Healthcare Right or Luxury

“The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition” ~ Constitution of the World Health Organization

Healthcare mechanism topic taking the world as whole has always been considered to be top most priority for the life is the high end the society struggles for. Difference organization as, WHO at world level, NHO’s at Central level for country specific, State level healthcare system having delegated liabilities and responsibilities towards the group of citizens the organization tend to cover, duly come up with ideas to invest and expand the coverage of QUALITY facilities to be ACCESSIBLE at AFFORDABLE prices which is evident enough to be the three pillars of a successful healthcare system in the long run. While talking about Healthcare mechanism people tend to concentrate 99% of the times on physical health only while there are five main aspects of personal health: Physical, Emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. Taking the situation of pandemic and several viral Flu the world has encountered in the recent past the discussion is highly going to be surrounded with Physical healthcare system available.


The idea of having healthcare system as a Fundamental right introduces the concept of availability of care for the people in need of access to healthcare services without having to suffer due to financial or other logistic hardships. As no one should be deprived of any basic need essential to survive because of Background and unavailability of resources and Money. Properly framed healthcare system not only shall include drugs and medication but at the same time it’s also about Hygiene, Nutrition, adequate pollution free environment, Safe drinkable water, Food resources etc. Moreover people facing the stigma of discrimination for access to resources for their healthcare management end up having not only Physical challenges but emotional and mental as well, which is the issue least highlighted.


Coming back with the topic to discuss the situation of our own country, Our country has 2% of the GDP as the highest to have spent on the healthcare mechanism which although the epidemic has shifted suddenly our minds towards to be more and more alert about the unimaginable situations the future has stored in for everybody concerning Health specifically. The best and only positive outcome of this epidemic, COVID-19, has been our approach towards the vision and importance of Health in the society. With the Governments left in a rush to reach a destination of safe environment backed with technology, policy criteria, increase of budget, and inclusion of every individual hailing from different backgrounds being Rich, Poor , middle class provided each citizen being affected unusual of accountability of Access. Although India has several accountable provisions for Health including ARTICLE 21(Right to life), 38, 39(e), 41,42,47,48a etc. Of CONSTITUTION OF INDIA Including instances of Public welfare, safety, Health and Rights. The Healthcare system works via two ways in almost every other country including India having two sorts of sectors in the Health industry: PUBLIC and PRIVATE


The tax generated revenue allocated as budget further distributed logistically based on statistics is generally accessable to individuals at par ignoring the status of the person in need. Economically challenged people 99.99% of the times have to encounter their sufferings with government allocated facilities which on ground reality in Cities play a major role by providing SECONDARY and TERTIARY facilities, still lacking the Rural areas with more than often being dependable on PRIMARY facilities only. Corruption, least political will, middlemen, black marketing situations lastly make people suffer more with the vision of access to Necessities still being an out of budget resource for them.


Cake for the rich situation ,when the private sector as a LUXURY exists engaging with who are ready to bear the high technology advances to be expended over. Which by far has become more of a business including two options: INSURANCE or DIRECT PAYMENT. High end technology, quality drugs, medication, Equipments, Observations comes to an end with the pre requisite being affordability. Insurance doesn’t cover an age specific person, private sectors don’t operate without expenses being paid is when the way to call healthcare facilities as a Fundamental right seems to be a fantasy instead of a concept with the hope of future ground implementation reality. Indeed there have been policy implementations, YOJANAS, Plans to include and spread the coverage to everyone in need but reality still shows the signs in negative.


✓ GDP to be expended from 2% to necessary hike for the future ends to meet and having said that the current positive approach of the Governments for the future saves for high hopes.

✓ CO-OPERATIVE FEDERALISM tobe promoted for the needs to be met. The states facing different healthcare situations different demands for the society they include ,should come forward with the enthusiasm to promote and relocate resources with each other.

✓ INFRASTRUCTURE REVIVAL,  the current infrastructure being dependent on policies, expenses, pre-requisites shall be set aside in the situation of emergency for the Societal development and health, for which the infrastructure needs to be developed with appreciable Availability of resources and Will of saving lives rather than including age, race, background, gender, economic situation as discrimination factor for the people to first be eligible in the measures and not on spot reaction.

✓ GOVERNMENT’S ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT in the policy making, elimination of corruption, campaigning and due programs for Health check and procedures can eradicate major portion of failure and replace it with hopes of success. The hope of survival and necessities for which they’re provided with power.

✓ RIGHT TO HEALTH being the topmost priority of the central and state, having the delegation of power and resources to the states , including states in concurrent list for responsibility to be taken for the society as whole and not a State specific subject matter can also be an approach towards healthy continuing system.

✓ DISEASE SURVEILLANCE routine checkups, reference of patients to appropriate system owning available subject with primary, secondary and tertiary care system as priority can develop a loop where individuals can find solace into finding services they’re in need of.

Mentioning few of the instances can surely provide an idea but no exhaustive list can be provided inclusive of all possible failures and suggestions having every situation different and unpredictable.


Wrapped unseen situations of the future and current worst case scenarios can only lead us to one outcome, being how much development in the field of Health is still needed. How private sector has to come forward and engage with emergency situations leaving behind criterias and lists of eligibility. Government needs to be developed with policies, amendments in present engagements via Yojana and plans which have been proved to be a big time failure. The pandemic COVID-19 however has tutored the society to provide a helping hand to everybody but disheartening question which pops up tracing the circumstances being would the situation be same had the disease were not transmitting in nature, Is for all of us to consider. With the parting thoughts , None of us are considerably aware of what the future has stored in for all but one thing for sure needs to be changed, the overview of health mechanism and inclusiveness criteria for the quality survival resources to be available at affordable prices ignoring the financial accessibility end up making it a LUXURY and not a VESTED FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. 

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