Does India Need a National Commission for Men – Part 5

In an investigation report (2020), found that most men feel embarrassed to record a report of aggressive behaviour at home (which is finished by spouses to husband), as there are no laws or specialists to report. What’s more, on the off chance that he reports, at that point attempt to cause him to denounce in bogus cases under the IPC 498A/PWDVA 2005. In dread of these men need to stay silent and evade it. This examination likewise expressed that ‘almost 70% of all self destruction passing in India include male. The quantity of suicides by men has ascended from 66,032 of every 2000 and 80,544 out of 2008 to 91,528 as of now. The quantity of male passing from suicides is almost twofold than that of females’. This examination shows that an expansion in self destruction paces of men involves concern.

Mr. Kumar Jahgirdar who is an organizer and leader of a NGO called ‘Youngster Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting’ (CRISP) said that this nation is one-sided against men and a greater number of men end it all than ladies. Each discussion about self destruction of wedded ladies while nobody talks about the self destruction of wedded men. There is scores of men end their life because of bogus share debates each year. On account of share, the Supreme Court of India noted in July 2017 that the law is in effect progressively abused by some displeased spouses to outline their husbands and their family members and there are 80% of all settlement cases in India end in quittance. A well known instance of settlement is of Nisha Sharma, who was to be hitched to Munish Dalal in 2003 in Noida.

This case began in 2003 when Nisha Sharma blamed her future husband to be Munish Dalal for requesting settlement. This case was gotten National and International acclaim through inclusion of the media. Through this case, Nisha Sharma arose as a good example for different ladies in the public eye. After an extensive stretch of nine years, in 2012, while court conveying its decision, vindicated all the blamed. The court found that she had made endowment charges to escape the marriage. This shows how the counter shares law of the IPC 498A is being abused in Indian culture. Similarly as guiltless individuals face sham claim under the appearance of share law, comparably on account of ‘triple talaq’ law which is as of late actualized by the public authority of India is additionally set to be abused in the coming days.

Information from the National Crime Records Bureau shows that on a normal, around 100,000 cases are accounted for every year in India under Section 498A. In 2011, the conviction rate was 20% against men; it diminished to 14% in 2015. As per this information, the distinction in the pace of conviction is verification that countless individuals are enlisted under segment 498A in bogus cases. Further Mr. Jahgirdar said that ‘a great deal of fathers ending it all since they can’t meet their kids’ (The Hindu, 2018) after the partition of their spouses. He focuses on that men are more helpless than ladies since a larger number of men end it all than ladies. He likewise accentuated that, there is a need to frame a National Commission for Men additionally in India.

From the above proof and realities, as I would see it, there is a most extreme need to shape a National Commission for Men on the line of the National Commission for Women, where the men caught off base and misleading allegations can likewise be heard appropriately. It is additionally important to give arrangement to the men’s helpline 24×7 based on ladies’ helpline 24×7, so they can record their first data reports of sexual orientation based viciousness and segregation submitted by ladies.

In the present evolving society, all scholarly people and activists, composes and talks about the abominations against ladies on sexual orientation savagery, provocation and segregation just, while barbarities on men by ladies go unnoticed, and ladies’ exploiting these things and under the appearance of law, men are in effect erroneously involved by ladies. The public authority of India needs to make a solid and proper stride to forestall the outrages being executed on men by ladies involving them in quite a bogus charge, with the goal that they can get equivalent equity in this quickly evolving society.


Considering the above contentions, we can say that a ‘Service of men’ or ‘Public commission for men’ would profit the Indian culture to an exceptionally extraordinary degree.    


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