Why I love K – Dramas

I have been wanting to write on this topic since many days, however, as this is the week of Love, why not write about something that I absolutely Love watching these days. The K-drama or the Korean Drama Series are something that I look forward to watch, whenever I am bored. Even though I do not understand the language, I generally watch them with Subtitles. Hereunder are a list of my few favourite K- Drama Series.

The first Korean Drama that I saw with Subtitles was The Legend of the Blue Sea. I once came across a clip of the lead actors in a Shopping mall and then that one scence enticed me to hunt for the series to watch the entire show. The said show had around 20 episodes. It beautifully connects the past to the present and is a love story between a con man and a mermaid. It is partly fiction, partly drama, partly action but beautifully portrays the emotion of love. A love so deep that it survives centuries, a love so deep that it cannot be erased, no matter how hard one tries. I must have watched this series some 15 to 20 times atleast till now. I know that it is a fairy tale, yet the emotions shown in the series are so relateable.

The second Drama that I saw was What’s wrong with Secretary Kim. It is one of the cutest Rom-Com’s that I have seen. The story begins with Secretary Kim, who’s Boss is impressed with her and tells her to ask for anything that she wants. In return, she says that she wants to quit her job. When he asked her for the reason, she says that she wants to get married and have a family, there is no future plan and therefore resigining from her job is the first step. The next day, suddenly her boss Mr. Lee proposes her because he cannot live without Kim Mi So. The next 17 episodes are about how, they were destined to be together right from the tragic day, when they both were kidnapped as children. It is a cute Love Story, where they express love in simple forms of heart shapes. Background score that can also send you to a different love world altogether.

The other Korean drama that I had been regularly following was The Penthouse. This one is an absolute thriller. Season 1 of the show ended in Mid January 2021, with a cliffhanger. The second season of the show will soon be telecast around February 23,2021. This is a story about the uber rich families, living in the apartment complex called as The Hera Palace. The story has Jealousy, Infidelity, Anger, Hatred, Blood and Tears at its best. It keeps you engaged through out the end of the series. The story begins with a murder and bullying of poor students by the rich kids. This series is one of the best to watch if you love thrillers.

How could I forget Boys Over Flowers. The reason I started to watch Boys over flowers was because whenever I read the comments below any Facebook post about the Legend Of the Blue Sea. Almost every post mentioned about how they loved Lee-Min-Ho, since Boys over Flowers days. I actually saw the Chinese remake of the series first i.e. Meteor Garage and then I saw Boys Over Flowers. It is more of a High School Drama between the 4 powerful boys, who come from well to do families and their Love Life. The ups and downs that they go through, their careers and their choices in lives. I loved Lee Min Ho even in this series.

One of the recent dramas that I saw and concluded was True Beauty. The last episode was just telecast a few days ago. The story of this series is simple, it is about the girl, who has a lot of rashes on her face and is not considered beautiful by the standard of the society and is bullied for the same. When she joins the new school, she applies make up and becomes the most beautiful girl of the school. That helps her build new friends. She is pretty talented with her make up also and wants to become a make up artist. Only two people have seen her without makeup and they are the Heart Throbs of the School and somehow, they both fall in love with her. One is a talented musician and the other one is good at academics and is drop dead gorgeous. This is a beautiful journey, which teaches you to look beyond the physical appearance of a person.

My other Favourite series are Descendants of the Sun and My Love is from the Stars, The Heirs , The Eternal Love (for obivious reasons called Lee Min Ho) which I am still presently watching.They are different types of Love Stories. Descendants of the Sun is a love story between a doctor and a Soldier and My Love is from the Stars is the Love Story between a popular actress and an Alien. Apart from that I am also watching Cinderalla and four Knights, a sweet Love story.

So in, this season of love, if these series do not tempt you to watch K- dramas, then I can give you more reasons to watch them.

  1. There is not much drama or overacting. There are no repeated actions or overdramatic background scores.
  2. South Korea looks like a post card especially, during the winters and with the snow. The landscape is beautiful. Seoul is definately one of the places, that I would love to travel to atleast once in this lifetime.
  3. The series ends in maximum 20 episodes and that is the best part. No story is dragged or forced, the characters are well sketched and there are no unnecessary episodes, unlike in Indian Drama.
  4. I love learning about different cultures and so I started watching the Korean Drama Series.
  5. The characters are family oriented unlike, in a lot of shows from the west, wherein Family plays no role in the lead character’s lives. Here the Lead Characters are bound to their families. So I can find the stories more relateable.
  6. The actors both men and women are too good looking. So it is always a delight to see them. They are so well dressed. No need of wearing short dresses or showing cleavage or going shirtless. They are never desperate to attract the audience. Even the most romantic series ends with a cute kiss nothing beyond that is shown in the series.
  7. They are a good stress busters as you can binge watch an entire series over the weekend and be happy on a monday morning.

So this month of Love, I will be watching or re-watching some amazing K-Dramas once again. Do let me know which one is your favourite.

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  1. I agree to all the reasons you have mentioned about Korean Drama. Infant, I have stopped watching Hindi dramas/shows long time back. Somehow there is nothing new in them. I prefer English shows over Hindi one’s. They have subject , crisp acting. Have seen The Penthouse. Good to know that season 2 will soon be out.


  2. For a moment I thought u were talking about Ekta Kapoor’s serials! Thank god it’s not. Korean series have become a rage They are clean, feel good and can be watched with anyone around.I would recommend them too.


  3. I loved Penthouse Season 1. It was an absolute glamourous thriller. Tells you how not to raise your kids and how money can break things. Can’t wait for season 2


  4. K-drama were a hit amongst girls in my college days. I tried watching them once but found it difficult to watch with the subtitles. However, your pointers are convincing enough to give it another shot. 🙂


  5. I havent seen any of the K series though Netflix keeps recommending them. I like romances and after reading your post, I think I may like a few of them. I liked a few Pakistani series that I watched as they also are max of 20-30 episodes and dont drag into many seasons. Thanks for the title suggestions.


  6. Great list of K-Dramas. I have heard a lot about it but never watched any. Thank you so much for sharing so many details regarding the Korean Dramas. I was looking to watch some good shows for a couple of weeks, and here your post came at the right time. I noted down all on my notepad!


  7. I have heard a lot about K Drama’s but never watched it. Will try out one from your list and see if it is interesting. Thanks for the post.


  8. I have heard a lot of good things about Korean drama. Though never watched one except some good k movies. I will try to watch some shows you mentioned here.


  9. I did start watching K Dramas on the insistence of friends but did not enjoy them. Guess I shall go with your recommendations and give them another go. Thanks for the list.


  10. Now I know why so many girls love Korean Dramas. Many times, when I meet my girl friends, the topic is always K-dramas. Unfortunately I havn’t watched any till now. But thanks for your recommendations, I shall add it to watchlist.


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