Monopoly of Google, Apple and Amazon

Apple Amazon Google and Facebook are so big names but have you ever thought that how this company is got big and famous?

 For making such a big Empire these companies have various businesses and have ended them.

We have seen that how Facebook had conquered Instagram and WhatsApp and ended up the competition between them , and not only Facebook, tech giants such as Google Amazon and Apple have also bought other business to create monopoly.

In the earlier generation when internet was not so much popular, we have seen that advertising companies doing offline promotions via radio televisions and posters. We all know about Google ads which is an online advertising platform, where advertisers display their ads, so that products and services can reach a greater number of audiences. We have all seen in Google then various number of ads display in the side, and more than 70% revenue of Google is generated from such ads.

People wholeworld wide rely on online platform and internet, therefore in this feild existence of competition is very important so that only one company cannot enjoy monopoly, bur whenever we have to search something online where do we go first or rely upon???

We all “Google it” right, because Google gives us the best result.

Now how does Google show us the best result and why?

So, various people like us constantly kerp on searching in Google due to which all the data gets collected in Google and due to this data collection Google is able to make a dominant position in the market.

Apart from this the number of website that we click upon the ranking of a website depends on that very click.

So Google shows those website on the top as a result pf which the ranking of these websites also gets decided.

So due to these all reasons google is able to make a dominant position in the market and create a monopoly. But against Google various cases have also been registered under anti trust laws. Some states had made allegations against Google of creating search engine and advertising monopoly.

Due to the increase in use of Google, allegations were given to google of over-charging ads publishers, and as a result of which google is taking advantage of its dominant position, which is a violation of all Antitrust law. Google is one of the most wealthiest company in this whole planet which market value is of one trillion dollars and for many years it is enjoying monopoly most of the queries we always search on Google and not on other search engines.

Not talking about another Tech Giants Amazon, most of the person do their living by selling items on Amazon, how to display any item on the top amazon charges extra money from the sellers, and from this very revenue Amazon subsidises the amount and give certain sales like the well known Great Indian Sale. Now when most of the buyers get to know about the certain discounts then they tend to buy that item. Now hear the Monopoly of Amazon starts item we are getting at sweet in Amazon from any other app or sites, we will naturally buy more product from amazon instead which inturn helps to create a monopoly of amazon. Firstly Amazon used only sell books and later on it is established such big Empire where we can get every minute accessories in Amazon.

So these are all the reasons due to which Amazon could create a dominant position in the market.

Now coming to Apple we all know that except from App Store we cannot download applications in Apple phone so this is the reason why various allegations have also been given on Apple of enjoying monopoly. So to all my readers are Monopoly really that bad what are your views/thoughts about this?

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