What we can do to curb Covid spread

I have started spending less time on social media until and unless it is nothing urgent. Social Media was something that I used to see to destress myself but these days it only adds upto to my anxiety.

The way news channels report news, we feel that all of us are going to die any minute. The role of the media is to inform people the ground reality and not to scare people. The news channels were so depressing that 5 minutes of news and you start calling all your Gods. You loose the desire to Live.

Yes, the Second Wave of Covid has been more stronger and more dangerous than the first wave. It is an undeniable fact, but somewhere along with mismanagement of the Government, even we are equivalently responsible. Around the month of December- January, when everything was kind of normal, people just gathered in groups and flocked around the beaches. I stay about 2 kms away from Marve Beach and trust me it used to take us 20 minutes just to take our cars outside the building. It would take minimum of 30 – 40 mins to cover a distance of 500 mts. I am not making this up, it is a fact. If such was the condition of the roads, leading to the beach you can image the condition of the beaches.

During the same time, I had taken my son to Infinity Mall, because I wanted to buy him new clothes.It was crowded like Dadar Station during peak hours, which it generally isn’t there. Weddings were a grand affair in a lot of places in Mumbai. A few of my friends, who were college teachers said that whenever, they called students to colleges, it was a mess, the college premises, which usually accomodated all the students, somehow could not accomodate the same amount of students during Covid. During the time, when schools had reopened for a short period of time, a lot of students, would wander around on the roads, because they wanted to meet their friends who were called to the school at a seperate time slot.

This is a mess that was somewhat created by us.

At present, we are all busy blaming the government on what it could not do in the last one year, but once everything is over, we will be back to ourselves. Atleast we can stop going out in groups to buy vegetables and wear a mask properly t all the times, that is one of the least things that we can do.

The government can build hospitals in one year – Fact , but from where will we get Quality Doctors ? Everytime, there are entrance exams or a new colleges that the government plans to open. Every Community comes ahead and says, we want reservation. Almost 70 % of seats in our Medical and Engineering Colleges are either reserved on the basis of Caste or Management. So only remaining 30 % come to the college on the basis of merit. Amongst the 70 % which enter the college on the basis of caste or management reservation barely 10-20% make excellent Doctors and Engineers.The remaining have just blocked the seats for some deserving students, who could have been excellent Doctors and Engineers.

Even today, when we talk about research, it is only limited to copying content from Wikipedia and submitting it to our schools and colleges. Until and unless we do not invest in real research right from our initial days, how can we have good infrastructure for our country. It is easy to build infrastructure but how will you have good human resources. At present, we only population but we are unable to put the same population to good use.

In cities like Mumbai, there have been two major issues. The excessive population in slum areas and the multiple lifts in the high rise towers have been one of the major reasons for increase in covid cases.

We keep talking about how people need oxygen and medicines, but we do not talk about the sufficient lack of infrastructure to store the same. That is something that cannot be built in a day. Similarly, there is also a big scam that has been happening from the educated urbans. A lot of people, even with mild symptoms get admitted to the hospital because a person cannot claim under mediclaim until and unless you do not have hospital bills. The cases that can be treated at home, should be done so. A lot of cases of unnecessary hospitalisation, has also caused shortage of bed.

Why is it that the positive Covid Stories are hidden and unspoken of ? Why are people who have recovered from Covid not coming forward and sharing their experiences, which can help a lot of people.

This battle is something that will go on for atleast next few years. High Time that we are responsible and try and make changes that are under our control.

What can we do to handle the situation better?

– Watch less news channels and negative news. Once the viewership of news channels goes down they will automatically stop cashing on the miseries of others.

-Do not forward any messages without verifying them. A lot of messages from 2020 were being circulated as new messages. Go to google verify the news and only then forward. Not all home remedies will work. So confirm before spreading fake news.

– Keep your routine. Just having a regular routine can do wonders to your body. If every individual just takes care of themselves and their families that itself is sufficient.

– Do not hesitate if you contact Covid. It is easily cureable if detected on time and with proper medications.

– Stop treating those who have had Covid as Social Pariah. Help them by following all social precautions.

– Stop judging peoples lives and forcing others miseries on them. If someone wants to be happy by wearing a new outfit or by eating a cake. let them be happy, stop judging them and force them to lead a simple life.

– Life is unpredictable and uncertain. So love yourself and fulfill all those dreams.

– Do not talk about problems, try to resolve them.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

If you are interested in participating in the same, do let me know.

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