Freedom of Expression Vs. Comedy

There is often a statement made by people in the media, that our Country lacks Freedom of Expression. Stand up Comedy is a trend that picked up pace in the last few years. Open Mics, Live Performances and YouTube, were at its peak in the last few years.

Comedy, was always a part of our entertainment industry since forever. However, since the last decade, the definition of Comedy has changed. With no clear laws on the Censorship applicable on the content broadcasted on Internet, a lot of artist took the same for granted. People started openly uploading content with swear words and abusive language saying that the internet has young audience and they love such content with Abusive Language. Slowly and steadily using Abusive words and swear words became a norm and any standup act.

In the last few years, openly body shaming a person, insulting a person for their physical traits and their habits have become the new normal. The Kapil Sharma Show, which is the hub of Film Promotions, openly promotes degrading women and abusing women on Television. Just because the said show is packaged well and is promoted by Celebrities, they have made it a part of our lifestyle.

Comedy during the 80’s and 90’s even prior to that still had some standard. Nobody laughed at other person’s expense. Shows such as Dekh Bhai Dekh, touched the lives of the middle class and also gave social messages, along with clean Comedy. Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films, did not use abusive or cuss words. Even the servants in those movies were treated with respect, they were treated as family members and today’s shows openly kick the women and servants on stage.

They say it is the toughest to make a person laugh and the easiest to make a person cry. Some how, our comedians have chosen the easiest route. Abuse a person to the extend that others laugh at his misery.

These days, the so called comedians have not even spared the Gods and Religious practices. The Comedians can be great influencers, yet to choose to behave irresponsibly. We always say, that Hollywood makes sensible movies than Bollywood. But how many times, have we taken an effort to watch a content, which does not promote abuse. It is not the fault of the Film Makers and the Comedians. Simultaneously, it is also the fault of the Audience, who have been laughing at such ridiculous content.

A Country that already has problems such as Domestic Violence, Mental Health issues, which is increasing at a faster pace, we need to be aware about the consequence of the statements that we make in public. On one side, we claim to be fighting against all artificial standards of beauty set by the society, yet on the other side, we openly abuse a person, for their body structure, skin colour and physical features. We claim to be a Country, which respects Women as Goddess but never leave a chance to laugh on them, when they are degraded. We say that we respect our mother and our motherland but each of our cuss words include abusing women. Yet we claim that content to be funny.

Every Individual has freedom of expression, but if the same hurts the sentiments of others, there should be a limit to the same. Freedom of Expression never meant Promoting hatred or promoting abuse. Freedom of Expression means standing up for the wrong that has been done against you. Freedom of Expression means asking for your basic rights, like right to survive with dignity. If Freedom of Expression is basic right, then Life with Dignity is also basic right.

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28 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression Vs. Comedy

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  1. Second your thoughts. I agree to what you wrote on Kapil Sharma’s show. Sometimes, it irritate me to watch Archana Puransingh and the audience laugh at some nonsense jokes.

    Freedom of expressions should be used when it is needed and we should be aware about our words and what affect they have another’s lives.

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  2. People in general doesn’t understand where to draw a line. I agree when you say that there should be clear laws on the Censorship for the content broadcasts on Internet, Must needed post.

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  3. YOu are very right.. Dekh bhai Dekh was an iconic comedy serial. Nothing can match up to that. today in the name of comedy you either body-shame or use double-meaning jokes. . Even on internet people using abusive language in the name of slang, is leaving a detrimental impact on society. Kids are picking up this language and incorporating it in their life as the new normal.

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  4. I connect with this post so much. I dont watch any of the standup comedy shows at all because I feel their main objective is to entertain at somebody else’s expense. That is not showcasing their talents. Cuss words, degrading comments and general ill humour put me off after a couple of views. Now i cringe if Iam sitting with friends together & they ask “hey have watched this standup comedy”. I always wondered if i was alone in feeling this….but glad to see a voice to my thoughts from another person.

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    1. Hey, I have felt this from long and also shared it with my friends who are from the media industry. They said that I was too old and not enthusiastic enough to blend with the trend


  5. You have pointed out some very relevant points here Aishwarya, Comedy ke naam pe it is all bullshit nowadays. Dekh bhai dekh was iconic, even Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was so well-received and we still can’t get over the saas-bahu nok jhok..and today all we see and hear is sexist jokes, double meaning statements, demeaning women via the jokes, body shaming and making fun of people with disabilities. Our society has very well accepted these ne


  6. You have pointed out some very relevant points here Aishwarya, Comedy ke naam pe it is all bullshit nowadays. Dekh bhai dekh was iconic, even Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was so well-received and we still can’t get over the saas-bahu nok jhok..and today all we see and hear is sexist jokes, double meaning statements, demeaning women via the jokes, body shaming, and making fun of people with disabilities. Our society has very well accepted these new norms in the name of freedom of expression I guess…


    1. I find it amusing, on one hand we encourage body shaming and demeaning people in name of Comedy. On the other side, we also claim to talk about Mental Health and breaking stereotypes about Image


  7. Completely second all that has been said. The stuff that goes for comedy these days are humiliating and sometimes even down right depressing. I really hesitate when a live comedy act is going on cause you never know if your going to be the butt of all jokes.


  8. Freedom of expression is balanced with a sense of duty to fellow human beings but that is just swept aside.I never liked Kapil’s shows and I am made fun of by people around me. How crudely he depicts men in a women’s garb and then derides them. Comedy should be clean fun now body and sex shaming like we get to watch.Sad but true but most people are lapping it all up


  9. I agree with you that Kapil Sharma Show has really dropped down the standard of comedy, the old serials such as office office, dekh bhai dekh, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai were really amazing but I defer on your thoughts for stand up comedy. I watch stand up comedy and enjoy, me and my friends have been to such a show and have enjoyed being roasted also. It shows that comedy they do does not always require a script and engaging with the audience and on the spot comedy is commendable.


  10. This is so true. These days, just about anything goes in the garb of freedom of speech. The audience is to be blamed as well as it is more accepting of roasts, shaming, and all kinds of negativity than genuine humor.


  11. I have stopped watching comedy shows for this reason. There is very little comedy and more shaming. Kapil Sharma show is often unwatchable. I miss hasya kavi sammelans of the past. Good clean humor.


  12. That’s a strong post I have read today. I totally agree with you. Nowadays comedy shows have crossed all limits. You can’t even watch these shows with family. It’s true that this is not only the fault of film makers. Audience and viewers also like their content.


  13. When I think of comedy you may call me old school thought I only enjoy Hrishikesh Mukherjee films they can be watched anytime repeatedly and still one will never be bored of it.


  14. I am so glad someone has put the point so right about the things going on in the name of comedy. not only shows even comedy movies are not watchable anymore. About Kapil Sharma Show it has stoop so low from its level it used to be. The crux of comedy has lost somewhere in every show and movie.


  15. I totally with you for The Kapil Sharma show, we have full freedom to express, but it doesn’t mean we can insult anyone. Comedy should make you happy by cracking jokes or act in that manner. It should not be based on insult or abusive language.


  16. Now this is a brilliant writeup Aishwarya. I have always believed that comedy is an art, a skill that requires perfect choice of words, tonality of the speech and most importantly timing. I have stopped watching Kapil Sharma where comedy has become a medium to insult others or laugh at others. Also, I find it disgusting when Archana Puran Singh laughs out loud for some non – sensical comment from Kapil Sharma.
    These days, in the name of comedy, people insult each other, post memes or gifs, but in actual sense violate the fundamentals of comedy


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