Classification of Cyber Crimes

Cybercrimes are classified into four categories:

i. Crime against an individual:

Unauthorized control/access over computer system or hacking: Gaining access to any computer, computer system or computer network without the permission of the rightful owner.

Dissemination of obscene material: Indecent exposure or pornography (normally child pornography) or hoisting of prohibited websites which may destroy the mind of the adolescent.

Cyber-stalking: Stalking someone through virtual medium causing a physical threat to that person.

 Indecent exposure

E-mail Harassment: Harassing someone by sending files or messages via email.

 Defamation: Destroying the reputation of any person by hacking their emails or any social media account and sending some vulgar messages using that account or email.

Cheating & Fraud: Stealing passwords or data storage, the person doing this has guilty mind and this leads to fraud or cheating.

Email spoofing: That email which misrepresents its origin, means it is sent from somewhere else and it is showing its origin at somewhere else.

Cracking Child Pornography: this includes distributing or accessing the materials which sexually exploit the children.

Phishing: It is a type of internet fraud scam where the email is sent in the name of company or any organisation and the personal details of the receiver are extracted, etc.

ii. Crime against individual property:

Cyber vandalism: Destroying and damaging the data when a network service is disrupted or stopped.

Virus transmission: These are the programs that attach itself to the computer and spread in every files and document and which may lead to deleting or destroying of those files or document.

Hacking systems

Cyber-squatting: Registering the name of well known company or brands with an intention of reselling them at a profit.

Intellectual Property Crimes: An unlawful act because of which the owner is partially or completely deprived of his rights.

Internet time thefts: This comes under hacking where the hacker gets unauthorized access to someone else’s ISP ID and password, without the owner’s knowledge, etc.

iii. Crime against Government or organisation:

Password sniffing: This is an attack which steals the user name and password from the network.

Denial of service attacks: Shutting down of network or machine through an attack, which causes problem to the user to access.

Virus attack

E-mail bombing: A kind of malicious act in which the mail box overflows with large number of emails and which also causes denial of access and other problems to the user.

Salami attack: Such type of attack in which the series of small attacks take place which later result into a big attack and this can go undetected because of its nature.

Cyber warfare: This is politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage.

Cyber terrorism: This is a terrorist attack on internet which is dangerous to sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Possession of unauthorized information

Unauthorized control over computer system

Distribution of pirated software: This is distributed from one computer to another with an intention to destroy the data and official records of the Government.

Cyber vandalism: Damage or destruction in digital form maybe of any website.

Intellectual Property related crimes

Cyber thefts: Theft by means of computer or internet, such as identity theft, ID theft, Password theft, etc.

iv. Crime against society:

Cyber Pornography: Distributing or accessing the sexually explicit materials or obscene material.

Online gambling: Kind of gambling conducted on internet.

Financial cybercrimes: Consists of different types of offences like corruption, money-laundering, social fraud and tax fraud.

Cyber Trafficking: Trafficking for which internet is used for trafficking drugs, human beings or weapons.

Cyber Forgery: The act of deceiving large number of people by sending threatening mails as online business transaction.

Selling illegal products, etc.

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