If you want justice, do not upload on Social Media

The Zomato incidence is a recent case, wherein the victim had first used Social Media to express her grevience. The Banglore incident is one of the recent cases, wherein the victim instead of filing an official Police Complaint first, made a video and posted it on Social Media. Even on Social Media, there is a provision where, we can connect with the Local Police Station first and then seek help from them.

I wonder why people think that Social Media will give them justice. Social Media is just a platform to express your views and not to tarnish the image of any individual. This brings back to another case that had happened in Delhi, wherein a Girl at a signal had claimed that a Sardar boy was eve teasing her. Well , things were far away from reality, so soon we came down to judgment that women are always right and men are always wrong. Similarly, we have other cases, where people did not file an official complaint to the concerned authority but created a ruckus on Social Media.

Sometimes or rather a lot of times, social media has become a tool that is misused especially with this new influencer trend. If a person is a aggreived and needs justice and wants the law to take its course, then he or she has to first go ahead and file a formal police complaint. A lot of people are unfortunately misguided by the movies.

I remember, when I was working with an NGO and delivering a lecture on women’s safety to a group of Social Workers, they had asked me this question. They had come across an incidence of using children for begging and reported the same to the police. Their query was we reported the case to the police but yet the police are not taking any action, What should we do ? I asked them, if they had been to the police station after that for follow up and have their statements recorded. They said no, because giving statements to the police was not their job.

Atleast 65 - 70 % burden of the Judiciary and the Police will be reduced if people learn to communicate and control their Ego Issues. A lot of Cases that we see in Courts are technically frivilous litigations, which can be easily resolved by Dialogues. But we human beings, love to complicate everything around us. 

Remember people, Social Media is a place, where you have Neteizens, who will show concern for you for a couple of days, then forget the same. You may be trending for a day or two, after that you will be forgotten. If you feel that you are a victim and you want justice. Then first go ahead and file a Formal Complaint against the person who aggreived you. Ladies and Gentlemen, the law takes its own due course of time because we want to ensure that frivilous cases are not entertained.

I am not here to give an opinion on whether the lady or the Delivery person was right or wrong. There is quiet a possibility that they both may have had their own fair share of mistakes, which resulted in this mess. The first thumb rule that we are taught as trainee lawyers is that do not believe that you client is innocent blindly. There is a fair chance that the person sitting in front of you is lying or attempting to show himself or herself in a good light. In most of the cases, there is always carelessness or negligence on both sides of the parties, even though not directly or intentionally. It is just in 10 % cases, that the victim may be really innocent.

So next time, when a person is geniunely aggreived, go down to the nearest police station and file a complaint, instead of playing around the blame game.

Image Source: Opindia

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