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