One Nation One Election


From 1950 to 1951 India’s first Lok Sabha election was conducted. This Lok Sabha election was done on the basis of provision of the constitution of India. During that time to main parties were the Indian National Congress and Communist Party of India. The leader of Indian National Congress at that time was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and that of communist party of India was A.K Gopalan. During that time the first Lok Sabha election that was conducted was consisting of 360 million only one 70 millions of Indians were estimated as eligible for giving vote. The first Lok Sabha election that was conducted the Indian National Congress won with 364 of votes out of 489 seats. After this Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was elected as the first Prime Minister of Democratic India.

So let us know about the conducting system of the election process in India and how many levels are there of conducting the election.

So in India The election is conducted in three levels, those are as follows–

1. Local Body Election — this includes Panchayat and municipality elections

2. State level election–  this includes the Vidhan Sabha election and state assembly election.

3. National level Election — this is also known aslok Sabha election.

So in recent time Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned about one Nation one election.

There is a lot of debate about one Nation one election all India party meet about the fact that there should be single voters list show that in India more quality time could be saved, prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that in local election body like the panchayat and the municipality and even in the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections a common electoral roll or if a common voters list is maintained, that this will in turn save the quality time, and will not interfere in the development project process. So in India to conduct election the duty of inspection and regulation comes over the election commission officer which was set up in 1940.

The local body elections are conducted by the state election commission which is different for every state and in the other hand vidhan Sabha election or the state assembly election, all the Lok Sabha election conducting process comes over the election commission of India.

So in the case of Panchayat and Municipality Election the state election commission releases a different voters list. Whearas in The Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha election the election commission of India releases a different voter list.

So Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned about this two different voter list and about merging the same.

Which explains the whole term of one Nation one election.

Single voters list can only be possible if all the state election commission gives the permission of borrowing the voters list from the electoral Commission of India.

Talking about today’s situation except Uttar Pradesh Orissa Madhya Pradesh Uttarakhand Assam Kerala Arunachal Pradesh Nagalanland Jammu and Kashmir all the other states can borrow the voters list from the election commission of India.

BJP During the last year had promised about bringing a common voters list, so that this to voters list that are being made due to which various of works are delayed and is a lot time consuming reduced.

So if a common voters list is being made much less efforts and less expenses will be required.

In 1999 and 2004 election Commission of India had mentioned about bringing this single election thing into consideration. In 2015 Law Commission report had recommended about one Nation one election.

So to bring such a big change what are all the changes required in the constitution of India , show in the article 243 K and 243ZA of the Constitution of India needs to be amended which talks about the local body election process through state election conduct, along with the central government has to get permission from the state government to use voter list from the electoral Commission, by bringing a change in the state laws.

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