Disaster Management in India – 8


The parliamentary panel is of the view that the Government must give due thought to fortify the locale catastrophe the executives’ authority so the region authority is in a situation to go about as the main successful responder. The Committee likewise sees that the Disaster Risk Reduction Program must be actualized at the grassroots level keeping in view that the locale gatherer oversees Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee conspire (MNREGA)and other land related projects. Region Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs) should attempt to top off opportunities consistently and requires a hierarchical structure at the area level to address catastrophe the executives in a comprehensive way.

The Committee approvals the part of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in battling the serious fiascos happening in the nation including the Uttarakhand scene. To carry congruity into the framework, the Committee suggests that the residency of experienced NDRF staff be reached out past ordinary delegation time of 5 years to 7-10 years.

The Committee is of the view that NIDM should go about as place for greatness so far as limit working for viable catastrophe the executives is concerned. The Committee is of the view that NIDM should work as an independent body in regard of its depended exercises and human asset practice and not as a subordinate association of either NDMA or MHA.

The Committee further accepts that data and preparing on approaches to more readily react to and moderate catastrophes to the responders should go far in building the limit and flexibility of the nation to decrease and forestall fiascos. Preparing is fundamental pieces of limit working, as prepared faculty react much better to various calamities and like the requirement for preventive measures. Proficient preparing in catastrophe the board should be incorporated into the current academic examination and schooling.

Specific courses for fiasco the board may likewise be created by colleges and expert showing establishments, and debacle the executives should be treated as an unmistakable scholarly and expert control. The Committee suggests that NIDM might be endowed with this assignment. Explicit parts in expert and particular courses like medication, nursing, designing, natural sciences, engineering, and town and nation arranging could likewise discover a spot in the educational plan.

Limit building ought not be restricted to experts and faculty associated with catastrophe the board, however ought to likewise zero in on building the information, demeanour and abilities of a network to adapt with the impacts of debacles. Limit working for powerful catastrophe the board hence should be connected to the network and neighbourhood level responders on one hand and furthermore to the institutional system of the state and the country on the other.

Satellite symbolism has become a significant instrument for chiefs in getting alarms for debacles and in surveying the circumstance pre and post catastrophe. These abilities need further refinement and heightening to empower functionaries at the locale level to take suitable and convenient choices. Along these lines, the concerned offices viz., science and innovation, studies of the planet and space research associations should be reinforced to give progressed and viable data on catastrophes. It is likewise important to make a public stage for sharing, utilizing and scattering the information.

The Committee is additionally of the view that preparation modules and schedules to overhaul the abilities of staff, NGOs and networks occupied with debacle avoidance and alleviation should be taken. The public authority ought to organize appraisal of primary and non-underlying wellbeing of school structures and recognize fundamental imitative activity to be remembered for the school security program.

The Committee noticed that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has arranged a far reaching proposition of Rs 360 crores for an Integrated Himalayan Meteorological Program both for Western and Central Himalayas, including finding sufficient number of Doppler radars and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) for checking hydro-meteorology, and presented the equivalent to the Central Government/Planning Commission for endorsement. It is likewise significant that around the world rehearsed alleviation endeavours of the recognized high danger zones must be completely upheld and subsidized by the Union Government.

The Committee feels the requirement for a guide for remaking and recovery and future technique to beat such catastrophic events. In this association, the accompanying advances might be thought of:

Need for a multi modular vehicle framework; n Network of airstrips and heliports; n Adequate number of air ambulances; n Network of go downs with worked in sanctuaries for giving food security to the abandoned populace; n Scientific extraction of stream bed material to avoid development of waterway stations, and; n Augmentation of remote, satellite and ham correspondence frameworks and establishment of superior PCs and Doppler Radars and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and different frameworks.

The Committee takes note of that the State Government of Uttarakhand has comprised a specialist gathering to look at the issue of the travel industry and conveying limit of far off journey/vacationer locales so as to give rules in the issue. The Committee feels that enrollment of travellers ought to likewise be inspected.


The Parliamentary Committee considers the way that in the occurrences of the calamities of comparative size in USA and Japan, the deficiency of lives is significantly less when contrasted with that in India. The Committee, in this manner, sees that anticipation and relief ought to add to the enduring improvement in advancing wellbeing, and the equivalent should be incorporated in a debacle the board. The Committee is of the view that the National Response Plan, National Human Resource and Capacity Development Plan and Mitigation Plans might be settled at the most punctual and received by individual nodal services. The Committee trusts that with all estimates embraced, the public authority will guarantee that risks don’t transform into calamities.

India has improved a ton in a debacle reaction. Be that as it may, there is a need to invest more amounts of energy into calamity moderation and recuperation. Successful debacle the executives’ procedures won’t just forestall loss of lives yet in addition helps influenced individuals in revamping their lives in the briefest conceivable time.


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