Indian Education System and its Loopholes

 Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Education, the first and foremost priority considered by a society to be recieved by an individual for the one to be looked upto as CAPABLE enough to produce needs and escape the category of incongruous. What exactly is education? Is the meaning just confined to “GETTING A DEGREE”? Apparently not. Education is sharing and recieving experiences in the form of Books, Teacher to student direct communication, Parent to child exposure of what the world is about and beyond. It’s an early opportunity one recieves without having to be experimental with every bit.

The object of which is to shape Young minds to be capable of enhancing the capacity of their creativity level to contribute for the betterment of the society in every field. The thought of providing experiences as education and benefitting from it seems to be approachable then where are we lacking? Why the young minds are not being able to enjoy the QUALITY journey of learning instead feel burdened is what the discussion of this article is going to be about. “The Loopholes of an education system”.


The idea of education was to provide the society with knowledge they can invest combining their ideas with to develop not only oneself but society as whole. However ,lately the mechanism of education is left with only one outcome people chase it for, EMPLOYMENT. In the era of 21st century ,the education is no longer dependent on books, teachers, parents and Guardians but Technology as a whole has evolved faster which can be easily traced. While the world is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19 and the reality is shifting to virtual realm. The hurdles seem to double up. 


With each passing year our country ,INDIA, produces more than a million of graduates skilled in various fields after undergoing a rollercoaster of studious experience from Nursery and Kindergarten to UG and PG. But at the same time alot of the students because of lack of facilities available drop out at either of stages. The education system in India has become a complete rote learning journey rather than developing each student individually keeping the aspects of One’s strength and weaknesses as centric creating a rigid form of system having no flexibility for a good percentage of students to mold themselves into. Cram and win and not learn and bloom has been playing a major role when we see Scoring percentage in a written exam is considered 90%-10% important as compared to Practical implementation of intelligence. Also at the same time giving priority to western education system and being unable to backup one’s own educational milestone has left the Indian education system in between a confusion. Talking about the problems/cons of the specified system there can be two categories:


Even after having unique courses, Frequently developing curriculum, E-learning, student-friendly learning programs, adoption of extra and co-curricular activities, dynamic methodologies and training mechanism etc. to provide quality content we lack because of numerous problems an individual faces while chasing education to unveil the treasure of knowledge. Some of them being:

  • Lack of facilities for the Poor section (Dependency on Specifically Government institutions)
  • Lack of QUALITY Education available at both Government and private sectors.
  • Corrupt practices in the field.
  • Existence of 40+ Boards conducting exams and providing curriculum in entirely different manner and not having a Uniform procedure taking the country as whole.
  • Corruption in politics taking aback the opportunities from an individual of deserving employment based on skills.
  • Discrimination on gender basis in the fields of EDUCATION, WORKPLACE, REMUNERATION, OPPORTUNITY, JOB STATUS etc. For Women, Economically backward families and people hailing from remote areas.
  • Difference in Curriculum even for specific subject matter.
  • Societal outlook ,prioritising Language and scores over intellect, decision making skills, and personality.• Language barrier. 
  • There can be no specific list of exhaustive problems one has to face while chasing education. 


Having the second category of Untraceable problems being the ones generally nobody neither focuses on nor easily they’re considered in the policy making suggestions. Some of them being:

  • Rigid mechanism
  • Minimum focus on teacher training and more expectancy from students.
  • Not trying to develop individual based on their mental capacity but combined group as one.
  • Academic knowledge over Practical experience.
  • Language barrier
  • No separate categories for Man and woman, children from different backgrounds, Difference of localities, culture and ethics.
  • Consideration of corruption as a Major Loophole. Rather leading the blame to entirely the system.
  • Rigid Reservation policies.
  • Budget allocation crisis for education specifically.
  • Affordability
  • Providing with education and opportunities as outcome has to be foremost priority of the Government and society, but at the same time it should be focused whether an Individual to be resourceful for the society necessitates flexible molding to develop, i.e. PERSONALIZATION OF EDUCATION.


Focusing from the primary education itself by training teachers to be skilled and qualified will be the first step to curb the situations of the future to be at stake. The higher education must be more about practicality instead of cramming. Competitions should be lesser burdening and more engaging. The commissions and boards conducting examinations shall be inclusive of personality test as a priority with academics rather than focusing a majority of it’s part on the academics itself ending up creating a tiring and rough experience for the Students. Involvement of political factors shall be kept under observation by a particular commission high time to have the negative effect of it reduced if not completely finished at once. Keeping the Moral values to be inserted in young minds can also effect in a positive approach.                 


  • Skill training for tutors.
  • Shifting rote learning to creative personality development.
  • Policies for Curbing Economic difficulties.
  • Uniform method of educational procedure for the country as whole, i.e., Nationalization of Education.
  • Flexibility of heterogeneous education system.
  • Mobilization of resources
  • Individual personality development
  • Easily moldable curriculum
  • Inspection of education Quality on atleast yearly basis
  • Compulsory Extra curriculum activities
  • Abolishing the Reservation system. Etc• Technology friendly policies
  • Frequent involvement of Government.

With Education ,the creation of resources can become alot easier and flexible. It is education which gives us the sense of freedom, to think, to adapt, to Innovate. Education is the backbone of every society as a whole, nationally and internationally. The loopholes visible surely create hurdles but also provides us with the solutions to deal with them. Every lock has a key. The determination to be educated must be stiff. The personality, ethics, morality, innovations, development, entirely depends on the aspect of thoughts which can be bettered by the positive environment of Quality knowledge for which it’s high time the policies and Outlook perspectives change and the barriers vanish with time. As we say “The past gave us experience and made us wiser so that we can create a beautiful and brighter future.” The future awaits us ,our innovations. The confidence of knowledge is the need of an hour to not only be skilled enough for a Job or status but for a developed Human, having the power to use the intellect to the fullest potential. 

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