The Indian Agriculture Acts or the Farm Bills 2020 which has become one of the most controversial yet debatable topic of the country and nowadays most of the headlines of the news, magazines, articles, newspapers, journals have their first page printed in their  headlines with bold letters- “THE CONTROVERSIAL FARM BILLS OF INDIA” has embarked spark of excitement and confusion in the minds of the common citizens and ignited curiosity and aroused the feeling of uneasiness in the minds of the youths of the country related to the topic of Farm Bills have created thousands of questions all around the country. According to Section 18 which regurgitates the “in good faith” argument. Section 19 states:

” No Civil Court shall have jurisdiction to entertain any suit or proceedings in respect of any dispute which a Sub-Divisional Authority or the Appellate Authority is empowered by or under this Act to decide and injunction shall be granted by any court or other authority in respect of any action taken or to be taken in pursuance of any power conferred by or under this Act or any rules made thereunder.” Article 32 of the Constitution guarantees right to Constitutional Remedies. There are several allegations related to this topic- lands of the farmers will be taken by the big firms, the goods will now be sold at the rate lower than the MSP, farmers income will be affected so on and so forth. We will be studying more in this article.


We first need to understand the history of the Farm Laws so that we can connect it with the present scenario and so that we can understand the Current Farm Laws in depth and make proper assumptions out of it. In 1966- 67, the first MSP was set for wheat at Rs 54 per quintal and hiked over the next two years to Rs 70 and Rs 72 per quintal respectively. The second institution was the Food Corporation of India (FCI) which was tasked with procuring grains from farmers in the APMC Mandis for the Government of India.

Then afterwards, Swaminathan Commission was made related to the agriculture, many amendments were made for the beneficiaries etc. Now the main issue is related to Current Farm Laws which has been recently made by current NDA Government.

The loopholes of the Central Government and FCI related to these Farm Laws are- The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020 lays down a new architecture for agribusiness and new ways of farming but according to farmers these new ways of farming would make them losing their traditional methods of farming and making them slaves under the hands of the Private Sector, Mandis operating under the APMC Mandis would be abolished, risk of fraud would be high due to entry of people without license or registration, in case of any dispute farmers interests would be duly ignored, and one of the biggest allegations related to this farm laws are they are made for the interests of big farmers instead of middle and marginal farmers.

 Other major issues and loopholes of these two authorities are- negative mindset that all the three laws which have been made by the Government is totally irrelevant and thus they might become headache or will cause disruption in the activities of the farmers like Black marketing, least of farm produce being sent to the mandis, corruption by the higher offficers, problem of hoarding and many other problems which would according to the farmers of some particular regions of India would disrupt their activity completely.

Their source of income would also be disrupted according to their thinking and problems would further enhance instead of giving anything beneficial to them because of these farm laws. Other problems will be related  to the operation and functioning of the FSSAI, Government Officials and Authority who are related to revenue and distribution system of food grains and operation of mandis all around the country, issues that have rooted in the minds of farmers of Punjab, Haryana, West Uttar Pradesh and other states , laws regulating Indian Agricultural Produce being unfairly implemented, MSP being part of the law and hence their produce will now be sold at lower prices, farm bills being corporate-friendly and anti-farmer hence directly affecting their incomes, lack of statutory support in bills for the MSP, MSP weakening farmers instead of empowering them, State Government Driven Crop are more beneficial and hence farmers of these regions fear that this particular beneficiary would be snatched away, farmers being arrested for burning stubble and hence paying hefty fines to the concerned authorities and many other problems.

So the overall conclusion that can be drawn after all these discussions is that the misconceptions that have been spread all around the country is completely irrelevant and the misinformed farmers protests in Delhi is just political agenda and nothing else. Further, the States of Punjab and Haryana contribute largely in food grain production in country and the misinformation regarding farmers will lose their lands in the hands of firms or their incomes will fall down due to MSP is just a hoax nothing else.

26 January 2021 would be considered as the black day in the history of India because on this date first of all there was a tractor rally which was started by these farmers and secondly our national flag the tri color flag of India was disrespected in front of millions of Indians all around the country and even it was seen as a serious issue all around the world which dented the good image of the country around the world. Hence, it’s a prime duty of the Central as well as the various State Governments to make them fully understand about the laws and hence remove the state of confusion and fear from the minds of farmers and so that country can work smoothly without any hassle.   These farm laws are made only for the beneficiaries of the farmers and hence either they have not understood the three farm laws properly that’s why they have taken the path of protest all around the country or it can termed as complete failure of the government in order to generate good faith in them and make them understand about the beneficiaries of these laws.

Whatever it may be, we as common citizens need to understand that this is one nation and all the citizens live together as brothers and sisters and so farmers are also major contributors in the development of the country and hence we need to resolve their problems and end their sufferings because ultimately they are also human beings who have the right to live independently and enjoy equality and all the resources available in the country and hence this issue should be resolved as quickly as possible for the benefit of the country.

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