Slavery and Human Trafficking

Slavery is the use of humans as an object and buys and sell them like objects. People use slaves all sorts of tasks like physical work, sexual work, etc. Slavery is one of the main reasons behind racism that exists in every culture. Slavery severely damaged the relations between America and people with dark skin.

Slavery has caused irreparable damage which still is evident from racism towards people belonging to other races and cultures. Slavery was abolished in the 1800s in America. The aftermath of it is that racial tensions remain among them. The abolishment of slavery made them drift apart. It gave rise to the thought that White people are supreme, and others are inherently inferior. It is a kind of racism that followed and still follows the event.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for mostly sexual purposes. It is the modern form of slavery. People and sex traffickers kidnap and sell women off to distant shores for their body. Slavery is the reason sex trafficking and human trafficking came into being.

Human trafficking, the modern term for slavery, does tremendous damage and is one of the greatest social evils. We have still not found a way to eradicate such heinous people who operate such circles.

Though slavery is illegal for over 150 years, the scars left by it still haunt people. The enslaved haven’t forgotten their torture and the struggles of their ancestors. They still carry the resentment brought down from their ancestors.

There are instances of racism within a society that lead to inexcusable behaviour of people towards others. Such unjustifiable behaviour and actions are things like mental stress, social harassment, and even physical assaults, which are all the result of slavery.

 Since slavery was implemented on people of colour, it makes them feel sorry for being born a certain way, of having a particular skin colour. Racism has no scientific explanation, and people are entirely ignorant about the feelings of other human beings. We should never judge others for the way they look for the way they speak, but slavery has instilled in many, the irrational fear or hatred of people of colour.

All people are born equal, and nothing should change that. Narrow-minded thoughts like slavery and racism should have extinguished with the increase in educated people and the intermixing of various races. Still, sadly, such behaviour is the harsh reality and shows no signs of coming to an end.

It brings shame to the human society to have allowed such a horrific activity. Millions of people are repenting for a crime that they never committed. White people are judged partially, and people of colour are seen as terrorists and judged harshly.

 Slavery is a thorn in our history and has no benefits. We need to be aware of the reality that slavery has brought upon us. Slavery has only brought upon unnecessary and cruel tags for people. Let us unite and make the world a better place for every individual and stand against slavery and racism. 

Aishwarya Says:

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