Role of Academic Discipline – 1

INTRODUCTION- The Academic Discipline plays an extremely pivotal and important role in the development of any country’s progress and improving the status of its citizens. Since the ancient times, education has played a very crucial role in the development and progress of any country and improving the socio-economic, cultural, political etc of the common citizens of the country. Hence it cannot be denied that education or academic discipline has no role to play in the development of any country, rather it should be said in this manner that without education the future of any country seems to be bleak and the citizens of that particular country cannot derive the benefits of the given resources and hence the available resources would be wasted.

So the proper knowledge and extraordinary skills are the mandatory requirements among the common citizens so that they can greater things in their life and inculcate the benefits and interests which are available to them. In the case of India,  it has boasted some of the highly renowned universities since the ancient times such as Taxila University (Now in Pakistan), Vikramshila University, Nalanda University, Mithila University, Telhara University, Sharada Peeth Temple University, Vallabhi University, Pushpagiri University, Odantapuri University, Somapura University, Bikrampur University, Morena Golden Triangle University, Kanthalloor Sala University, Jagaddala University (Now in Bangladesh), Nadia University, Nagarjuna Vidyapeeth etc.

Some of these universities were highly recognized all around the world and students from these countries used to come to these universities to take admissions in these highly deemed educational institutions.

ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE IN INDIA- An academic discipline or academic field is a subdivision of knowledge that is taught and researched at the college or university level. Disciplines are defined (in part) and recognized by the academic journals in which research is published, and the learned societies and academic departments or faculties within colleges and universities and universities to which their practitioners belong. Academic disciplines are conventionally divided into the humanities, including art, language and cultural studies and scientific disciplines, such as physics, chemistry and biology, the social sciences are sometimes considered a third category.

Most of these researchers who publish their research work, articles in various journals, newspapers, books etc are either highly renowned professors or students. For instance a law student will do lots of research in his/her academic discipline i.e. law and thereafter he would write his research work with proper case laws, facts, arguments, important legal maxims related to the field of law etc. Similarly a medical student will first research and then will write about his ideas or will be able to explain the medical field or the inventions related to the field of medicine or biology only if he has done his research work and studied thoroughly about his academic discipline in the field of biology.

Similar academic disciplines can be related to the professions regarding engineering, technology, fashion, computer-related stuffs, fine arts, history, in the field of commerce, accounts, business studies, economics, etc. All these fields have a really vast scope and all  these fields require great amount of dedication, knowledge in depth, extraordinary thinking abilities, great level of IQ and most important and essential element in all , the thorough and deep understanding of the subject which means that without prior knowledge or research skill, a researcher would not be able to convey his ideas and his knowledge in that subject through his research work to the masses and hence it would result in the complete failure and all the hard work and dedication of the researcher which he has done will all go in vain. Academic Discipline is that sub-part of knowledge where people can easy, quick and a reliable information about any subject that they want to know in depth and study about them thoroughly so that there is no dearth of knowledge of any subject among the masses.

Aishwarya Says:

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