How Money can buy time

I recently came across this post on Linkedin. Even though I hate to admit it, could not have agreed more with the author. Hereunder is the tweet that was made by Shailaja Patel.

It is true that we all have 24 hours in a day and it also depends on how we maximise the same 24 hours, but somewhere, there are a few of us, who are much better than the rest. It is entirely on our hardwork but still there are a few of us who have got certain push or benefits.

A few months ago, there was a huge debate across the television on Nepotism and how star kids had it easy compared to other actors, who had to struggle. A lot of time, we queit often turn a blind eye in understanding other’s problems, when we are blessed with certain things,we take them for granted. A good wi-fi connection, laptop, a good house, 24 hours water and electricity, may be basic for some staying in the city like Mumbai but the same is a luxury for a lot of people, who stay in the rural areas. When you have a lot of these basic amenities, your life becomes much easier. Your struggle to achieve something reduces to a huge extend compared to someone who does not even have these facilities.

A few months ago, when I was having a discussion with my interns on the topic of our education system and how rote system is killing the talent in our society. One point that emerged out of our discussion was

The desperate need for students to earn Roti, Kapda aur Makaan as soon as they graduate, which forces them to embrace the rote system to get good marks so that they can get good jobs and earn well.

If only these students did not have to worry about Roti, Kapada aur Makaan, probably, they have put in more efforts in understanding the concepts and we would have got better employees, when the same set of students graduate.  

Since, childhood we are taught that money is everything. If you study well, you will get a good job, which will help you buy all the luxuries that you want.

Everyone of us is fighting a different kind of battle. But yes some of us do have certain priviledges, which we need to appreciate. It is the human nature to compare our battles with others, sometimes, we may be in position of strength, but we fail to appreciate our priviledges. Every particular advertisement, every particular media will only pressurise you to excel without understanding your situation.

Yes, it is a fact that money can buy certain priviledges and it is high time that we accept that.

But sucess needs a few more things than money. 

It needs the Courage to utilise the money in the wisest manner, wherein you can help yourself and others. 

If you have money, utilise your talent to the fullest because you have already won the first battle of fight for Roti, Kapada and Makaan, which still is a faraway dream for many others. There is no problem is seeking help from others if you require. If money helps you in buying some more time to do something more productive, then there is nothing wrong in the same.

It is perfectly all right to be priviledged. Your Hardwork and Luck is what has made you priviledged. Put those Priviledges to good use for yourself and others. If you are delegating your personal work to someone for a pay, then you are also generating employment.

A lot of women, even in today's times are shamed for using an Electronic Gadget for washing, cleaning or in household chores. If a woman relies on maid, then she is termed as lazy. No work is superior or inferior. But still even today a lot of women given up their High paying jobs just because there is nobody at home to do those few chores, which can be delegated.
A Lot of time, women quits a Rs. 60,000/- Per month job because the family refuses to keep a maid for Rs.6000/- to help the Lady of the House. 

I am doing an assignment on my website, where I am writing about 1000 Inspirational Indian Women. Till now I have written about the Indian Women who, were a part of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution. Almost all the women came from Priviledged backgrounds, they were women , who had then attained their degrees from Foreign Universitites. Similarly, a lot of women about whom I had read about during the Freedom Struggle belonged to the Priviledged class. Times were different then. Opportunities to even fight were given to very few.

I really hope in 2021, we #choosetochallenge, this age old sterotype and accept the fact that money can buy time for us, which can be utilised for better purpose in life.

Aishwarya Says:

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