Today’s E-journalism, A mere Business

“Effective and ethical journalism is destroyed when journalists aspire to become celebrities and when celebrities aspire to be journalists.”
                                                                             ― H. Melvin James

Journalism collects, processes and disseminates reports and information relevant to news to an audience. The term refers both to the form used to inquire about news and to the writing type used to disseminate it. The media in which journalism is practised exists in a number of forms, including material distributed through newspapers and magazines (print), television and radio (broadcast), and digital versions published by digital platforms—news websites and applications.

E-Journalism is very much important now-a-days as you get all information from all around the world just sitting at home. But the above quote fits the description of today’s journalism.  The age of journalism has undergone a number of changes over the past decade. As of today, as many as 80 per cent of Indians access news on the Internet, mainly through social media and instant messaging services. The widespread use of resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube has allowed news organisations to provide audiences with daily alerts on current events, bypassing time barriers and accessibility. Indeed, advances made in chat-bots have also made it possible to offer curated news, stock price alerts and other related content targeted directly to the individual user on WhatsApp and Messenger.

This is true most of the population read their news on internet and access news on the internet, but it is also true that Today’s E-Journalism is a Mere Business. Today various news channels are in competitive business where there dwell on this thing that who give the best news and within which time frame. To get ahead in this race, sometimes they also share fake news which create a havoc in different countries. Fake news is not new. Spreading false rumours for political advantage, for pure malice, or just for entertainment, is as old as the hills. And yet what’s happening now feels different. Whatever its other cultural and social merits, our digital ecosystem seems to have evolved into a near-perfect environment for distorted and false news to thrive.

Now-a-days e-journalism is not something where a person can rely on to get the true information, but it is just like other professions where the journalists want to make as much as money, they can make from it. News is important information which can change lives of people in a good way and can also ruin lives of people. News produced by news outlets should be focused on sound facts, not just on conjecture. For eg:- The protest going on by the farmers is the recent example of this event. This protest by famers are based on the new bill introduced by the government where they cut out the MSP and did some other changes which did not benefit the famers according to them. The news channels show this news and also added the fact that this protest has been favoured by KHALISTAN, which is not true and totally irrelevant fact.

This move has created lot of havoc in the Sikh community and led to protest from different communities.  There are some other examples like A main example is the fake ‘Pope Supports Trump’ report published just before the 2016 US presidential election. Originally released by a two-week old fake news portal with the intention of raising advertisement revenue, Trump’s endorsing websites were embraced as a campaign weapon and ended up with more than a million Facebook engagements when the right-wing group posted on the site. It’s the kind of storey that might have an impact on the people for whom the Pope’s views are perfect and there also some other news from U.S. 2020 election which is until proven to be false, it’ll remain a story, because the news channels have no solid fact to back that news.

This examples only led to the fact that today news channels just want to make money, they want to increase TRP by hook or crook.

Aishwarya Says:

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