When I learnt about Self Love….

The Corona Virus had brought the world to a standstill. Yes, it did affect me also. Just like everyone, I also underwent a lot of emotional turmoil.

Self Love was something that was missing in my life. I learnt the concept of Self Love, as a young adult, when I saw the movie Jab We Met. I love the Lead Character played by Kareena Kapoor. Even though many people found her character very irritating and felt that she was a careless human being, who landed up in a mess. I somehow love her for the way she is. She was in love with herself. She knew the decisions that she would take would affect her life. Because she was in love with herself, she respected her own decisions.

A lot of times, it happens that we want to communicate about our feelings but are unable to do so. That is one of the reasons, why end up with messed relationships.

One of the prime step to self love, is to love and accept yourself. Learn to respect your own choices and decisions. Only then you can love your self. If you do not respect your own decisions, you will find it difficult to respect your choices and decisions and therefore you cannot expect the world to do the same. Always remember nobody understands you better than you yourself. A lot of times, we are unsure about our choices and therefore end up going with the flow. Blindly, follow what the world is doing, in hope that a common decision, will make us happy.

For Example : Something that happens to a lot of us. WE end up selecting our professional Courses for Undergraduation, just because our friends and family has done the same. It does not matter, if you want to be an artist. Your parents wanted you to become a doctor because your friends are doctors, your relatives are doctors. 

We also have so many engineers amongst us, who end up switching their professions after working for a couple of years. The reason being simple, that they took up engineering to satisfy the wishes of the world but not themselves.

Even today, if we ask a lot of professionals about what they wanted to become in life, their answer would definately not be the same the profession that they are in.

Today, we also have a lot of professionals, who deal with mental health problems because they are not happy in their lives. One of the ways to be happy is to first respect your choices and decisions. The first step towards Self Love begins with standing up for your decisions.

Coming back to my story, I could not love myself for long because I always saw myself through the sterotypical mirror set up by the society. I ended up hating myself more and more everyday. Even though I knew, every individual is born different, I could not accept the fact that I was different and I need to be happy about it. From Skin Colour to Body Shape, to my hair, I started finding faults in my otherwise perfect life.

Covid changed something for me. It kept me away from all toxic people. I limited my interaction with people and as priorities changed in the last few months. I learnt how to count my blessings and be thankful for what I have. I learnt to spend those 5 extra minutes to make myself happy.

But at the end of the day, I won against the negative thoughts and that is what matters afterall.

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  1. My life is too same like yours.. Thanks to Covid it also took a lot of toxic people from my life.. And I started loving myself more.. The proof is that I’m reading your post and having a smile on my face.. 😇


  2. Self love is very important. And we become the pray of many unwanted, uninvited comments. But strong we hold ourself is very important. Sometimes just saying that I love myself is more than enough to gather the strength Covid has been a blessing in many forms. One of the blessings is we got to know a new version of ourself.


    1. That’s wonderful if u have found it 🙂 I dont know sometimes I do wonder if I have found it or no 😛 but it’s very much appreciative if u get to speak ur mind always !!


  3. Absolutely agree, Covid has taught us many things, among all major one is, to identify your own people, your real blessings. And the second is self care physically and mentally both. Which has become the utmost requirement to lead a happy and contented life! Well written Aishwarya!


  4. I discovered self-love only last year. Wish I had much earlier but then anytime is good. Glad u did and following it. All the best to you. I am grappling with some issues right now.


  5. Winning against negative thoughts is the sweetest victory. You have crossed the biggest hurdle and you should be very proud of yourself. Inspiring read!


  6. Self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in life. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well.


  7. Yes. The toxic people definitely were out the last year. And because they are not your true friends, you also realize that you life is moving on just fine without them in it. And in some cases it is great as well – so some people are out for good from my life 🙂
    And I would love to participate in your interview. Do reach out to me. Coincidentally, I also recently wrote about quitting a high paying corporate job to start off something on my own.


  8. Such an important issue you have brought up here. Yes most of us have listened to others while choosing a study course. I am one among them. But balancing work and passion is so important.


  9. Oh Geet taught us so much. Main apni favorite hu is the line we must live on and live with. But we tend to derail now and then. Self love just means we value the life and body god gave us.


  10. Covid taught us a lot of things. It set our priorities right. Self love is very important, but we are always hard on ourselves. We should learn to love ourselves.


  11. I agree, we usually see ourselves from the other’s viewpoint and we lose ourselves. COVID times surely gave us all a deep inner check and it helped me to love myself first.


  12. Self love is so important, being comfortable in your own skin is something that we all ignore….this pandemic had definitely bought on some realisations in all of us


  13. So true. The pandemic has indeed been a learning experience for all of us. Getting our priorities straight and finally concentrating on our mental health.


  14. Totally agree. Self-love is something that we all should care about. Choosing a profession or career that is not suitable for us will surely affect our mental health.


  15. Discovering your own self is the best discoveries. Glad u found yourself and now are encouraging others too to advance on the journey of self love.


  16. I completely agree. Self love is the first and foremost type of love. If we dont accept and love ourselves, nobody else would. Before seeking validation from others, it is important to accept ourself as we are and be content.
    Also, when it comes to job or profession I believe we should pursue wat we love and then the profession would turn into passion.


  17. Even I came across a time in my life when I realised if one needs to be happy one needs to love themselves first. Self love is the key to happiness and we should start as early in our lives to be motivated.


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