Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes


Now a day’s everyone knows about online classes due to covid–19 pandemic. An online class is a course conducted over the Internet. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor.

From music, arts to academic courses, everything thinkable is within our reach with a single click of a button with the help of Digital technology. The internet serves as the largest collection of information and knowledge where there are dedicated individuals who spent many hours giving classes on a subject of their expertise.

Now we will discuss the Advantages & Disadvantages of online classes.


1) Easily Accessible – Anyone can learn knowledge through online classes they don’t need to travel a long way to learn knowledge, just a single click on a button and everything is available in their laptop, computer or phone. Online classes are not only beneficial for students or learner but also beneficial for the institution which is offering online courses. They are not limited to the local students but can reach national and international students.

2) More Flexible & Autonomous – Compare to the traditional way of learning, online classes are more flexible & gives control to the students. They can influence the pace of learning or even changes priorities.

3) Time Saver– Online classes saves the time of the student as it saves the travelling metro cities travelling consume more time and students don’t get time for gaining some extra knowledge from different sources.

4) Wide Variety of Options – In traditional classes student have to attend the classes on a particular time and place & have limited options.  but in online classes students gets record sessions which they missed or can watch extra lecture which they can access for free.

5) Saves Money – In online classes institution don’t need a well-maintained infrastructure or too many teachers.

6) High Relatability between teachers and students– With students and teachers facing similar hardships, it is easier to discuss and brainstorm solutions with compassion. It is easier to be mindful and empathetic toward one another. The emotional & social comfort that comes with relatability is often an overlooked part of educational or learning-focused relationships.

7) Direct interaction – Some online classes allow direct interaction between students and teachers. This level of attention is very rewarding for the student. Personal tips and care can be given to the problems that one faces.


1) Lack of Human Interaction – One of the major parts of student life are missed due to online classes that human interaction. In school life students create memories, learn different activity from their classmate, and make friends. Lack of human interaction shows its impact negatively in a children’s life.

2) High distraction on Internet- Student usually get bored while attending long lectures for hours and ultimately opens other applications like Instagram, Facebook or any gaming application which distract them from study. This distraction is comparatively less in traditional way of teaching.

3) Lack of Accreditation- Online classes are not under the strict supervision of government or concerned authority. So, the degree or certificate earned from online classes may not be original and it may not be recognized by institutions looking to hire on the basis of your degree. The Internet is full of frauds looking to earn money. One must look for proper classes with proper recognition to earn a valid certificate.

4) Weak boundaries & monotony- the same physical space gets used for dining, conversing, reading, and online learning. Weaker differentiation between types of activities and environments could create monotony, boredom, and numbness. It could even take a toll on mental health.

5) Online disinhibition & psychological distance- Social profiles & the internet create a barrier that dilutes reality because there is more anonymity, lesser continuous feedback between facial expressions, less-amplified consequences, detachment from consequences, shrugging off responsibility, blame-shifting, etc. It weakens the perceived intensity of negative actions, which encourages impulsive, reckless, & irresponsible behavior. Online disinhibition is one reason why people can be meaner on the internet. It’s also why students can trivialize online learning and its necessity. Students may dismiss important aspects of learning because those learning activities could “feel” weaker than their material world counterparts. For example, open debates or classroom reviews may seem psychologically distant, and that distance can dilute the intensity of discussions. That could make them more distracted, detached, and even impulsive enough to rebel against online learning.

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