Know how the Tape Industry survived with Mrs. Sarika Rajgaria

The Pandemic has been hard on all industries. Everyone has been finding it difficult to survive, we have been constantly talking about the Education Industry, Food Industry, Service Industry and the other essential industry. But what about those Industries, which are not termed as Essential but yes they do help in binding the essential industry together. Today we are going to have a small chat with Mrs. Sarika Rahul Rajgaria about how the Tape Industry managed during the Pandemic.

Mrs. Sarika Rahul Rajgaria, Director of Sales, Pentagon Tapes, the incarnation of MSR International, a trading company, set up in 1999, who has been in the adhesive tapes market for over two decades. In 2003, Rahul saw an opportunity to bring new age, high quality, and high-performance tapes into the Indian market, for which they collaborated with American coating companies. Inspired by this thought, Pentagon was established to cater to this budding demand for high-quality adhesive-coated products, and help create this industry.

From the inception, the vision of the company was, in addition to bringing high-quality products, to also provide better service, flexibility to cater to varying demand, and timely delivery. To realize this vision, Pentagon decided to have its own modern manufacturing facility, which would offer tapes in virtually any size, shape, and configuration, with even low minimum order sizes and supplied in incredibly short lead time. Simultaneously, the company kept investing in the best equipment, for better efficiency and productivity, and capable of supplying the largest customers as well as the smallest.

What is the the current state of the tape industry since the pandemic

After the government implementation of unlock, things have started to turn back to normal. There are these new government-imposed SOPs that have been implemented in both the manufacturing and distribution sector of our organization. We have come to realize in the real time that the majority of the overseeing and tracking work could be easily done from home itself, after the installation of proper IT infrastructure. This advancement has benefited especially for women workers who otherwise have to physically be present at the site to keep a proper track of what is happening. This technique has also helped all our employees improve their productivity as there is a proper track kept of each and every function to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

How has the pandemic impacted the manufacturing and distribution aspect of businesses?

The COVID 19 pandemic came like a shock to all of us and initially we were not prepared for the halt in the manufacturing and distribution departments, as it required the presence of humans to carry out the day-to-day activity. Initially, all the process had to be stopped until we received a green signal from the government that we could operate again. Once we did receive it, we invested in an IT infrastructure that ensured that we could have minimum people who would work at the site while all the monitoring work could be done from the convenience of a workstation/home. Initially, it was a challenge to educate all the workers about the proper usage of these technologies to get the desired result from them, but eventually, things started shaping up, and currently, we can proudly say that things have come back to normal operational capacity in both manufacturing and distribution aspects of the business.

How adhesive tapes have reshaped the bonding solution for manufacturers around the globe.

Initially for small bonding applications like sticking a batch of honor to the vehicle to sticking heavy metal and glass panels, there was a need for an adhesive solution which was strong and reliable. There were many options available in the market but they all had few limitations like drying up before it could be entirely used or leaving a residue on either the craftsmen’s gloves or his clothes. As there was a need for neater, cost-efficient and reliable
options, Adhesive tapes were used. These tapes provided the required strength to bond the objects and had an efficient and mess-free application routine which ensured great results.

How tapes are revolutionizing the tape game for more DIY undertakings for all age gatherings

After the imposition of COVID 19 lockdown DIY projects have become a necessity worldwide. Adhesive tapes are a new-age magical solution for DIY projects and can also be used for all day-to-day applications. This makes them a versatile tool which can be used right from children’s school projects to avoid using messy glue to ensure safe walkways for the senior citizens by creating slip-proof walkways using our anti-skid tapes. These tapes also ensure that there is no need for a carpenter or a handyman to derive desired results from them as they are very simple to use.

How can tapes be a solution during setting up your new Home ?

Adhesive tapes have wide application in setting our homes. Work can be done by oneself without the help of a carpenter or handyman. It is a simple way of bonding, saving time, energy and money. Pentagon tapes are used in all major application for home application right from the time of construction like

Structure Glazing Tapes for building facade and windows.

Metal cladding Tapes for external wall ACP & Decorative Panel Mounting

Ultra Sealing Tapes for water leakage solution

Anti-Skid Tapes for staircase and bathroom area

Signage Mounting Tapes for fixing signage

Frame Mounting Tapes for photo frames

Mirror Mounting Tapes for bonding mirrors on various application
This list is endless constrained only by our imaginations

How can tapes be helpful in the assembly of articles without the use of a hammer or nails?

Since the beginning of the 21st century Noise pollution is one of the main factors affecting health of the population around the world. When we think of Nails & Hammer, the first thing which hits us is the deadly sound of a hammer hitting the nail. We search for peace of mind from the very moment the hammer starts hitting the nail till the work is completed. AdhesiveTapes are the best alternative to Nails & Hammer. They can be used to bond any surface like Metal, Plywood, Decorative Panel, Artificial Stone & so on.

It gives instant bonding that is as strong as Nail but with longer durability. It is easy to maintain and replace with minimum time and labour. Apart from domestic use, use of tapes is the best alternative to Nails and Hammer for
almost all Industrial Applications in Automotive, Furniture & Fixture, White Good Appliances,Solar Panels, locomotive Aerospace, and Constructions and so on.

About Pentagon

For nearly two decades, Pentagon is known for being a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape expert and has successfully catered to its clientele & retail market with all kinds of innovative tape solutions. In collaboration with BOW Tapes, Pentagon brings the best-in-class and best-in-the-world quality in pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, which have stood the test of time. Pentagon is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Ultra High-Pressure Tapes (UHPT), pressure-sensitive foam, and film tapes. It is a single source for all sealing needs like mounting, splicing, powder coating, bonding, and gasketing.

Pentagon Tapes is an ISO 9001:2000 company, thus assuring great quality and efficiency. The application being used from Aerospace to nearly any conceivable application offers specialized high-quality products backed by an industry-leading commitment and customer satisfaction. Pentagon Tapes, with its long experience in this industry, has not only established a wide customer base across India, but in partnership with them, continues to maintain its leadership through bringing into the market, newer technologically advanced tapes, and thus offer superior and best-in-class products to customers.

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