Common Rights of Every Indian Citizens

In this winter’s many of us go for vacations, but have we ever thought that whether a police officer gets to enjoy his vacation? So, the answer is no, a police officer is never off duty. Whether he is in his dress code or not he is always on duty. There are many such common law in which the employer is never able to find his employee. Let’s example in the case of a pregnant woman the boss can never find a pregnant woman due to her pregnancy, the four is any woman whose pregnant is unable to attend her work, the the boss cannot fire her due to this reason.

In India we have hurt many such cases where exclusions have taken place due to fire cylinder, there have been fatalities due to this certain incidents, and loss of property also, so do we know this file that if there is any kind of fire explosion then a LPG customer can claim 40 lacs of insurance cover, but majority of people do not leave this recovery amount because they are unaware of this common law.

Now some basic laws related to adoption — so many of us do not know that Bollywood actress Susmita Sen had adopted two daughters, and for the second adoption permission was given by the Bombay High Court in 2010. We will be astonished by knowing that a single mother can adopt child of both the genders whearas a single father cannot adopt a girl child.

There is a controversial topic in India which is known as Love Jihad is considered to be a taboo in India, given films like Luka Chuppi and Salaam Namaste had picked up this controversial topic. This topic was about live in relationship, in 2005 in a judgement relationship was legalized in India. Which means that live in relationship is not illegal. And the children out of this relationship will also get the right to the property of their parents.

Similarly another Taboo PDA public display of affection is also a very huge problem in India, especially during the Valentine’s Day, so during the PDA’S also various couples have been harassed by the police. Do we know this fact that if the PDA is in limit then it is legal, obscenity is not allowed. Nova obscenity is defined in a clear way therefore if PDA is done in the limit it will be considered as legal.

Talking about another common law that a shopkeeper cannot sell a product beyond the MRP rate which is the maximum retail price, but we product MRP by a method of bargaining. So, the next time whenever a shopkeeper charges a higher rate for the product then a complaint can be filed by the buyer in the consumer forum.

So the next common law which they might not be knowing is that a if a couple want to take divorce then the divorce case can only be filed after the date of the marriage and not before that.

But in family law there are certain exceptions to this issue that is while divorce by mutual consent.

Any police officer cannot arrest during the night time it is also very famous common law that women cannot be arrested between 6 p.m to 6 a.m which comes under section 46(4) of CrPC. Which in simpler words means any woman cannot be arrested after the sunset and before the sunrise. In exceptional cases if the arrest has to be done in the night time only then the police officer has to take permission from the magistrate, and during the arrest the presence of a lady police officer is very vital.

The last basic law is only a lady police officer can search a woman and if no lady police officer is present then the women can also refuse from going to that Police Station, but in case of serious crimes when new Female police officer is available then the male police officer by a permission from the district magistrate can also arrest the female.

These all are few important common laws which every individual must know.

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