Causes and how to prevent Cybercrime

Following are the causes of cybercrimes:

i. Huge capacity to store data: The computer features in carrying a huge amount data on a little space. This makes easier for a cybercriminal to get easy access to that data and he can also get secret and official data and can misuse them for his personal profit.

ii. Easy access: The computer runs through an operating system which is composed of millions of codes. The fallible nature of human may create a chance of lapse, anytime. The cybercriminals take the chance of this lapse and get easy access to the system. This is known a hacking.

iii. Negligence: This is one of the characteristic of human behaviour. The negligence on the part of the network user gives the cybercriminal a chance to get unauthorised or illegal access to the computer network or computer system.

iv. Non availability of the evidence: Unlike traditional crimes it is hard to collect sufficient evidence in the cybercrime. The internet provides anonymity to the criminals and this helps them to commit more cybercrime. This also encourage them to indulge in criminal activity more and more living no evidence behind.

v. Jurisdictional uncertainty: Cybercrimes have transnational nature. Since they are committed through cyberspace network, thus they don’t recognise geographical limitation. So many times this happens that if a person commits a crime against a person of another country and that act is crime in the victim’s country but not in the offender’s country then this helps the offender to escape. It gets difficult for the law enforcing authority to deal with the cybercrimes without any recognised code of law, internationally.

vi. Lack of knowledge: One of the important reasons is also the lack of knowledge about cyberspace and danger in cyberspace. Using internet is very common among children and teenagers and most of them are unaware of the cyber attacks that can happen, this lack of knowledge leads them to take certain steps of which they are completely unaware that it can cause harm to them. Many times it can be seen that some adults also, who has no proper knowledge of cyber attacks does some of the mistakes like sharing their personal information and many more which land them into big problems.

How to prevent Cybercrimes?

Cybercrimes are those crimes which takes place online. Therefore, the users need to take some basic precautions to keep themselves safe from the cybercrimes by:

i. Using strong password: The password should be changed regularly. One password should not be used on different websites. One should always keep a complex password.

ii. Managing social media settings: One should always keep his/her personal and private information locked down. The less he/she will share his/her personal information publicly the more safe he/she will be.

iii. Keeping all the software up to dated: It is important to keep all the software updated specially operating system and internet security software. Cyber criminals most of the time use known flaws in the software to access our computers.

iv. Using anti-virus/anti-malware: Keeping anti-virus and anti-malware up to dated and scanning the local data regularly keeps the data safe from any virus/malware. Free anti-virus/anti-malware does not provide complete protection against most common virus/malware.

v. Using two factor authentication services: These security mechanisms allow the user to add a second layer of authentication so that even if a hacker has user’s Id and password, he won’t be able to log in to the online account because he does not have the two factor authentication code.

vi. Using VPN: Use of VPN helps keeping the third party companies from spying on the person. The user can log in to a secure network even if he/she is in a remote area.

vii. Keeping certain information private: There is certain information which we should not share with anyone. One should not share his/her phone number, email address, place of work, etc. on any social networking sights.

viii. Talking to children about the internet: Children should be taught about the internet. They should be taught about the acceptable and good use of internet. They must be taught about the cybercrime risks and parents must make sure that in case if they are experiencing some kind if cyber harassment or bullying then they can talk to them. They must keep an eye on their children’s activity on the internet.

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