India’s Freedom History 1


INRODUCTION- India the land of opportunities, the land of immeasurable wealth and knowledge, the land where there was lavish greenery and had many great civilizations, like Indus Valley Civilization and famous cities of ancient times such as Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Lothal etc was engulfed in chains first by the Greeks, then the Muslim Rulers (such as Ghaznavi, Mohammed Ghori, Delhi Sultanate Rulers, Mughals) and then by the European Colonial Rule (Countries such as France, Portugal, Netherlands and most importantly Great Britain who had  established their colonies in various parts of countries.)

India once called “Golden Bird” not only lost that status, but also suffered humiliating defeats from the Rulers of Foreign Dynasties but also lost most of its local cultures, its original literary works and arts and crafts, its local cuisines, its independence, its local dialects and most importantly its own way of living in the hands of these foreigners. Foreigners such as Greeks, Turks, Mongols, Europeans, Chinese, and Central Asian Dynasties etc were all attracted to the wealth and booty of India and the inner fighting and wars between the various Indian Kingdoms pawed a very easy path for these foreign rulers to establish their own rule and destroy the local culture of the country.

In Ancient Time, there was one Great Teacher, Researched Scholar and a Great Administrator called Acharya Chanakya who with his high hinking abilities and skills saved the country from the foreign rulers and also made Chandragupta Maurya one of the greatest kings India has ever produced and also helped in laying the foundation of one of the greatest kingdoms of India, The Maurya Dynasty. But afterwards, everything went in vain and India was once again divided in smaller kingdoms without any unity or a single kingdom (except in the case of Gupta Empire or during the reign of Harshvardhana, Muslim Dynasties and British Rule were exception case though) which resulted in the disintegration of India and many wars among communities. Later on, this inner wars and fights among the communities resulted in the Division of India into two new nations- Pakistan and Bangladesh. We shall be studying all these in detail.

INDIA’S FREEDOM STRUGGLE- Freedom came with the partition of the country. The year 1947 was a year of unprecented violence and trauma of displacement. It was in this situation that independent India started on its journey to achieve several objectives. Yet the turmoil that accompanied independence did not make our leaders lose sight of the multiple challenges that faced the new situation.

The second challenge was to establish democracy. India adopted representative democracy based on the parliamentary form of government. These features ensure that the political competition would take place in a democratic framework. A democratic constitution is necessary but not sufficient for establishing a democracy; the challenges were to develop democratic practices in accordance with the Constitution.

The third challenge was to ensure the development and well-being of the entire society and not only of some sections. Here again the Constitution clearly laid down the principle of equality and special protection to socially disadvantaged groups and religious and cultural communities. The Constitution also set out in the Directive Principles of State Policy the welfare goals that democratic politics must achieve. The real challenge now was to evolve effective policies for economic development and eradication of poverty.

These were some of the problems which were faced by the independent India and so there was an urgent need of the Constitution to solve all these issues in the Country. So the proper framework and stable Constitution was needed in India.

These are various roles by the Constitution-

to be continued

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